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    FMRTE 19.2.0 (Build 19) - RELEASED Download: FMRTE Auto-update or https://www.fmrte.com/download/fmrte19 Added Support for FM 19.2.0 game version Fixed Players int caps/goals
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    Licenses (a) When you have purchased a license, exercise patience and the developers will issue your license as soon as possible. (b) When you have exceeded your activations limit, submit a support ticket within your client area. The respondent will decide whether your reason(s) for requesting a reset is/are valid. (c) Reactivating the RTE on the same computer will not count towards your activations limit, however reactivating on separate systems will cause this number to decrease. (d) If you are being asked for a free license anywhere in the forum, report them as soon as possible. When submitting the report, include as much information as possible. (e) All issues relating to licenses are to be reported through your client area and nowhere else in the forums. (d) Your purchased licenses can be found in both your client area and in your email inbox.
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    Currently Presets cannot add injuries/bans or other items. We have some ideas to improve Preset Manager, adding items is one of our ideas, and I hope we can add that in a future release. Thanks
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    Thanks for reporting this issue, it will be fixed with build 19
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    Users read and follow the above
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    What is your FM version: FM 19.1.5 (1166322) from Steam. What is your FMRTE version: FMRTE19.1.5 I have used the update feature says I am using the current version. Are you Beta testing for S.I.- No Are you running FMRTE as administrator- YES I know this gets asked a lot, I searched on the forum but didn't get a full answer, I saw that you have to put the number of days that you want the player to be injured but it still doesn't work. What I put is : IsInjured TO true, PlayerInjury.MinimumDays TO 10, PlayerInjury.ExtraDays TO 20, PlayerInjury.TreatmentBySpecialist TO true. I am clearly doing something wrong, and sorry if it is a stupid question but I am still learning.
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    it seems to be bugged as per my reply above I would add to the bug report if the initial user did create one, if not create one in the bugs forum in the meantime you can add individual player injuries which is a great new feature
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    Yes, you will need to re-activate. You will have a problem as your license will be activated three times and you can't activate it a fourth time. A link to it is in my signature. Unless you want to share it, keep it hidden from them.
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    no problem I will do some research and if I cant find any info Braca can clarify this
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    FMRTE 19.1.5 (Build 18) - RELEASED Download: FMRTE auto-update or https://www.fmrte.com/download/fmrte19 Added Currency Manager in FMRTE Settings Presets hotkeys FMRTE Rating Settings page Fixed Reload Screen Info when Switching tabs Nation does not allow dual nationality A bug that caused the Positions column to show numbers instead of positions
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    Hi, You can add a new Nationality on FMRTE: Go to the Player Relations Change an existent Relation, or Add a new one, and change the relation type to Nationality Select the country Save That's it, if it doesn't work, please give us more details about your problem, so we can try to replicate it
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