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    FMRTE 20.2.3 (Build 20) - Released Download: FMRTE Auto-update or https://www.fmrte.com/download/fmrte20 Changelog Fixed An issue that could prevent FMRTE from properly loading some savegames An issue with custom currencies An issue with Advanced Search / Mass Edit An issue with some Staff Presets
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    I'm not tryna spam but its been 3 weeks and no word on why the update is not compatible with mac os 12.0
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    make sure that the allow registration anytime box is ticked too😉
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    yes use relations tab
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    Fmrte has been updated to the latest game patch 20.2.4 build 21 with some fixes and update too for public beta of game
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    FMRTE 20.2.3 (Build 21) - Released Download: FMRTE Auto-update or https://www.fmrte.com/download/fmrte20 Changelog Added Support for FM 20.2.4 beta game version Ability to keep frozen players without any injury or suspension Notes: If you already have frozen players, you have to ´Unfreeze/Freeze` them for these new changes to take effect. If you freeze an injured or suspended player, the injury or suspension won’t be affected Fixed An issue with Advanced Search / Mass Edit when using Dark Theme An issue with names searching when changing a staff name
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    @nonlondoner @eddie607619 can you please submit a bug report in https://www.fmrte.com/bug-tracker/fmke/ with some details about the error, with screenshots and the error.log file if possible. Thanks
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    No it's for life Read this
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    there is a report on this already
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    Software rules (a) Make sure you are running the latest stable version for FMRTE and the latest version for FM. (b) The checksums for the software are available upon request should anyone require them. (c) Backup your save(s) in case any change(s) corrupt(s) your save(s) beyond repair. This is strongly recommended to do every time you use the software. (d) To avoid Football Manager auto-updating, restart Steam into offline mode with this short guide: Steam (top left) > Go Offline > Restart in Offline Mode (e) There is another method to stop FM from updating. Backup the folder below (x = yearly release i.e. 2016, 2017, etc) to another location, however make sure you have enough disk space as this file can be large. C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager x To revert back to the previous version, just copy and paste the above folder back into the location that you copied it from, overwriting the current folder. (f) All users who participate in the SI beta testing team will not be able to use FMRTE nor will they receive support from us. This option is used purely to test fixes for future releases and are conducted behind closed doors. (g) Warnings/bans will be issued at a moderator's discretion to users at any time asking where is FMRTE?, how long until FMRTE is here?, or similar. closing thread this has always been the case and it is in the forum rules as above
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    Can you link me to your bug report there is no sign of it on bugs forum?
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    what if someone asked for shared activation key as he is from a foreign country and cannot afford the cost??
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    @IcyWay thanks for your help
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    I have three licences. How many people can use them? A) To clarify, the license is for one person only. You are not allowed to share with anyone. If anyone has any doubts, fully read the end-user license agreement.
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    Its seem add affiliate club option is missing. It would be helpful if you guys bring back "+". In Fmrte 20
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    A new version with some improvements regarding this has been released
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    A new version with this issue fixed is now available.
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    No problems As you will see I made a report with a similar bug which was resolved So submit a bug report if running app as suggested as it looks like its back again Cheers
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    ok when the date is reached or you holiday etc to that date check in schedule for fixtures in game and see what the stadium is try several to see that it is set to the new stadium
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    It should happen However without having all the information some games may be scheduled for the current stadium? Make stadium update start of new season if no joy report as a bug please
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    Hi. That is not possible as the freezer is only for players and I think staff too.
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    How to create a preset is explained in the FAQs
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    What is my FM version: FM 19.3.6. (1242975 M.E. v1931) I have steam set to offline mode. What is my FMRTE version: FMRTE19.3.6 (build 54) I have used the update feature says I am using the current version. Am I Beta testing for S.I. - No AM I running FMRTE as administrator - YES What is your question: Why players CA in my team is stuck at 137? Is it to the game itself or to the fact that i used FMRTE? Any other information: I note that I change professionalism of all players on my team to 127 as that greatly accelerates their development. I used this cheat on previous versions of the game, on FM18 the same thing happened (CA does not exceed 137 even though the players PA is greater than 137), in earlier versions of the game cheat worked until version FM18 or FM17 (I cant remember if cheat worked on FM17, but it certainly worked on FM16 and on other older versions). The same thing happens with the players in the clubs I previously coached. My team was either in the second league or was in the first but level of training facilities were low. When player moves to a club that is from another country or to a club that is from the same country but with better training facilities (or simply a club that i didnt coached), his CA continues to grow beyond 137.
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    Thanks for the detailed information👍 From what you are saying I would suggest this is down to using the cheat We don't recommend or support use of this However try increasing club rep and coaching etc and see what happens If you think it is a bug please report it But I believe this is down to the cheat
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    Would it be possible to get this implemented on the player attributes screen. I know there is a button to add +1 to selected attributes when selecting player roles but sometimes I would prefer to just +1 on a single attribute rather than a group. Another suggestion comes in the shape of player roles when selecting - could we get Carrilero / Mezzala and any other missed role added to the already extensive selection. Many thanks for reading. Fingers crossed this can be implemented.
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    Follow the posting etiquette link in my signature.
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    When you have players/staff frezed, FMRTE is always restoring those players attributes. If you reload your game without closing FMRTE, then FMRTE might try to players attributes, but as the game changed and FMRTE isn't aware, it might corrupt the game, that's why you get some crashes. I'll see if there is anyway to improve this, but to be safe, it's better to close it while the game is reloading
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    would be nice to change it in the editor, i would like to change it after every season
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    Hello For free players there is the option "movetoclub" to put them in my team, very nice option when we take an amateur division club. It would be nice if there is the same option for the free staff, because even by increasing the number of preparers some presidents do not accept the addition of another member. Thank you (sorry for my english i'm french)
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    Seems they just removed it from bug tracker without reply. Hmm Edit: Found the answer in the activity log. Will be fixed next release. So I guess next update it may be good. Thanks
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    Read the linked thread and post accordingly please you need to provide more info and that thread shows you what to provide it cant be any clearer cheers
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    You are not running app as suggested mate run as administrator please thanks for updating the op
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    no probs there is no update mate and the devs will be aware when there is one cheers
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    As I said above if you are doing as suggested in the linked thread and still getting issues report as a bug there was no need to post all that here So if you are getting issues still, then open a bug report, cut and paste from your posts above cheers
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    Simple request really for a quality of life change When updating FMRTE is there any chance to insert the Launch application upon completion tick box often found on these kind of windows? small annoyance i know but every time i update i think to myself i wish that option was there Cheers
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    Nice idea. Fairly simple to add. Only the devs can say for sure.
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    you can just swap them with whom you want to or just try something like making the manager very poor and setting him to dislike his club/staff/ make him unhappy etc etc set staff to dislike him before doing this export his current attributes so you can import those back once he has been sacked/left the club
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    I have submitted a report just add to that 😉
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    I have tagged Braca as you see sure he will reply when free
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    We will look into this thank you for the suggestion 👍
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    Your client area also shows ALL licences you have purchased so Just to clarify DO NOT post on the forums regarding any License issue we cannot assist posts regarding these issues on the forums will be removed etc at the discretion of staff This goes for PM mods too please guys understand we cannot assist re this matter😉 Thank you
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    Go to Frozen Players in the installed FMRTE folder and you can remove the players from there.
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