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    there is a limit you can spend on wages in sky one and two. the league wont let you spend more, once reach that limit
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    you have answered it yourself really mate there wont be much demand for it out of interest why dont you start a thread asking who wants it with a poll, so devs can see if it warrants considering ?
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    If there were to be a Linux version, we need to show how valuable that would be for the devs, so here's a simple poll to show your support (or not) for a Linux version of the best FM tool 😊
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    I am on the fence to ditch Windows and switch to Linux for good. Last 2 steps are - finishing up last 3 windows-only games in Steam. All the other backlogs are Linux compatible. second one is FMRTE.
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    Hi, @culturedleftfoot. I'm Huang Dian (aka "callme_hd" in SI Community and "飞燕泣残红“ in China), the author of Chinese Language Translation which attached in the previous versions of FMTRE 18. Recently I have realized that there are some new texts & sentences in FMRTE 18, so the old translation version is already out of date. Therefore, I have updated the Simplified Chinese Translation, including the following details: 1. Completely translate all new added contents in FMRTE 18. 2. Fix a few of translation errors in previous version. I hope this new translation file can be used in the next release. Cheers, Dian. ------------------------------ Updated Translation File: chinese.xml
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    There is no pre order of any fmrte products never has been We wont know the situation re any future fmrte product until after fm19 is released and devs have had chance to assess it Any news will be via the devs here in due course after the full game release
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    I've finally switched for good to Ubuntu a few weeks ago and apart from FMRTE and adobe, I've got everything running as good as on W10. I'm a software engineer and Ubuntu is actually sooo much better for devs (Docker in particular), I can't believe I didn't try to switch before. Anyhow, if it helps I could do pre-order of FMRTE19 if a Linux version is planned.
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    workaround is to change the Ai manager contract start and expire date to a future date. he stays at the club no matter what happens
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    yes u change the join date again if you want to player to stay. it don't not affect the player's stat history
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    I have had several Pm's regarding this over the years and there is interest not just here I have seen it discussed on other forums too
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    will close this thread mate as might cause confusion I am voting now
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    Go to the Board page in-game, and you can adjust the slider between wage budget and transfer budget.
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    Look in my signature for the old builds link.
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    i'm from China ,the English...you know i've bought a ifmrte 18 , but the settings can't to set Language i want to know how to change Language thanks ps : i know how to change language on windows
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    Currently, when you search for players the current/potential rating isn't accurate. The current and potential rating is currently taken from the General Rating tab However, the General Rating is based on the assumption that the play is 20/20 for every position. Please can the Current and Potential Rating be based on the Positional Rating tab? That way when I scout for players I can see how good they are for the position they play in a list. Or if anyone here can tell me another work around besides having to look at every player that comes up in the search with 80%+ potential.
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