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  1. I linked thread so you would add there it has already been reported any feedback will be there
  2. @Mr.Gone sorry you are having issues and it will be down to a dev to resolve this. Just wanted to say that your report is superb mate it is articulate and detailed if only all submissions were like this. This should be the template on how to submit a report, many thanks😊 Hope you get a reply soon and your issue is resolved Happy editing
  3. removed your email address from your post a dev will be in touch regarding your issue cheers
  4. Closing thread I see you have also submitted a bug report no need for both
  5. NB if submitting a bug report it goes in archive section
  6. Closing thread the bug report has been submitted any update from devs will be there if users have further comments to add to this thread just PM a mod and we can reopen it cheers
  7. yes report it and when you do I will close thread
  8. its there in normal version so report as bug so dev can clarify
  9. if the league is not playable that is the issue with finances though I still thought they showed up as blank increase their rep etc youth training etc stadium and see what happens re promotion
  10. is that a playable league? if so did you select portugal as playable on game start up
  11. Should still be there Post a screenshot And details of exact versions of game and fmrte using
  12. Should help Also increasing coaching etc Why can't you edit finance?
  13. moving to correct forum just select the attributes you want to ignore and move to ignore list then save
  14. I believe it is condition that covers match exercise also jadedness/match sharpness would impact it so try with those and see what happens
  15. should work instantly as far as I am aware you could holiday for a season but report as a bug and get it in the system😉 if it works on holiday just update report pls
  16. have you moved the game on ? if so follow the linked thread and report as a bug as a dev would need to assist
  17. read the FAQs I explained Brexit there 🤨
  18. Genie scout error needs to be addressed there Moving to archive forum
  19. There is also the FAQs section to look at and the help guides
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