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  5. FMRTE does supports your game version (23.5.0 1827095), but it seems that your savegame is not loaded yet.. If you are sure that your savegame is fully loaded, save it (without exiting FM) and then try again. I have tried it over and over. Its not loading my save or nay of my old saves from last year. Please help!! I have never encountered th sproblem since using fmrte years ago. My game is updated to the latest version also.
  6. I will @BraCa so he is aware also, as you are correct some staff jobs are not showing correctly cheers
  7. i mean, IN FMRTE says Manager U21, but IN FM(the real job) Head sports science. i think fmrte language xml code is mismatched. your screenshot say, There is no distinction between a 1st performance analyst and a U18 team performance analyst. For the first, second, and third teams, the job title is just Under 18s Performance Analyst. look, i think your staff "Ewan Sharp" is 1st team performance Analyst and "Hannah Burgon" is u19 team performance Analyst. but Ewan Sharp also Under 18s Performance Analyst. need to add XML translate code >Head sports science. >1st(2nd, 3rd) performance Analyst OR performance Analyst, u23 performance Analyst, u18 performance Analyst and yeah, if you need it pls move
  8. Hi you can see in staff screen of a team what the job is, it would be good for it to show on a person's profile page though so thats one for here I will move thread if you wish?
  9. In staff secsion, There is many Mistranslation or Missmatch things. For example text in FMRTE /// real text in FM manager U21 /// Head sports science Under 18s Performance Analyst /// (No distinction between Fisrt team , U21, youth teams)
  10. Earlier
  11. anyone know why i cant put like "-20" on eccentricity, to FMRTE calculate the ratings in a way that LESS eccentricity is better and will INCREASE the rating? just an example
  12. im not talking about attributes dude, im talking about 'position ratings', the numbers there are used to calc the actual rating and potential rating of the players
  13. Attributes on the INFORMATION screen: Technical/Mental/Physical: Can only edited between 1-20 Hidden: Can only edited between 1-25 Personality: Can only edited between 1- 127 - (Anything over 25 will reverting back to 1 so you have to freeze it) You cant put minus (-) there
  14. for examplem i want to make controversy make the ratings going down if the value is high, so i set to -100 but nothing bellow 0 change anything, We got an workaround for this?
  15. I will move this to FMRTE forums now as I know you are going to use it to solve the squad selection issue search national team select a player you want removed from squad select this option search for the player to swap in then press save then go back to national team page and then press refresh you will see the swap😉 IMO one of FMRTE best features I like to mirror real life eg you can get the exact squads for say a World Cup
  16. FMRTE 24 Features i would like to see: @BraCa Please consider some of these, It will enhance FMRTE even more. 1. Accelerate player development without having to edit Professionalism. Add a filter to it by age: for example "If we only want to develop player between certain ages". 2. Board accepting every request - Right now - only way to increase Managers Determination and then ask, Which doesnt work all the time. 3. Player agree with everything you say. 4. Players always train at 10 rating
  17. you are this guy here you stated there you have FMRTE, use it to change the squad you are confused with advanced rule editing so dont go down that route when FMRTE can do what you want in the click of a button😉 if you are unsure how to do this ask on the discussion forums read this before posting
  18. Thank you for your kind reply. I hope this feature can be added to FMTRE in the future, perhaps for FM 2024 Best regards
  19. FMRTE allows importing of shortlists but not as I can see anyway of searching specifically as you want to do within that list IMO a good request but I am ok with current set up as you can see a players position so again IMO I would see other features as a more pressing[if possible😉] as stated you can see a players position and if you want more info scout the player to get full knowledge cheers
  20. hi4hhh

    fmrte not load

    Changed Build to 26
  21. It seems there was positional rating, i feel so damn moronic oh god. The only good point can be listing them from strongest to weakest. or highlight best 3 positions strongly. *********************************************************** Can something be done about positional adjustment? If i ever want to redesign the whole team according to the player's best position can this editor do it automatically for everybody? can it also assign positions by checking left or right foot familiarity?
  22. Hey Guys, So I followed the instructions of the Advanced Rules thread for changing international rules. I wanted to change the Euro U21 announcement date. I got to the players tab and changed the max squad size from 23 to 26 and also moved the days before finals for squad announcement. That's all I wanted to do. Saved and clicked test rules. The same error keeps coming up. "New stage 0 for UEFA Under-21 qualifiers has zero (0) teams. 54 teams are needed" I then check the Qualifiers rules under the stages tab and stage 0 (group stage) has 54 teams. So I do not know how to fix the error. I have been trying for days.
  23. No worries, I’ll get FM 23 tomorrow, so in the next couple of days i’ll stop playing the 22. Thanks anyway for the availability 😉
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