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    not a problem mate hope that works also worth trying a new save just to see if that helps, I had a couple of bugs not show up after starting a new save 😉
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    I ask SI, but no response. Will try changing skin as well, thanks a lot because the edit seems to help.
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    Yep, I don't get that screen. Wish I did. The edit loan contract seems to work however. Good advice. I wanted to reset the option if possible, but can't find it. Windows 10? No idea what my issue is.
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    domestic clubs it starts at 1 month mate
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    a quick look and the minimum loan is 3 months for me on a test at chelsea
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    Hi Thats something I wasnt aware off. What team/ league? as there may be rules/conditions in game stating the duration Have you edited the loan contract end date using FMRTE as you can set that to be as long as you want I will have a look in a minute to see anything odd going on
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    Here is one I use to keep clubs from selling a player (start date/signed date is in the future) but you could just set up an end date only
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    Just set up a preset mate simple and quick I have put details in FAQ how to set up
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    SI have put something out where they stand on releasing FM21 I suggest users take a quick read, it sounds like the product will be coming out much later than normal, IMO not a bad thing at all. https://community.sigames.com/topic/525843-sports-interactive-and-the-impact-of-covid-19/
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    You can edit future transfers if there are any. Forcing loans is a bit tricky. The simplest way is to edit the manager's tendencies to allow this.
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    Howdy ho! I just discovered that FMRTE changes the tactic during holidaying or instant result games, a bug I previously thought it's FM's fault. I also have a save game that will allow you to easily reproduce the bug, and I am also attaching the FMRTE folder and my Instant Result skin ( it also happens in Holiday mode, but this save was used with IR, so I don't know if holiday messes up the tactic ). The bug is this. 1. Load FM 2. Load save 3. Load FMRTE 4. Check 185 team tactic tab, notice it's fine. 5. Instant result for 1-2-3 games. 6. Check the Tactics tab, notice that the tactic for 185 was changed to a Also, I am not the only one experiencing the issue. Knap, the tactic creator, noticed that FMRTE changes the tactic 2 days ago, with his own save games. As I have already said, I noticed the bug in the spring, but I thought it's FM's fault. https://www.dropbox.com/s/69rhbzd46tmq866/tacticbug.rar?dl=0 Cheers @BraCa
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    Step 7. Retry 1 to 6, but without step 3, loading FMRTE, and you will notice the tactic is fine, doesn't change.
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    Hi to all I have tried doing a few things with this new APP and everything I try either doesnt work or I get error messages Here I have tried putting a badge on the front of the shirt cropped and selected where it should go ends up with just a small empty box as per first screenshot I am trying to get this as a 3d kit- any other users finding issues with this and any input is appreciated
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    Sorry! you were right, it was working for my account but not for others! It should be working now
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    I dont know if the language being different in game to FMRTE is an issue(I doubt it) but try to set game to English too also try to tick these boxes in settings and save try starting a new save game with these settings if the same issue persists report as a bug
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    What is your FM version 20.4.1-1363262 m.e. v2040 steam - original Are you running FMRTE as administrator-YES
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    nothing wrong mate😉 just need the info to assist you I will post it now below
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    just tried in game and looks fine for me
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    read this thread and post the info requested also give more info did you make the changes pre game/or just with FMRTE the figures you want may be beyond the limit ask over at SI for the amounts(when you consider the Bundesliga is probably the highest paying league as below image shows) the game may be adjusting itself as those amounts are way too high??
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    It is certainly doable you would need some knowledge of advanced rules and be prepared for some trial and error As a heads up in continental squad selection rules this is still very buggy via fixture index rules but you can get around it by setting up match day rules not ideal but I can confirm they do work As greyfox says though ask over at SI Will close this thread
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    This can't be done within FMRTE. Only the pre-game editor will work for you. In fact, ask this question on the official FM forums. You will get a better response there, maybe even with a guide on how to do it.
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    @BraCa I submitted a bug report last week on this I had to use the Windows FMRTE Bug forum as explained in the title/report the FMKE Bug report doesnt work- this is what you get can you tell me where the report is and have you any input on this as the APP isnt working for me as it should
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    Hi @Stefan2312, Thank you, it helped, I'll release a new version (build 38) in a few minutes with this issue fixed Cheers
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    Here is todays go this is how it turns out- I can move the position of the image make it bigger/smaller etc etc everytime it just doesnt work
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    You need to do it pre game can't be done with an in game editor
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    Version: FMRTE 20 (Newest): FMRTE 20.4.0 (build 29) Playing Newest Version of Football Manager 20 (Steam): 20.4.0-1356331 Beta Testing: No Using in administrator mode: Yes, have also tried it when not doing so as well (unintentionally). Problem was present in both cases. Also am using most recent Microsoft . NET framework. Issue persisting from last two updates of FMRTE. (Figured I'd wait a bit before asking in case it was in the works) Have verified "integrity" of game files of FM via Steam to boot. Hi, for some reason the editor is making some weird teams within my club that dont exist. It's also shoving out my U23/U18 sides from showing up in the homepage. It' might also be breaking my game files too, causing my staff increases by my owner when approved to be set to zero. I've had staff increases for my U18 side approved at least 3 times and be set to zero each occasion. Edit: Also, my club is professional, so restriction of staff allotted shouldn't be an issue.
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    Hi I see you put 12749, personally I use 12750 and the players seem to keep to top 90 and some even for 100 through the whole match. Depending on added time and extra time of course. The morale I don't tend to change, I think if a players in not up for playing for me I am not going to help him out with a morale boost every match or so. They get sold, an unhappy player tend to make disharmony amongst the squad. This leading to: 11 seasons in, 25 players in my first team, 18 is in my core social group the rest 7 are in the secondary group. All are highly influental or higher. Thus my team fights for each other the match through and are almost never losing a match. 2-3 losses a season at maximum, 5-10 draws, the rest are wins and some by a big margin (6-0 or even up to 12-0) Keeping my match tactics the precisely the same, other manager try tweaking theirs to make it harder and harder by the season. But still I got an upper hand, yet...
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    Ok, now I haven't tried @ksonowal presets. So I speak from my own presets which I posted on the previous page here. On the team selection window the fitness and match shaprness will show up as 1% if you use the one I called 'Superfit', but during the match you will see that the players fitness will keep at 100% until the end of the match. Apart of course if the occurs any injury or so. You got to do it pre team selection, not after progressing from there and not so early that you got a game progression with other matches either. Just before you go to team selection. After match depending on what players you got the ones playing the match will show up as 100/100 and those not playing 1/1. But it will be fine after one progression of the game after this.
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    Set the attribute in FMRTE in your profile (if you are watching matches) "Man Manadgment" to 25 (not lower), freeze - very important, and save. Set the attribute "Man Manadgment" in the profile of your Assistant (if you use Instant Result) to 25 in FMRTE, freeze, save. It doesn 't fit all tactics, but with Beowulf by Knap you 'll practically stop losing, I don 't know if you can beat with amateur club Chelsea or Liverpool, but you 'll get realistic results and good overachieving. It 's not even quite cheating, you just reduce the level of difficult a little bit. Worked only with Beowulf 4-4-2 20.4.1 by Knap, I 'm not sure about the other tactics.
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