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  3. FM 23.2.0 (1771058) i have steam set to online FMRTE23.2.0[build 13] Run as administrator: YES Is there any problem with Preferred Moves? Im trying to clear every preferred moves for some players and for 4 players it does work(i think so) but in columns i can see that there arent go away. Also for Match Preparation. Is there any way to freeze that? In a long holiday save it start to reduce. Thank you!
  4. It will be nice if admins add dark and light theme so users can pick what they desire. Can you create the poll?
  5. Yesterday
  6. looks fine apart from you used CAPS for Oslo cant see that being a big deal...... but obviously it is lol! as his place of birth changes in game as it isnt recognizing OSLO, and then the game might be starting him at the bigger clubs in that nation😉 so thanks for updating the thread I will add this to instructions now so your regens appeared but at wrong side - try changing to Oslo
  7. Yes I believe thats possible from admin side but it would be dark then for everyone what I suggest is starting a poll to see how much interest there is in that being available as an individual option so users can pick dark/light theme you can use browser extensions to enable dark mode, google it for details
  8. @Silviu-Luca Stanciu for any future issues read post your own thread with full info required
  9. @dzek read the OP post your own thread with full info required
  10. @nikolaosaek read the OP update your own thread with full info required
  11. The 3D stadium edit is not working. only the capacity changes, not the stadium details
  12. you need to download old version FMRTE_23.2.0.13 link https://www.fmrte.com/files/file/47-fmrte-23-for-macos/?do=download&version=409
  13. Is there any way to make website into dark mode?
  14. Is there any issue with “Preferred Moves”? I want to remove preferred moves for 720 players and for it does it but for 4 players shows that there are still some preferred moves on them but in the game it says “None”.. maybe this is a problem for FMRTE.
  15. So it seems that there is some bug with squad registration for North America Champions League in-game. Can't register few players, thought that editor would make me able to do it but doesn't seems so. Could you add such option? There is only for uefa, domestic etc, not sure if it's possible currently.
  16. Still have issue with Epic version on M1pro Mac.
  17. Last week
  18. no not possible it has been asked for in the suggestions forum- make AI manager unsackable
  19. Is there any feature or workaround to stop sack managers in every club in the same competition?
  20. Hi glad its now resolved in future if you are getting issues like this read and post accordingly
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