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  1. I hope to be able to use this super editor again soon 👍
  2. I understand unfortunately I have not been able to find good data to better balance things while keeping the superman
  3. HEAL_TEAM.json You can use my preset for "Superman" Condition : 12749 MatchSharpness : 12749 Jadeness : 0
  4. another update will probably come out very soon because there seems to be a problem with the multiplayer they are working to fix it
  5. it seems to me that you have to be the host of the game for it to work (I'm not 100% sure)
  6. hello ! have you purchased a license for FMRTE that allows you to save the changes made? if so, do you click correctly on the disk icon in the top left corner after your changes? with me it works fine
  7. have you click on the disk icon to save your changes before moving on to something else?
  8. Yep, it's been like that since FMRTE was created. the isBanned option is present but not possible to program, just like isInjury
  9. Hi all ! Is it possible to create a preset to ban players from a team? or do I have to do it player by player with the new feature ?
  10. @culturedleftfoot great subject and great initiative! I'll try to help you with your tests, starting with "making a player non-transferable" thank you for all these tips
  11. yes I just saw like every year in the features section a big thank to you BraCa and your team ! I buy it since the season 2013 it's just great as a tool
  12. need to buy a license to work? in my client area I have a license number in addition to the ones I already had I do not know where it comes from!
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