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  2. Hi, Is it possible to edit good partnership and the ability for players to play well together? The players I have in my team that plays well together likes each other which is visable under "relations" in FMRTE. But it seems like that isn't the key. Someone with input?
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  5. cannot batch export pxml Is this feature removed?
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  7. Hi Greyfox, thank you for the reply. My 2010 started working but then kept crashing, so I decided to play 2019 instead. I bought a licence key for the real time editor a while back, and when I try to activate it, it does not work. Can you give me any details on how I can use my licence key please?
  8. I would say its the end date you want? experiment see what happens I havent used it some features in preset are not active and only a dev could give you a full explanation as to what is fully working etc
  9. I want to renew all the loan contract. What is the format of the value ? Thank for help
  10. perhaps a bug report should be submitted so the devs can be made aware
  11. no it cant I am afraid, FMRTE can remove transfer bans though
  12. hello.panathinaikos from greece has a european ban in the first season.can this be removed with the editor?
  13. I've had this issue a while ago and solved it by finishing the new stadium within FMRTE. But ... It took until the beginning of a new season until matches where played in the new ground although it was ready and press conferences where held in the new facilities already. Funny enough the time table at the 'board' tab still shows that we will move to the new stadium in two years
  14. Hi. Downloading the software works for me. I am on Windows. Try downloading the Windows build. See if that stop you too.
  15. Hi guys, just wondering if anybody can help. I recently purchased the FMRTE 20 for for macOS and when i go to download the program it say i need to be running macOS 10.13 I have searched everywhere for updates and it says my system is up to date. any other suggestions ?
  16. any one has idea? I can not find batch export in fmrte20
  17. Hi I don't have my licence key in my client's aera. How can i have it back please ? Mickael
  18. Hi, It's not the `games` folder in `My Documents`. It's the `Football Manager 2020` game folder that should be inside steam folder, something like: `C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2020`
  19. added so I can turn on notifications.
  20. Hi There, I have reviewed some of the guidance's provided, but I simply cant import the templates.. I noted the file types were not correct for importing. Some screenshots attached: I get this after launching the program and selecting yes to importing at the outset. If I try and import (Open) manually, I note there are no files: But I think it is due to the file type .fmke files not existing.
  21. please excuse my ignorance - how do I do that, have not done it before. Thanks
  22. Hi @eddie607619, Can you please upload your savegame (dropbox or any other filehost) and share the link with me through a PM. Without a savegame it's hard for us to make this work as we don't have any savegame with an approved expansion Thanks
  23. Hi, I saw this on another thread and have the same issue...the tab is not available for me and currently have a board agreed expansion under way (nearly completed): screen shots attached Any help will be appreciated. Thanks Eddie.
  24. my google authenticator isnt working otherwise I would have done it😉
  25. They do need tweaking after this announcement. It will be done asap.
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