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  3. Hi. It should do. Try it when it is released. It is free to try.
  4. Generally it should be 2 to 3 weeks. The actual difference will depend on how FM 21 is coded. Only the devs can say for sure.
  5. Yesterday
  6. You can't control the type of Brexit you get with any editor However the link shows what can be done to remove it using fmrte Cheers
  7. Looks like it's loaded my game even though it says error occurred but I can't do anything, uninstalled and reinstalled and it happens on multiple saves too, I don't know what else to try. Was told to install the latest .NET Framework and it says I already have it so that's not the problem and I'm not getting any more response.. https://imgur.com/a/exIdOLs
  8. Cheers for the reply, but the link doesn't answer any my questions pal.
  9. I have covered brexit in the FAQ mate https://www.fmrte.com/forums/forum/130-frequently-asked-questions/
  10. Hi. Did i get the hard Brexit? If so whats it like? If its bad, is there any way to change it? Cheers.
  11. Hey guys, I am wondering would the application work with the xbox play anywhere version when released. Play anywhere means I can move between pc and xbox, thanks
  12. How long is the usual difference in time of a new FMRTE is released from when the full version of FM2021 is released? Sorry if it has been asked before. And thanks
  13. Last week
  14. Hi mate yes that still is an option however that is not what the OP is asking? he is asking for a country with say dual nationality to be able to edit the %chance for players to select one etc. He hasnt worded it well but IMO that is what is he is asking for, perhaps he needs to clearly state what he wants added to clear up any ambiguity cheers
  15. Hi, I always thought you could add a second nationality in the past. Haven't tried it with FMRTE20, but previously, all you had to do is go to the player relations' screen and add a new relation "Other Nationality" and then type in the nationality needed. Hope that still works and helps you out. I can't currently confirm it, coz I'm not at home.
  16. @BraCa I keep having the same problem, can't fix health, morale or money issues...
  17. CF Ng

    Future transfer bug

    Changed Build to 47 Changed Game Store to Epic Store Changed Game Version to 20.4.4-1442341
  18. Hi. You say error in the title, but you post looks more like a request. Please can you elaborate.
  19. Hi guys, Do you know what i need to do if the "Show in the editor the same person/club that your are seing in game" doesn't work? Sometimes if I press on it (mostly till there's a new update) Thanks
  20. Glad to see it's not just me having this problem. @BraCa what do I do now? It says I already have the NET framework installed
  21. As soon as Updated the new version of the FMRTE is says it's not compatible
  22. FYI in my save Lorenzo Squizzi does have a relations tab Kate Rees doesnt and I think physios dont seem to have relations tab showing IIRC they never have I dont think it is possible to add relations to a physio in FMRTE only a Dev can confirm this though
  23. Have the relations page: Jose Mourinho, Zinedine Zidane, Basically everyone else who has a relationship strong enough to appear in "favoured personnel" (Under Overview > Information in game) Don't have the relations page: Kate Rees, Lorenzo Squizzi, all staff member who don't have a relationship strong enough to appear in "favoured personnel" (Under Overview > Information in game)
  24. Can you provide the names of the staff who have and do not have the Relations page? We can check this in our saves.
  25. Buenas para todos!! Tengo un problema importante con el FMRTE y el Football Manager. La cosa es que tengo en el FM20 tengo una base de datos de 20.4.0 y el Editor (FMRTE) se me actualizó hasta el 20.4.4 y cuando lo quiero usar me tira error. ¿Alguien sabe si es posible volver a descargar la version que me corresponde? la cual es la 20.4.0 (Build 28). Por favor, si alguien tuvo este problema o sabe como resolver esto me ayudaria mucho. Muchas gracias! Un abrazo. Good morning everyone !! I have a major problem with the FMRTE and the Football Manager. The thing is that I h
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