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FM24.0 -Real Fixtures and Results for 38 Major Nations,58 Leagues in total Released click here for details ×

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  4. Bulgaria file has been updated here try it and report back the results and fixtures are correct for me👍
  5. looks like I may have fixed this😉 but will need to test the file in our system and release it then
  6. Thanks you had stated in your earlier post my mistake in the recommended post I tagged you in yesterday it states this- nothing can be done about adding fixtures to leagues that have multiple stages Bulgaria has more than one set of rules for the same comp and has multiple stages I will try a few things but I dont think this can be resolved
  7. @Vitesse Sofia thanks for the detailed post👍 The bit I cant see is the top of the editor data folder what custom start date are you using? I will look at this later when I get a chance cheers
  8. I do have problems getting the Bulgarian fixtures and results in game. Others liken England, Germany, France, Italy Netherlands are all fine. But if you are having an issue- 1.Read this install guide --> Done, no issues there. 2.Provide exact details of the game version[24.3/24.0 you are using and if its PC/MAC etc --> Version V24.3, on PC. 3.What Game Mode are you using[you need to select the original mode]* --> Original Mode, starting date 01.4.2024, using file above 4.Show a full screenshot of your editor data folder --> See below 5.Provide a link to the file you have downloaded --> LINK
  9. Thanks for the great files! All the other files are working fine but for some reason the Argentina file isn't working. The game cannot read the file; it's in the editor data folder along with the other files but it's not visible . I tried checking with the Editor but the file isn't visible in the Editor either. I double checked that the file and the game database are both 24.3. Anyone else having this problem? (EDITED) Okay I temporarily resolved this issue by using the 24.0 file and updating it with the Editor. But I'm still curious if I'm the only one having this problem with the 24.3 Argentina file.
  10. @Gravess Read the opening posts and then create your own thread posting all the information needed you posted on a thread that is nothing to do with your issue also have you manually checked the App for updates cheers
  11. Last week
  12. Hi I have also checked and build 20 custom start date is wrong it states 31 March it should be 1 April, here is a correct updated file cheers Build 20 FM24.3 FMRTE Custom Start Date 1April 2024.fmf
  13. Thanks for pointing out the recommended post! I might have picked a real world, now I understand this can cause issues. Will start a new game tomorrow and check!
  14. Thanks for pointing out the recommended post! I might have picked a real world, now I understand this can cause issues. Will start a new game tomorrow and check!
  15. This is the thread for the custom start date I will move to the right thread also I am tagging you into a post read it and post more information cheers
  16. Hi welcome to the forum Please read the recommended posts on this thread so @culturedleftfoot can help. He will reply as soon as he can
  17. Could you please check the file for Bulgaria? Results seem not to be in game, I picked starting date 1rst of April. The other countries I loaded do no show any issues, also checked in the editor, but don't really know what to look for Db: 24.03
  18. Hello, maybe you can help, there are no real results in Russia, everything is fine in other leagues.
  19. I think that as long as the preset is active in the save once you don't need to activate it again. The FMRTE must be loaded
  20. Thanks for your very fast reply! So I think I'll have to wait 'till the end-of-season results for my main save
  21. The real results only work if you start a game other the normal start date- later in the season e.g. If you want to start in August 2023 or pre season then the results will be random, you are basically just getting the 'real fixtures' it is impossible to get the real results doing this as the game will simulate the unplayed fixtures cheers
  22. Hello, i am not sure if i misunderstood, what these files should provide or if i'm doing something wrong. If I load up my database with only "FM24 - Custom Start Date" and "FM24.3 England fixtures and results to level 5 points deduction 12/04/2024" loaded and select a custom startdate i get all the correct results from previous played games. So the files are working! However, if i just load the 24.3.0 database with "FM24.3 England fixtures and results to level 5 points deduction 12/04/2024" and start in preseason all results are random and not like in real life. Isn't it possible to start fromn the beginning of the season and still get real results? Or do i have to do something more than just put the files into "editor data"? If it's important: I'm playing on a german client, the 24.4 Update is already installed and i use the Real Name Fix File from sortitoutsi. Thanks in advance.
  23. it works fine You need to be an FMRTE license holder in order to download this file.
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