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    Here you will find guides about how to use some of our many features


    Using FMRTE you have a couple of different strategies to transfer a player from one club to another.
    You can do it by using one of the following features
    Editing an existent Future Transfer Use the 'Move to club' feature Swap one player with another  
    Editing a Future Transfer
    This feature allows you to change an existent transfer, you can change the player that will be transferred, the destination club, and some details about the transfer (for ex, transfer date, amount, etc).
    If you're looking for a realistic way to transfer a player from one club to another, this feature is the one.
    So how can you do it?
    First you need to open FMRTE Future Transfers page, press the  icon.

    This page , shows all of the future transfers waiting to happen in your save.
    You can edit the transfer date, transfer fee, destination club, the actual player, the type of contract, and more.
    There are two check boxes near the bottom
    one for 'show all future transfers' the other for 'show unimportant future transfers'.  
    The show all future transfers is self-explanatory, when selected will show all future transfers
    The show unimportant future transfers shows you only transfers between lower reputation clubs
    Using 'Move to club' feature
    This feature is the quickest way to move a player from one club to another, the move is done immediately after you press 'Save'.
    The only drawback, is that there will be no transfer fee between clubs.
    So let's say we want to move Vinícius Júnior from R.Madrid to Barcelona.
    We select the 'Move to club' tab in Vinícius Júnior player page
    Now we need to select the destination club, to do so, press the  icon.
    A new window will popup for you to search for the destination club.
    After you select the destination club, the 'Move to club' page should look like the following image.
    That's it, press the  icon, and the move is done.
    Using 'Swap players' feature
    Using this feature you can swap two players with each other, one player will move to one club, and the other player will move to the other club.
    For example, you are managing R. Madrid, and you would like to swap Gareth Bale with Lionel Messi.
    Select the 'Swap Players' tab in Gareth Bale player page

    Now we need to select the player to swap with, to do so, press the  icon.
    A new window will popup for you to search for the player.
    After you select the player to swap with, the 'Swap Players' page should look like the following image.
    Press the  icon, to complete the swap.
    Now Gareth Bale plays for Barcelona and Lionel Messi plays for R. Madrid.
    As you can see FMRTE gives you many options to transfer players, now is up to you to select the feature you like the most.

    Advanced search

    This window allows the user to filter any search you perform with different parameters or you can just simply type in something in the search bar and FMRTE will find the matches for you.
    As you can see, the picture below gives you the ability to filter your player search(es) with a range of parameters including wonderkid status, CA and/or PA rating, rep count, and more. The next two pictures are for the staff and club filters each with their own set of parameters.
    How this works is as follows
    Set the parameters by using the arrow keys, typing in the number or name or by ticking checkboxes. Click the Search button. You will be taken to your search filter result in a new tab and the search filter window will close. The same again applies to the staff and club search filters.  

    Player Unavailability

    Now you have more control over players availability (bans, suspensions, holidays, etc) you can make your player available, by removing any restriction, or, you can make a player unavailable, for example, by adding a suspension.
    How to make a player unavailable?
    It's very simple, you just need to press the '+' button (in the Player Unavailability tab).
    By default, FMRTE will add a 3 matches 'Global Ban', that you can easily edit.
    You can make a player unavailable for a specific number of games, of for a specific number of days (not both)
    Scope, what is it?
    Scope defines the type of the unavailability, and affects the type of games for which the player will be unavailable.
    Those are the most common types:
    Global Ban - Player suspension applies to all competitions Competition - Player suspension applies to a single competition Domestic League - Player suspension applies to the domestic league Holidays - Player will be sent to holidays for a specific number of days  
    Let's see it in action

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