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  2. I know this isnt exactly the forum for it, but any idea how to do it on the pregame editor?
  3. sure its a feature being worked on to be added and will be in future updates if possible
  4. Today
  5. it could be added in one of the coming updates/patches as and when the Devs get it working😉
  6. We used to have this and it would be great to have it back. Thanks as ever.
  7. its looking like that feature isnt added to FMRTE 21
  8. @Pirata Mau not a bug use the search function before posting this has been answered several times and there is a thread on it in discussion forum also you are new here so please read and follow this in future cheers
  9. That looks like it. Is that in the Nation page?
  10. Hi. I don't know if it's a BUG, or if I'm configuring the FMRTE badly. When I try to get a world class player, it gives this error. Someone help me? Thanks
  11. dont know why this is missing from here I posted to show request has been made FYI the Devs are aware if it possible they will try to add
  12. I dont know about this version havent tried it and going back to the OP editing the table wouldnt demote chelsea to league 1😉 best way is to it with pre game editor swap teams would be a great feature(if possible) to add to the app if users want it add it in suggestions forum
  13. Maybe should be included in the advanced features as it is not stable?
  14. Previously editing the table caused issues like too many teams being relegated etc
  15. I haven't tried the league editing in the end of season. Try to change that, to "demote" teams. I have never tried this, because I don't know how safe it is and what happens over time. Do try if you have time and report back Cheers
  16. Say for instance if I wanted to demote chelsea to league one, is there a way to do that without waiting 2 seasons?
  17. I guess, Aaron is talking about this section; Generated players. Cheers
  18. Hi guys, I've trying to replicate the issue, but at least in Windows I was unable to reproduce it. So, I'm closing this topic. If the problem persists, please open a bug report in our bug tracker https://www.fmrte.com/bug-tracker/fmrte/ Thanks
  19. If I were to post a screenshot, i'd have to download fm20 and fmrte20 also You know how when you go in to either the club or nation details and you edit how good the newgen attributes may be every year? Hope you know what I mean. Tricky to explain unfortunately
  20. Hi, don't know if it's already said here, but it would be nice to add a player that wants to play absolutely for a club later in his career, would be nice to do that
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