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  3. Hello, Thanks for the response. My additional information is as follows: [1]What is your exact FM version: FM 23.2.2+1784203(m.e.v23.1.0.0) game was purchased on Microsoft Store for PC [2]What is your exact FMRTE version:FMRTE23.2.2 (build 19) [3]Are you running FMRTE as administrator- state YES Apologies for not adding this to begin with. Regards, SW
  4. Thank you for this but more information is needed please. See the post here and add the missing information.
  5. Hello, I have come across an error in my attempt to set up a future transfer. The situation is as follows: I want to transfer Joao Felix from Arsenal to Chelsea. I edited an existing Future Transfer to replace the player and destination club. I then set the transfer date far enough into the future and the required selling price, and then the wages and contract start and end dates. When I clicked the save icon, a Warning dialogue box appeared with the words ...both players already have a future transfer......this stopped the edit from saving. I don't understand what has caused this error, but note it does not replicate when setting up transfers for other players. Any advice appreciated. Regards, SW Screen shot:
  6. Finding it very hard to get the magical 100% in FM23, but did some work thanks to FMRTE. These are the trigger points I've found so far for each Nation: Unrestricted 100% Outstanding 85% Exceptional 60% Extensive 45% Very Good 30% Good 25% Average 20% Decent 15% Sporadic 10% Nominal 5% Minimal 1% I've seen these categories too - Comprehensive, thorough, widespread, very broad, broad... - but can't find their trigger percentages. Does anyone have a definitive list? Thanks as ever.
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  8. This mod is gonna transform the way I play this game. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this
  9. As Tieio says the -85 range options are just pre game once you start a game the player will be allocated a set PA within that range[140-170] usually based on several factors club rep facilities/coaching nation youth rating etc etc you could experiment obviously you want this in a save game set PA with a -85 rating [I doubt the app will allow that but you could try] what I found is you can edit the individual attributes too eg pace also with a - setting, between -1 and -4[this would give range 16-20] in pre game editor then set PA to 0 the player in game is randomized but with certain attributes set within defined ranges
  10. No you have it right, I wanted to reroll the PA of a couple of players but I don't want to actually know the exact PA. Thanks for the reply.
  11. You can do this in the pregame editor but as soon as the game is loaded the player is assigned a PA, I am not sure what you hope to accomplish with this? There is no PA ranges once the game is up and playing, all players get a PA upon generating. If you want to randomize a PA like this, maybe use a number randomizer that lets you set the range? Unless I am misunderstanding your question, please feel free to clarify. 😄
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  13. PM Sent - Thanks for the content, the custom start date is good for saves trying get teams out of the relegation zone.
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