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  5. I have not pre-ordered it yet as always, I wait for the final patch before playing. There has been an FMRTE for every edition since it's creation so I don't see it stopping for FM 22. Who knows, maybe FM 22 is the final year for FMRTE and FM 23 will be locked for all editors except their own.
  6. that option doesnt shows up in FMRTE under contract clauses I cant remember it ever doing so if you can please post a screenshot of previous versions where it did as you suggest in your initial post the only time you can edit things like that is when the transfer is ongoing between the clubs- via the player's information transfer proposals/future transfer tabs that appear when a player is under offer perhaps suggest this as an extra feature to be added in future cheers
  7. Sorry please see below What is your FM version: fm21.4.0 What is your FMRTE version. fmrte21.40 build38 Are you running FMRTE as administrator- YES Are you Beta testing for S.I.- No)
  8. https://www.fmrte.com/forums/topic/6695-read-before-posting/
  9. Hi I have brought a player with the promise that after he scores 10 goals(now 8 ) i will pay the team 60 million, i cant seem to see how to delete this is it possible still, checked contract of player, checked player clauses in both teams, looked at every menu is this not a thing anymore. thank you in advance. Rich
  10. user been on forums since above reply and is not updating the thread as requested so closing when ready to do so PM me to re open this
  11. Post a screenshot of player's attributes and settings page of fmrte
  12. When pressing the plus button on players attributes it only increases the highest number if 3 are at 10 and the rest are bellow it only increases the 3 at 10
  13. Hi, ever been playing with the idea to make a FMRTE to the legendairy game Championship Manager 2001/2002? There is alot of players, still playing CM to this day. (Including me). And would love a version to this :)
  14. Supported Versions Steam/Epic Store Football Manager 2021 - 21.4.0 (1525123, 1522263, 1528944, 1540115, 1545141) Football Manager Touch 2021 - 21.4.0 (1525129, 1529005)
  15. Hi team, I have recently purchased the licence but the editor is not compatible with the demo I downloaded from Steam An unexpected error occurred (It seems that your game was updated to an unsupported version (21.4.0 1529028). Can anyone please help?
  16. also read this and post accordingly cheers
  17. started a thread for you can you post images of the FMRTE previous versions with the 'generated players' tab
  18. Hello everyone, I have only one question regarding "Generated Players" on my FMRTE. I am interested because I don't know how it works. Right now, as I started New Career/Season, with my favorite club, it isn't there, and usually it was on previous versions of FMRTE. Does it show around time when my club/land produces Generated Players, or should i say Youth In-Take or it should be there already? I don't know if this is some kind of a Bug and should I report it to FMRTE.com, or I need to play one full season for the option to show up. Thanks for your answers and help. Cheers.
  19. Still can't able search for Technical dirs and Loan Managers... :=(
  20. If you change your manager role to 29. Yes you disappear.
  21. Earlier
  22. I had a save that at some point one recurring injury would sure happen to one player if i didt't rest him, so i ran a test on him. i didn't try decreasing his Injury Proneness to 0 or increasing his Natural Fitness to 20. Instead i tried decreasing the occurrence ratio to 0, unchecking the "recurrence" box, and not resting him as a test, he still trained and got the injury. so the occurence ratio doesn't work for recurring injuries i guess. but, probable because having unchecked the "recurrence" box, the same new injury has overwritten the old recurring injury, and the player's medical report says it won't recur again. I'm happy with the result now.
  23. no idea what the player attribute is, a dev would need to answer that re player development just increase the coaches ability and attributes such as flamboyancy or why not just use the world class preset? I will move to the right forum as this is for the 3D kit forum
  24. Just a general question but what is that attribute for staff called "player" (right in between "mental attributes" and "tactical/non-tacical") and how does it affect player development? How can I also impact certain player attributes such as "flair" and "team work" based on my coaching staff through FMRTE?
  25. Released: November 9th 2022 https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/556718-football-manager-2022-–-debuts-november-9th/ Has anyone pre-rdered it yet? And don't worry, I wont ask about FMRTE for the upcoming release. As I know things can change each year. But hopefully the superstars that put FMRTE together can come up trumps again this year
  26. Hi. It does help massively to both decrease Injury Proneness to 0 and increase Natural Fitness to 20. You can request to edit the recurrence of an injury in the Suggestions and Ideas forum. You might have to advance in-game to see the change take effect. I would not change the ratio and percentage to 0 as that could crash and/or corrupt your save. If you do decide to do it, make sure you backup your save first.
  27. Yes the common sense approach is the way to go as you suggested using heal also set injury proneness to low etci haven't got access to the game now I will look later at it
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