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  1. that option doesnt shows up in FMRTE under contract clauses I cant remember it ever doing so if you can please post a screenshot of previous versions where it did as you suggest in your initial post the only time you can edit things like that is when the transfer is ongoing between the clubs- via the player's information transfer proposals/future transfer tabs that appear when a player is under offer perhaps suggest this as an extra feature to be added in future cheers
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  2. Supported Versions Steam/Epic Store Football Manager 2021 - 21.4.0 (1525123, 1522263, 1528944, 1540115, 1545141) Football Manager Touch 2021 - 21.4.0 (1525129, 1529005)
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  3. started a thread for you can you post images of the FMRTE previous versions with the 'generated players' tab
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  4. Hi Thanks for starting a new thread at this stage the Devs only support the paid for version of the game and cant see them having time to start a new project to patch FMRTE to work with the free Demo version of the game, they are busy getting features working correctly now.So IMO there wont be an update for this, but I may be wrong. Contact Devs via your client area directly via support cheers
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