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    not a problem mate hope that works also worth trying a new save just to see if that helps, I had a couple of bugs not show up after starting a new save 😉
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    I ask SI, but no response. Will try changing skin as well, thanks a lot because the edit seems to help.
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    Yep, I don't get that screen. Wish I did. The edit loan contract seems to work however. Good advice. I wanted to reset the option if possible, but can't find it. Windows 10? No idea what my issue is.
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    domestic clubs it starts at 1 month mate
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    a quick look and the minimum loan is 3 months for me on a test at chelsea
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    Hi Thats something I wasnt aware off. What team/ league? as there may be rules/conditions in game stating the duration Have you edited the loan contract end date using FMRTE as you can set that to be as long as you want I will have a look in a minute to see anything odd going on
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