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  3. Both links work for me. The zip file and exe file. Must be your firewall that is the cause.
  4. Update the op with the information clf has stated above. I am intrigued as to why your team's morale is 1.
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  6. Installer it worked before most recent update
    I found some more bugs Spanish players are not considered in the filter search, not even by manually selecting SPAIN as nationality of a player Data Tweak Update files are not soncidered in the serch resulst, you can only find them by manual typing like Moukouko, so you get him displayed but he gets never listed by filter options
  7. Hi, Did you download FMRTE 21 installer, or the zip file? Thanks
  8. Last week
  9. not for me load time is as normal, super fast 1 to 2 seconds
  10. the message states you do not have the saved game running yet? make sure the saved game is loaded in FM21 then start FMRTE and run as suggested if it still doesnt load I would uninstall/reinstall FMRTE just copy your license key its in your client area
  11. i keep getting this while trying to load up my save game, any idea on how to fix it?
  12. Do you have plans to add option for increasing number of U19 staff?
  13. Anyone other than me that experience that when pressing load game in FMRTE, it takes almost four times as long to load than before. If its just me, what can i do to make it much quicker? Been like that for last week or so.
  14. When I go to edit player positions its blank and then closes down but doesn't show any error
  15. if you are asking can you edit continental qualification places using FMRTE that is not possible
  16. Howdy all. Hope yiu're all doing well! Anyway to edit the co-efficients so rig how many qualification places a country gets for europe? I'm fairly certain there is not but just checking!
  17. Don't know the issue, changed from hotspot to router wifi. Changed browser, cache cleared. Def seems to be a problem local to me - I opened the link with my mobile downloaded the .ZIP and emailed it over to myself to get around the issue. Odd as I've never had this problem before.
  18. Thanks for the reply, I'm using Chrome, odd. Let me clear my cache again and see if that solves it.
  19. I just tried that link with no issues at all what browser are you using I am using google chrome try restarting the system if still getting issues tag Braca
  20. Just purchased fmrte 21 - can't download it using the download link? https://www.fmrte.com/files/file/37-fmrte-21-for-windows/ leads to a 404. The Mac URL opens fine. Is this a known issue? Don't have adblock running, tried in incognito just to check it wasn't extensions and cleared my cache.
  21. https://www.fmrte.com/forums/topic/6695-read-before-posting/
  22. So I am playing Torquay, and they have had team morale set at 1 since then National League. I can set it up to 20, and then it will immediately go back to 1. Is this a problem with FMRTE showing or is this a bug with FM? Using most recent version of FMRTE and the Steam version of FM21 (21.2.2)
  23. That is not your fault. The users are using s*** anti-virus software.
  24. That should work as you are mirroring the attributes. Ask on the official FM forums for the values of each style.
  25. Now you can download FMRTE with the installer, or as a zip file. Using the installer is the recommended option, as it's easier, and less error prone. Using the zip file, you have to extract it to a folder in your computer. Unfortunately, sometimes our installers triggers false positives in some antivirus, and prevents some users from being able to download it. Cheers
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