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  1. Scouting tool really with free version
  2. just deleted a post by mistake re freeze manager issue to the user please read this and start your own thread please cheers
  3. FYI the app didnt auto update as normal, I had to do it manually via settings, just a heads up for you and users if they get the same issue for new users you can update here-
  4. https://www.fmrte.com/download/fmrte20 build 11 is now out as the OP states follow the tips as there will be a few more hotfixes/patches/updates from SI for sure
  5. what is wrong with some users, several posts have been removed in this thread the update AGAIN from SI has been noted a couple of posts above, and the linked thread is there to be read and followed, no excuses an update from the devs will follow when they can and at their pace be patient
  6. sure touch will be updated in due course
  7. looks like devs have already released an update 👍
  8. for those looking for download of pre game editor you need to have games/tools selected here in steam now
  9. its full game as the editor is out too👍 so just to confirm the full game is out a day early
  10. update seems to be 20.1.2 so not sure is this is yet again another patch or the full game as SI site has crashed
  11. Full game seems to be released early so any posts in this thread and no need to say the game is out ...we know🤨
  12. Full game seems to be released early so any posts in this thread and no need to say the game is out ...we know🤨
  13. full game is now out according SI site before it crashed😀
  14. yes mate anything not in the game/DB obviously cant be added to FMRTE as a feature I have no idea why they removed it up there with the decision last year of stopping users adding their own pic in the profile ...obviously with third party skins we got around that but they do remove things that are good, and seem to add a lot of superfluous nonsense at times🙄
  15. I would imagine it should be possible but havent got a Mac to confirm if you dont get confirmation in a few days just quote me here and I can try something to assist
  16. I will move to Mac forum as this would be the better place for it perhaps other users use multiple versions of the app do you use the Mac version of FMRTE ?
  17. Any reply from the Devs will be in the bug report If any other users have input please add to the bug report Will close this as no need to duplicate the issue Cheers mate just be patient they will reply in due course
  18. user has been on the forums today with no update so closing thread PM if there is further input and thread will be reopened
  19. will close this as answer given if further input required just PM to get reopened
  20. It is also one of the FAQs I added So full explanation is there
  21. to save time dont set up individual countries to the list use continents
  22. the best way to address this would be pre game once the editor comes out as you can make tweaks re transfers/nations treated as EU/Non foreign you could mass edit to save time and this file could be used alongside any other third party file
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