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  5. Ok so I will move to the correct forum as this has nothing to do with the 3d kit Just use the file from FM 21 in FM 22 it just needs to be saved in the FM 22 editor
  6. Import players from older databases, un-retire retired players, change weather, future transfers, add/remove teams from a league, expand league, change rules from league (ex: 5 subs)
  7. Yes, I took some ´Retired players' and add them stats, using previous FM's data. For example, a player from Gibraltar. I took him, renamed him and put all the info and now I have Alan Shearer in my database. I now I can export them from the FM21 FMRTE, but then How Can I import them to the FM22 databse??
  8. Hi Everyone, I noticed that in my current save starting November aprox, the games in the 15:00 time are played at night. Is there a way I can set up playing at this time with Daylight? I know that this is related to Winter, Fall etc... but How can I manage to control this? Thanks for your help!
  9. Thank you for pointing me to the slider to increase the font, I was just looking for it. My eyes are getting worse and the monitor resolutions get higher = bad combination.
  10. You have posted in the 3d kit editor forum? Are you saying you created players in the FM 21 pre game editor ?
  11. Hi, I was thinking on purchase the FMRTE 21 in order to export players/staff I created in FM21. Just to put this in context, I added legends that were not in the FM21 databse like: Smicer, Berger, Wenger, Ian Wright, Pires etc.. In order to NOT create them from scratch again, can I use FMRTE 21 in order to export them and then use FMRTE 22 and import them? If not, Is there a way I can take these players/staff I added and put them in the FM22 databse? Thanks for your help in advance.
  12. I've tried it myself (moving the player directly). Doesn't remove the work permit requirement. Tried with the second nationality and it works fine
  13. Earlier
  14. it has been requested but as stated here it cant be done with any in game editor
  15. Is there a way to change the qty of subs (5) in a current save?
  16. It´s possible to change the boot´s color using FMRT?
  17. Hi Can you tell me which version of the game you are using please.
  18. Hi I don't use this function personally maybe @culturedleftfoot can answer it
  19. closing bug report submitted @ALper_08 reply from Devs will be in bug report, thanks for reporting
  20. Add/remove Nations treated as UE / non foreign (+)(-) No Button marked in the screenshot. System Mac OS and FMRTE 22.4.1 build 23. Is there a solution or will there be an update?
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