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  4. Hello, First: I love the FMRTE, this is THE BEST editor for the FM....good work, i hope you will make every FM in the future! Now i have an issue: Ii can't register my players anytime, but i checked the "Allow squad registration anytime" option in FMRTE (and then saved of course). See the screenshots. I've Windows 10 64bit Last year in the FM20 was working good this feature, but not now. Thanks a lot!
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  6. closing as answer given and user has been on forum recently
  7. Sorry but if i double click on the app, automaticly it open a windows that says traduced in english: user account controll. Would you like to allow the following program from an unknown publishet to make changes to this computer? Enter an administrstor password and click yes to continue. Ps i am using the fmrte 2020 now for the fm 2020. Please help mi to make it work. Please. I make a donation if you make it work
  8. What is happening. Cant use the latest update ☹️
  9. its taken you 14 months to reply? just double click on the app and it will run but you should run as suggested- thats all you need to do is right click on the app with your mouse from the drop down menu select- run as administrator
  10. But i have no Admin permission on the pc. the games is installed on the pc but to use the fmrte or the mini fmrte i need to click to run it with admin rights an i cant do this on the pc i would like to use it. So can you tell me how i can use the apps without the admin rights? You wrote that there is a possibility to run app without admin rights but how`? if i click on the apps than it says that i must have admin rights to make it go....please can you help me!
  11. I am operating on that page but it gives an error I can't buy a serial key
  12. Hi this is an English language forum so you need to use a translator before posting I checked your title and it seems it is regards buying a license check out this page for info https://www.fmrte.com/fmrte/
  13. satın alma işlemine giriyorum kart bilgilerini giriyorum ama hata veriyor alış veriş tamamlanmıyor nasıl satın alabilirim editörü biri yardım edebilir mi ?
  14. Yes I also did it that way, and it is the best way I have found. There also is another way, but that one is a bit more complicated. I am thinking about making a tutorial on YouTube about it. I found one, but he is over-explaining the method.. I have some friends that are no IT guys, and there's no easy way to let them do this. It took me more than an hour to get it running on his pc (he didn't want teamviewer...). But I'm getting off-topic XD
  15. Yes the game works again! Thank you for the great and quick work!
  16. Hi, It is fixed!! Thanks for the work!! About the folder, Microsoft won't let us edit the game files so we can't do the licensing and real name fix. But there is a software called UWPDumper wich let's you extract the game files into a new folder and there you can modify them. After that you can reinstall the game with the edited files though a command in powershell. Seems kinda of too much, but actually is quite easy. You can find the tutorial here: https://www.reddit.com/r/footballmanagergames/comments/m45k0i/for_those_who_downloaded_the_game_through_the/gqslc00/
  17. FYI. fmrte 20 was working fine until the game crashed and I restored the game from the previous backup.
  18. Hi, Can you please try to download the latest version (build 35) http://fmrte.com/download/fmrte21 Let me know if it fixed the issue. Thanks
  19. Hi, Do you have FM21 running as well? Thanks
  20. Hi, @THOBRO2000 gfhd, @craquemont how did you manage to change the folder where FM 21 (gamepass) is installed? Thanks
  21. Sorry, the link is fixed, try again now
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