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  1. I really love my save game at the moment but I'm five seasons in and I'm getting annoyed that all the great regens are still coming from Europe and South America. I need help, please! Here's what I've edited. I have boosted every African Nation's Youth Rating by 100 and their importance up a step as well. I have one affiliate club in each African Nation and I have boosted my affiliate into a 6000 rep club with 20 for training facilities, youth facilities, junior coaching and youth recruitment. This usually ensures a great flow of quality regens for these Nations. I get very few of
  2. No, it's not a bug - just a change in the latest builds. Braca has explained it above. Excellent service, thanks.
  3. Brilliant as ever, thanks Woody!
  4. I'd like to search for good young players in Africa and edit them upwards. I don't think there's a way to search for players by Continent is there? Would be a great addition.
  5. I've never used this feature before. Can anyone point me towards a help section, please? Many thanks.
  6. Has anyone reported the bug that +/- buttons aren't working properly on Player's 'Information' pages?
  7. Clicking on the 'Very Poor' preset used to change every attribute to 1. It no longer does that. Can I edit that Preset, does anyone know?
  8. We used to have this and it would be great to have it back. Thanks as ever.
  9. Bump! Would love this option on FMRTE. I love keeping influential players as backroom staff after they retire.
  10. Just wanted to add a real big thanks for all the work. I've found every Build to be incredibly stable. I've had three crashes in ten days and they have all been due to known FM issues, not FMRTE issues. I've used FMRTE since longer for a long, long time and this is your best build yet. Well worth the few quid.
  11. Would there be any chance of getting Stadium presets in the Preset Manager? Thanks.
  12. Would there be any chance of getting Stadium presets in the Preset Manager?
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