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  4. There are many combos and the Unavailability tab. If he is asking for major changes then that would be done in the pre-game editor not FMRTE. Anyway let's wait and see for the elaboration.
  5. yes I believe so but there are various combinations- eg league/nation only continental/global would be something to do pre game, but bans has been added with various combos in FMRTE so perhaps a feature the devs can implement in future
  6. I am thinking he must mean for the league.
  7. What do you mean by that give more details please Cheers
  8. Hi, Would it be possible to change the disciplinary rules?
  9. There is an error.log file in the previous message. But add again. I request your urgent help. error.log
  10. If I change the value above 10000 is there any impact to the growth of player attribute? I read somewhere on this forum that the attribute will not improve or is it misunderstanding?
  11. Hi, Please follow the instructions in the error message, and send us the error.log file Thanks
  12. Last week
  13. Hi Not possible I'm afraid regards that bug you need to report to SI
  14. Hi Thats odd have you tried any of the tips outlined in this thread
  15. I have started a new save as Leipzig and only get balance under finances. If I view another club in the league I can see all the info you usually get, Transfer budget, wages etc. Never had this before. I am using latest version 22.1.1 in admin and latest version of FM Thanks
  16. Hiya all, Sorry if this is just a really obvious question thats been answered already, But im currently in 2048 & playing a RTG where ive took Wakefield AFC from tier 11 of England to 7 time champions league winners, but theres one problem, for some reason all English U18 leagues have glitched out and just never got past 2021. So im wondering if its possible to like make a B team in the english leagues for me to use. I tried making Plymouth Argyle's U18 team my U18 team as theyre in the VNL N/S for some reason but that just never really worked properly and just sort of glitched. Any help would be appreciated.
  17. When I want to activate the product, it always gives the error message "An unexpected error occurred". error.log
  18. Try to insert 127 in all facilities. A new Messi could suddenly appear in the youth intake but not every year.
  19. Hi, It does not remove it from the list, but it sets the EndDate to the current ingame date (making the player no longer unhappy), in practice the effect should be the same
  20. When editing a player under the contract window you can add new unhappiness reasons using the "+" button but if you try to remove them by pressing the "-" button it does nothing and they remain there. No error message is generated when pressing this.
  21. Thank you. This is not working for me either. Please report as a bug in the relevant bug tracker.
  22. Thanks for the reply, sorry for not giving all the info, please find below. FM Version - 22.1.1 (1620793) Steam Version Windows 10 FMRTE Version - 22.1.1 (build 13) Run as Admin? - Yes
  23. Hi. Please contact the owners through your client area. The Support section in the client area is where you can contact them.
  24. I made the wrong purchase. I had to buy fmrte 21. But I accidentally bought a fmke 20. Please see the screenshot I attached. I thought fmrte 21 was a discount because it was older than fmrte 22. So, I wonder if it is possible to refund fmke20 or change it with a small additional charge. thank you. screenshot: [Removed]
  25. Just for new users to be aware a patch is usually released before Xmas to the game so be prepared and act not if you dont want the game to update until FMRTE is patched-[ read the opening post]
  26. Hi please can you read this and post the info required cheers
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