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    Go to System Preferences and under the general tab you should see an option to allow you to open the program anyway - do that and it'll run
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    I wait for this option since years already since this hapens in real life quite a lot. Especially in Germany clubs tend to rename their stadium every few years when the sponsor changes. Example here in Hamburg. Volksparkstadion (1953-2001) AOL Arena (2001- 2007) HSH Nordbank Arena (2007 - 2010) Imtech Arena (2010 - 2015) Volksparkstadion (since 2015 cause the current sponsor is not only a sponsor but a supporter of the club since many many years)
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    It would be nice to be able to rename a stadium so it could be named after an iconic player/staff member or sponsor at a future date if required
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    I play on a 4K Monitor and have to resize the FMRTE window every time I start this tool. Can you please give us the possibility (either in the preferences or simply save the window size when saving in FMRTE) to have a user defined fixed size for the FMRTE window so it opens in the user prefered size every time when starting FMRTE ? This is an issue that annoys me since years now. It works with the UI size already which is good I would really really be happy when this gets to life and even pay a buck more
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    Now there is a wage for playing and non playing, as it is now you can only edit the playing wage Also, it would be very nice to be able to edit loan fees, you fixed this recently (thank you) but you can only edit the playing fee not the nonplaying fee. Also future transfer fees, right now you can only edit an optional fee, it would be nice to edit manditory fee, like add a manditory fee. The worst part is, if a player has a manditory fee right now and I go to edit it, it turns it into an optional fee, which is not good.
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    looks like you reported in previous version too
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    It would be great if the option to change a person's job was available- eg Rooney is a player in DB he will become a player/non player and then have a contract as a player/first team coach in January Kompany is player/non player contract player/manager also situations with Petr Cech who is now a non player and DOF This would be a great feature to have added @BraCa @GoBLiN Thanks
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    @BraCa @GoBLiN Please make the Match Preparation screen in FMRTE 19 the same as FMRTE 17. Currently, there is no way to distinguish which tactic the team is fully competent in.
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