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    there are several posts in this thread now and no one yes no one has posted what is asked for in the read before posting thread may I suggest re read it.... its pretty simple what to do if you think/or have a possible bug the system in place is designed to be fool proof.... and the information requested is required for a reason now if people feel that they do not have to do this, then that is up to them but dont expect assistance if you cant be bothered to provide the basic and I mean basic information or even submit a bug report cheers
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    edit contract clause "will leave after contract end" or something and he will stop moaning about new contract, less play time, etc. but make sure the player have clause contract
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    What bugs/issues did you encounter: What is your FM version: 19.3.5 What is your FMRTE version: 19 Which operating system are you using: Windows 10 Home FM Version: 19.3.5 FMRTE version: 19.3.5 (I have used the update feature that says I am using the current version) Beta Testing: No FMRTE as Administrator: Yes ****I am not sure whether these crash dump files created by FM19 are what you want or what you need to address this, but the FMRTE application is not what is crashing in this instance. I have attached the crash dumps created by FM19.**** I am attempting to add North America to "Nations Treated as EU" or "Nations Treated as Non-Foreign" for Gibraltar. After I add Continent -> North America to the drop-down on Gibraltar's page in FMRTE and save, I can confirm that it has taken effect; all my players from North America no longer have the red WP indicating that they do not have a Work Permit. The game will allow me to advance normally with no problems. However, if I try to reload a save from before I made the change, FM19 will encounter an error and crash. In my own trial and error, I have discovered that this only happens the very first time you try to load a different save; when I crash out and launch FM19 again, I can load both the save with the edits made and the save from before edits were made with no issues. I can also load the saves back and forth with no issues. I believe I also confirmed that it does not matter whether FMRTE is still opened and hooked in to the application when you attempt to load the older save, as I reiterated the same steps, but closed out of FMRTE before attempting to load the older save and the error persisted. I have attached the second crash dump where I closed out of FMRTE before loading the older save for completion's sake. I have notifications turned on for this post so I will attempt to answer any further questions you may have. FM 2019 v19.3.5.1225655 (2019.07.21 02.22.33).dmp Attachments: 1351448480_FM2019v19.3.5.1225655(2019_07_2101_55.27).dmp
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    @Mr.Gone sorry you are having issues and it will be down to a dev to resolve this. Just wanted to say that your report is superb mate it is articulate and detailed if only all submissions were like this. This should be the template on how to submit a report, many thanks😊 Hope you get a reply soon and your issue is resolved Happy editing
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    Just to add on, further testing has shown that loading a save from before the edits is not the main trigger; the main trigger is trying to exit the current save file. Continued testing has encountered the same crash when quitting to main menu rather than loading a different save.
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    Yes it is a good idea IMO
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    Oh i mean when FM20 will be released and there be a new fmrte, just a tip
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    Define 'rest of Europe' Yes, in Germany and most of the European countries the transfer window usually goes from the 1st of July till the end of August But in some countries (Bosnia, Latvia, Montenegro, Ireland, Iceland, Luxemburg etc.) it goes to the end of July and in others until mid/end of September (Portugal). In Norway it opens at the end of August If you want to have a complete UEFA transfer window you have to edit all countries
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    There is also the FAQs section to look at and the help guides
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    Is it possible to add the missing Preferred Moves in the Preferred Moves section of player? I've noticed "Play the ball out of defence" and "Crosses early" are missing from the Preferred Moves section. My player lost his "Play the ball out of defence" trait when I used fmrte to add a different trait. Another member had mentioned the "issue" a this a while back and the thread got closed.
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    We were on holiday period we are trying our best to catch-up with all the emails we have received meanwhile we will try to get back at you as soon as possible.
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    FYI, for me payment was immediate.
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    On the other side 18 is quite a lot. What do you need ? One 20 coach specialised for every aspect (that's 10) plus a few general coaches With a squad of 25 in the 1st team you have everything on 'light' then
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    Exactly this is the way I solved that topic for all my players (since years now) They don't moan about playing times. They don't moan if you reject transfer offers. They don't moan about too low wages. Just don't forget to renew their contracts every year (manually via FMRTE ;) ) Oh and (looking at the screenshots) his ambition, workrate and professionalism are too low to ever reach his potential.
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    Thank you, I'll have a second look through now. Trying to find the info at 3am might not have been the best choice I could have made. Thanks again.
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    in the FAQs I have explained how to edit league tables you can give a team a - points setting but if you want to do it to a club directly has to be done pre game using advanced rules -
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