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    Please can you add the option to edit the preferable side pairing of each player i.e. right or central in three-man pairing, left in two-man pairing, etc.
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    FMRTE 20.4.1 (Build 35) - Released Download: FMRTE Auto-update or https://www.fmrte.com/download/fmrte20 Changelog Added The following Players traits: ‘Crosses early’, ‘Brings ball out of defence’ and ‘Plays Ball with feet’ Fixed An error that could cause a crash after using Clone Center An error when changing a stadium nearby stadium Staff tendencies Searching clubs by division not showing results for subteams An issue in Mass Edit that was preventing the use of negative values for the Inrecement type
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    Thanks @culturedleftfoot! What is your FM version: 20.4.1-1363262(m.e v2040) What is your FMRTE version: FMRTE 20.4.1 (build 35) Are you Beta testing for S.I.- No Are you running FMRTE as administrator- YES First off, I've checked the forum and suggested reading and there hasn't been an answer for this as far as I can see. From the forum linked above, I will attempt to give as much detail as possible regarding my issue. Apologies, there's going to be 7 screenshots in this post. Basically, my issue is that when I try to give one of my amateur/non contract players a part-time or full-time contract using FMRTE, when I set the expiry date, it automatically reverts to 1900 as the expiry year and gives them a month-to-month contract. In my case, I'm using an edited database so I can control clubs down to tier 10 of English football. I thought that may have been the issue, so I tested it out on a team from the main game that are semi-professional, Chorley. This is what I have... So I tried to change one of my players from an amateur contract [1.png] to a part time contract [2.png] (My team is already set to professional status) and when I saved within FMRTE and advanced the game a day my player was on a part time month to month contract with an expired contract [3.png] and can be seen when I refreshed FMRTE [2a.png]. 1.png 2.png 2a.png 3.png Thinking that the issue was to do with the edited database, I tried it with a club from the FM20 original database, Chorley. Semi-professional club in the Vanarama National League North. I chose Brian McManus who was on a non-contract with Chorley [4.png]. I did the same as above [5.png, 6.png, 7.png, 7a.png] and got the exact same result. 4.png 5.png 6.png 7.png 7a.png Is there a reason why the contract expiry date defaults back to 1900? I've noted that if a player has been signed by another team on a part-time contract and you do a club swap or move to club, the contract remains in place and that can be edited successfully. Hopefully that's enough information to do some troubleshooting on the matter, as from my searches around the forum, it is an issue for a number of people. Cheers for your help, Colbarr.
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    Great feature definitely I was just curious about the way it selects the reason as sometimes it chooses some really non-realistic one as in the screenshot above. Most of the time I get "In training" as well. Thanks for your time and reply
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    Hi was just about to update thread you can update players city of birth, but staff you cant I suggest you ask for this in here https://www.fmrte.com/forums/forum/114-suggestions-and-ideas/
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    Tried changing the stages? No need changing for each period, just find the overall table and edit from there. Found it pretty easy when I did it recently, wanted to have the Jong teams relegated out of the Eerste....
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    Yes mate this has been an option for years really. You dont even have to search for the stadium separately it will show in the club info page on the right under stadium so especially if you are wanting to edit other teams stadium just type the club name as its easier especially if you are unsure of what the actual stadium is called😉 I will move this to the main forum as this forum is for feature requests and this is already in FMRTE😉 Happy editing
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    Tried it on this guy and found same issue as you have this looks like a bug so please report when free on the bugs forum just copy your original post to save time and tag me into the thread and let the Devs know I have tested and found the same issue Thanks for the detailed post sorry I am unable to resolve it but looks like a bug mate cheers
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    Hi @colbarr Thanks for your post above that is a textbook post very refreshing indeed mate. Sorry you have this issue I am about to look at a couple of issues in FMRTE I will take a look at this too. just one question with these clubs what status do they have eg amateur/semi pro etc? that may have a bearing on the contracts and are they in playable leagues in your save(I think you said you are using an edited file so I assume they are)
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    can you read the linked thread and post accordingly, this thread is not for FMTRE 20 so post in the main discussion forum when ready cheers
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    no option for cause there isnt in the pre game editor too I have tested adding 10 different injuries to different players and they all show this- being able to add an injury is a great feature of the app IMO
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    users need to read and follow this thread IF they are having issues also I put up details in the FAQs how to edit tables so if you have read that and the above and are following both report as a bug
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    Hi re your first point any changes are just for the current save . If you start a new save/game the unedited DB will be there as normal😉 yes to the export/import feature re the stadium changes that isnt an option unfortunately
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    Hi Re the FAQs they are not downloadable ? https://www.fmrte.com/forums/forum/130-frequently-asked-questions/ did you mean the FMRTE Guide thread? Show me your preset folder in fmrte 20 And take a screenshot of the the values you have changed inside the app in the preset manager What present are you trying to set up exactly? I can help with that Cheers
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    The original poster still hasn't stated if he is using app as suggested So if you are report as a bug
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    the workaround I show in that link does work but it has to be done pre game unfortunately
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    Add a second nationality in the Relation tab.
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    Been playing around with the presets and it is possible to add a custom preset to add an embargo to several clubs now create the preset in preset manager, save it(you may need to exit app or just press load game again for the new preset to load up) use search to find clubs in a nation or use league if you want it more specific then select the teams required/or select all 😉 right click on any of the clubs and your preset options now show, add the embargo and save
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    change the stage level to find the table
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    yes you can change it but as you can see that isnt the issue if you are etting lots of this sounds like a bug in game which you shoulf report to SI for a current save change the players nationality and/or remove any second nationality etc
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    Korean players have to serve military service and it's gonna be good if fmrte provide military service editor
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    isnt available yet but you can do this pre game tick box and select completed or ineligable 😉
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    FMRTE 20.4.1 (Build 35) - Released Download: https://www.fmrte.com/download/ifmrte20 Changelog Added The following Players traits: ‘Crosses early’, ‘Brings ball out of defence’ and ‘Plays Ball with feet’ Fixed Searching clubs by division not showing results for subteams An issue in Mass Edit that was preventing the use of negative values for the Inrecement type
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    Set the attribute in FMRTE in your profile (if you are watching matches) "Man Manadgment" to 25 (not lower), freeze - very important, and save. Set the attribute "Man Manadgment" in the profile of your Assistant (if you use Instant Result) to 25 in FMRTE, freeze, save. It doesn 't fit all tactics, but with Beowulf by Knap you 'll practically stop losing, I don 't know if you can beat with amateur club Chelsea or Liverpool, but you 'll get realistic results and good overachieving. It 's not even quite cheating, you just reduce the level of difficult a little bit. Worked only with Beowulf 4-4-2 20.4.1 by Knap, I 'm not sure about the other tactics.
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    it is clearly stated in the linked thread the information required and why it is needed mate so post that when free cheers
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    tried this? she be exactly what you need it is even called destroy team😉
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    see you have submitted a report heers any reply from the devs will be in bug report so closing this
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    Dont think you can stopt it but I would change the chairman status to the max-10000 also max his loyalty etc, you never know this may stop the sale it might not stop the current sale but on a new game start it may have stopped him accepting a takeover inititially why dont you want the takeover?
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    yeah i've gone foeard a couple of weeks, i'm just at the end of the season so i'll see what happens when it ticks over to the new season and let you know
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    Hi, I currently have a save with Inter in Serie A and have just signed a striker from Brazil. Because of the restrictions of the league you can only bring in one non-EU player per season to register and because of this I can't seem to register him. I have tried a number of different things, changing his nationality, changing parts of his history, register(UEFA) and nothing seems to be working. I couldn't seem to find a thread on this either, was wondering if anyone else has had this issue and if anyone can help. Joe
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    yes cant do any more mate I have shown you the workaround and it took me a bit of trial and error a few years ago to get that to work at one stage you had to re create the whole comp to get it to work 🤯 but nothing can be done in a save unfortunately
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    Hi This is an issue that cant be resolved with an IGE I have tried all ways and it is impossible to resolve in a save. Pre game you can edit the fixture rules and do this too as if you just remove the non -EU rule it is hardcoded so it defaults to 3 if you just delete it , you can see I changed it to 5 you can add as many as you want 😉 Then do this- un-tick this rule👇 you also need to add this to squad selection rules(number of players is down to you if you go more than 😎 you need to edit the other squad rules to accomodate it) Verify changes and in game you get this There was a thread here on this I put it up but its gone I have no idea where it is it was part of the old bug forums which was moved
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    Removing/deleting contract bonuses and clauses with a click "-" in contract page. This would be a great feature to FMRTE. Making this work and be able to use it through Presets and Massedit would be even better! Hope you can add this feature! Thanks! Keep up the good work!
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    I have copied the exact text from the linked thread it is in bold in that thread and hasnt been made any bigger as you suggest the info requested is essential as most issues are caused by users NOT running the app as suggested as someone who does use the app as suggested I have not seen your issue at all, neither have I seen it reported before IIRC. So personally I would look on the SI forums to see if it is a known bug or even report it there as you allude to this could be a bug with the game not the app. I will if I have time take a look when I am there later,if I remember👍 Re FMRTE there is nothing in your OP to say how FMRTE may have caused this issue so at this stage it doesnt look like it is a bug with this app? had you edited anything using the app to potentialy have caused this? and if so were you running the app as suggested? You have massively overreacted here I am the person giving up his time and trying to assist you and just to clarify you give your money to the Devs, myself and Greyfox give our own time and it is unpaid to help here. If I was that way inclined I would have just deleted your thread. I try to resolve many issues on site which I do not have to but I like to help. We dont ask for much but we do expect users to provide the information in that linked thread as a bare minimum.😉 That thread also states any user not providing the info requested can have the thread/post deleted etc just to point out you initially posted in the wrong forum you then created another thread then after being prompted you still havent given all the info requested but I am still trying to help you. cheers
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    Please note the change to the OP particularly for Game Pass Users
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    try moving the game forwrd a day if no change report as a bug
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    FMRTE 20.4.1 (Build 34) - Released Download: FMRTE Auto-update or https://www.fmrte.com/download/fmrte20 Changelog Added Support for FM 20.4.1 (1373994) game version from Xbox Game Pass
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    Thanks, we will see what we can do
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