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    FMRTE 20.4.1 (Build 30) - Released Download: FMRTE Auto-update or https://www.fmrte.com/download/fmrte20 Changelog Added Support for FM 20.4.1 game version
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    Hi, Sorry that i made a topic in the wrong area, is it possible to change the club vision with the FMRTE? That would be a very nice option to have.
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    I am not a developer mate I am a moderator thats one for the devs
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    This would be a good addition to the app
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    as suggested the 'update' is not to fix the bugs such as the seriously bad ME, its this🙄
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    Hi as per this thread mate👆 also I am not a dev and they will be aware so just sit tight and I am sure they will release something as soon as they can cheers
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    General rules (a) There is to be no talk whatsoever of piracy of any kind in the forum. (b) If you are unsure on any content listed on the forum, contact either greyfox or culturedleftfoot. (c) Do not disrespect, name-call, belittle or post any profanity anyone here on the forums. (d) Do not talk about other real time editors anywhere in the forums. may I suggest PMing each other😉
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    This is great! Thank you very much! I din't know preset manager at all.
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    you could try setting up a preset (which I explain in FAQs) for low CA/PA and then use this on as many regens as you want at a time how to use presets on several players at once is also explained in the FAQs
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    editing an existing player😉
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    if you have read and followed the FMRTE guide-freeze settings, then as the advice given one post above please
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    read and follow please, if using s suggested report a bug
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    not using FMRTE you can change players' names but not clubs/stadiums it may be possible using the real name fix https://sortitoutsi.net/downloads/view/50426/fm2020-licensing-and-real-name-fix-file-v01-for-fm20-beta-awaiting-release or creating your own LNC file https://community.sigames.com/topic/120967-guide-edt-ddt-and-lnc-files/
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    Please post in English use Google translate etc
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    Not possible to create a player you can with pre game editor Have a go at editing an existing player May be issues with changing the name but try it save game before as a back up I have asked previously to add the feature to add people to the DB
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    just use our update at sortitoutsi-https://sortitoutsi.net/downloads/view/50426/fm2020-licensing-and-real-name-fix-file-v01-for-fm20-beta-awaiting-release?page=32#comment_524531
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    see you have submitted a bug report so will close this thread as any reply from devs will be in bug report
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    Hi all I just purchased the latest version of FMRTE for windows. I have created a team in the game editor, but when I use FMRTE and search for them they do not show up in the results. The team is present in the game as when I chose the league I put them in they are present. I don't recall this being an issue before when I've used previous versions of FMRTE so any help would be appreciated.
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    Hi please can you read this and if running app as suggested it may be a bug as it should show up, FMRTE reads all the data loaded in the DB cheers
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    SI has released an updated so the game is now 20.4.1 nothing on their website as to what it is , so isnt anything major probably licensing or something like that please read the OP if new to the forums, and no need for any further posts to say the game has been updated the devs are aware😉
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    You can do this actually. There is a thread that explains how to set the date so the player(s) stay at your club for his entire career. I can't remember what it is called. Edit: Here you go. Found it. It was in the FAQs which is on the forum homepage. https://www.fmrte.com/forums/topic/7866-faq-topics-beta-test/?tab=comments#comment-41263
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    we dont recommend or give support for any values above the max there are threads on this please post in either that suits cheers
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    its been there for a couple of years now
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    should be in there
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    seen this in previous versions where national managers stick to the 'old guard' and dont pick inform/better options even when the experienced incumbents are not performing well thats where the swap national call up via FMRTE is a great option if you think this is a bug however report it to SI 😉
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    I have managed to get it working BraCa. Using your guide "csrutil enable --without debug" does not work. However, if I type in "csrutil disable" into the terminal in Recovery mode, restart my mac and open up both FM and FMRTE it does work and I can edit my FM save. Once I have made the changes I want, I enable SIP in the terminal in Recovery mode. This process works for me now.
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    FMRTE 20.4.0 (Build 29) - Released Download: FMRTE Auto-update or https://www.fmrte.com/download/fmrte20 Changelog Added Support for FM Touch 20.4.0 game version
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    yes it should work fine you just wont be able to get any updates to the product until you go online
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    Thanks culturedleftfoot
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    you can add an embargo individually and IIRC there are options in the -presets - club - finances- may be called embargo or something similar I would pm a Dev or tag here
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    that should work-Occam's Razor (usually the simplest explanation is the best)😉 however sometimes certain rules in comps are hardcoded by SI eg Italy can be very complex as part of the non EU player rules is hardcoded and what should be an easy fix may result in a major rebuild of a whole competition and sometimes isnt worth it (been there and done it) and you need to be experienced/au fait with using advanced rules I am not familiar with the comp mentioned so dont know the full rules in answering the original OP you cant edit competition rules with any IGE it has to be with the pre game editor and if I were you go for @awais0527 tip👍
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    - You can edit the rules with PRE-GAME editor and then you have to start a "NEW GAME" - If you RIGHT NOW want to register more players with foreign nationality, You can just add a new nationality from Relations tab. For Example, If your want to register Messi in Asia CL from your team, just add a new nationality for him, then he wont be counted as foreign national
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    how about the license key
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    Hello, I swapped a staff member (DoF) from my club with another club. It said it was successful however when i checked for the new staff member - even though by searching he showed as being at my club, he wasn't on the staff list. The one that should be gone is still in the list with no job. When i search for the old staff member he comes up as unemployed. I cant hire a new DoF as it states i already have one, even though I don't.
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    What is this about? The last update of FM 2020 for macOS introduced some security changes that prevent tools like FMRTE from accessing the game. Those changes use the macOS System Integrity Protection (https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204899), which is enabled by default in all macOS installations. Why is FMRTE affected by this? System Integrity Protection (SIP) is designed to protect your system from malicious software. One app accessing another app memory can be considered dangerous and is a technique used by some malicious software, as such, if desired, SIP can protect apps against it. On the last update, FM changed and start using this protection, preventing other tools from accessing the game memory. Even though, FMRTE is not malicious at all! it is affected by that protection because it needs to access the FM process in order to read / write changes directly into the game. Is there any solution? At the moment, if you want to use FMRTE in macOS, the only solution available is to partially disable SIP. The part that you need to disable is the debug, that will leave other protections ON and is enough to allow FMRTE to work properly. Is it safe to partialy disable SIP? That's up to you to decide, if you don't know or you are unsure, you can google for ´disable sip safety´ as this topic is discussed a lot in the web, and take your own conclusions. How to turn off System Integrity Protection in macOS We cannot recommend anyone to do this, neither we are able to provide any support if anything goes wrong, please do it at your OWN risk. If you wish to disable the debug part of SIP, follow these steps Click the Apple symbol in the Menu bar. Click Restart… Hold down Command-R to reboot into Recovery Mode. Click Utilities. Select Terminal. Type csrutil enable --without debug Press Return or Enter on your keyboard. Click the Apple symbol in the Menu bar. Click Restart… How to revert those changes Click the Apple symbol in the Menu bar. Click Restart… Hold down Command-R to reboot into Recovery Mode. Click Utilities. Select Terminal. Type csrutil enable Press Return or Enter on your keyboard. Click the Apple symbol in the Menu bar. Click Restart…
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    The process is simple, FMKE takes care of most of the process. Step 1 Open your kit in FMKE Step 2 After you finished editing it, press save (so you can continue your work later) Step 3 Select the `Export to game` option in menu (File -> Export) Step 4 FMKE will export your kit to the game folder Step 5 Run Football Manager 2020 Go to Preferences -> Interface Tick the box ‘Reload skin when confirming changes in Preferences’ Untick the box ‘Use caching to decrease page loading times’ Press Confirm You should see a popup with the following message: ‘Loading image data for the new skin’. Your new kit is now ready to be used
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