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  • Features

    Here you will find guides about how to use some of our many features

    Facepack Installer

    Facepack installer is a new feature built into FMRTE that allows you to easily install facepacks into your game.
    It automatically generates the config.xml file with all the mappings for your players/staff.
    It can also copy the facepack files to the proper folder so that you don't have to do anything
    Before we start, let's answer a few questions
    Where can I get a facepack to install?
    FMRTE does not include any facepack you must download them separately from several FM website, then use FMRTE to install it.
    We suggest you try this ultra-realistic made by fm.zweierkette.de that you can download here:
    Cutout Faces (via Mediafire) Cutout Faces with Kits (via Mediafire) Download Staff Pack (via Mediafire)  
    Does FMRTE support any type of facepack?
    Yes, FMRTE should work just fine with any folder with images
    We also offer support for facepacks made for NewGan where we will apply the faces based on criterias such as ethnicity and nation.
    Is this feature free?
    Yes, you can use this feature in FMRTE for free.
    Facepack Installer features
    In the facepack installer window you can configure a lot of options, that gives you more control over the whole operation

    Facepack Folder - The folder with the facepack that you want to install. Copy to game graphics folder - If enabled FMRTE will try to copy all the files to the proper folder so that you don't have to do it manually. Game graphics Folder - The folder where the facepack will have to be installed Target Persons - Defines to which persons should the facepack be applied to Newgens (players) - The facepack will be applied to newgens Human teams (players) - The facepack will be applied to players that belong to a team controlled by a human All players - All players in the game All staff - All staff members in the game Custom - Allows you to use our Advanced Search filter to filter players / staff by your criterias Mode - Defines what FMRTE will do to the config.xml file if it already exists Override - Override already existent faces mappings Override but preserve missing persons - Override already existent mappings, preserve missing persons Preserve - Keeps already existent faces mappings Allow duplicates - Defines what FMRTE should do if you don't have enough face files.  
    How to use it (step-by-step)
    1. To start, load your game and then press the  to open the Facepack installer
    2. Press the  button and choose the folder with the facepack that you have downloaded.
    3. Make sure that FMRTE was able to load your facepack, it should say something like "Detected Generic/Newgan Compatible facepack with XX faces"
    4. Configure the settings that you want to use (Target Persons, Mode, Allow duplicates)
    5. Press the  button
    Then you just have to wait until FMRTE is creating the config.xml 
    If you selected the Copy to game graphics folder option, then after the config.xml is generated, FMRTE will copy the whole facepack to the FM graphics folder

    When the process is completed, FMRTE will show you a summary of the operation

    The facepack is installed, but the faces doesn't appear in game.
    After you install the facepack, you must clear the cache in Football Manager and reload the skin.

    What are the "Custom Start Date files"?
    The Custom Start File enables you to commence the game after the standard default setup dates, making it perfect for users who wish to start midway through a season.
    Note that Marituas is used as the country for this setup, so if you intend to make that country playable, this file cannot be used.
    Please note that this file is incompatible with any other Custom Start file and should not be shared on other platforms/websites.
    We regularly update this file every week, allowing you to commence the game on the current real-life date.
    Where can I download those file(s)?
    For FM24 you can download it from here
    To find Custom Start Date files for other editions of FM:
    Go to our Downloads section, or press here Search for Custom Start Date Select the files you want to download  
    Are those files for free?
    To get access to our real fixture files, a valid FMRTE license is required, which can be for any version of FMRTE.
    For instance, if you possess a license for FMRTE 22, you can still download our real fixture files for FM24.
    I've got the file(s), now how can I install them?
    To install our files, please refer to the instructions provided here
    After you have successfully installed the files, follow the following steps to use the Custom Start Date
    Step 1 - Ensure that you have enabled the Custom Start Date editor file

    Step 2 - Press the Add/Remove Leagues button

    Step 3 - Select the "FMRTE Custom Start Date" fake Nation

    Step 4 - Select the Custom Start Date
    Press the Game Start Date Dropdown, and select a start date from the FMRTE Custom Start Date fake Nation

    Do you still have some questions, or something is not working?
    We've set up a dedicated topic for this subject where you can pose any questions you may have.

    So you've got some pregame editor files that you want to install into your Football Manager.
    If you don't know how to install them, just follow these steps
    Step 1 - If you download a compressed file (zip, rar, .7z, etc)
    If you downloaded a compressed file (archive) first, you must extract them, before continuing, otherwise it won't work.
    On the other hand, if the download file is not compressed (ends on .fmf) you are good to go to the next step.
    Step 2 - Copy files to the Football Manager editor data folder
    Open File Explorer Go to your Documents folder Open the "Sports Interactive" folder Open the "Football Manager 20XX" folder (where XX is your game edition, example, 24) Open the "editor data" folder (if it doesn't exist, just create it) Copy the files to the "editor data" folder  

    Open Finder Click Go from the menubar and select “Go to Folder” Copy in the following: ~/Library/Application Support/Sports Interactive/ Open the "Football Manager 20XX" folder (where XX is your game edition, example, 24) Open the "editor data” folder (if it doesn't exist, just create it) Move the downloaded files into the ”editor data" folder  
    Step 3 - Open the game and start a new career


    Step 4 - Open the game and start a new career
    Press the dropdown on the top right corner.
    It will open a window with all the files in your edited data folder now displayed (if files do not show here you have placed them in the wrong folder)

    Now  select the file(s) you want to load to start a new save game with, tick the ones you want to use

    What are the "Real fixtures files"?
    Our files contain actual fixtures and results that enable you to initiate a new gaming session with real-life schedules and results, providing a highly realistic gaming experience.
    Where can I download those file(s)?
    You can download them directly from here (you can select your game database by choosing the proper Subcategories on the right of the page)
    We offer files for 38 major nations. Simply go to our Downloads section, search for the nations you're interested in, and download the corresponding files.
    Are those files for free?
    To get access to our real fixture files, a valid FMRTE license is required, which can be for any version of FMRTE.
    For instance, if you possess a license for FMRTE 22, you can still download our real fixture files for FM24.
    I've got the file(s), now how can I install them?
    To install our files, please refer to the instructions provided here
    We recommend starting the game using the original game mode.

    Do you still have some questions, or something is not working?
    We've set up a dedicated topic for this subject where you can pose any questions you may have.
    I've installed those file(s), how can I change the start date?
    To take full advantage of the real-life results, you can also download our Custom Start Date file.
    You can read more about it here

    Editing Fixtures

    To know more about this Stages / Fixtures or to view the FAQ click here
    Depending on the selected stage (League, Cup, or Group), FMRTE might allow you to edit fixtures home and away teams, as well the stadium and substitution rules.
    If a fixture is for a game that was already played, FMRTE will allow you to edit the game result, but please not, that editing the game result, won't affect the 3D match details, neither any other match or player stats.
    Example 1 - League Stage Fixture Editing
    For a League stage, you can easily change fixtures for each match/round, making it easy for you to arrange fixtures as you wish, for example, to make them equal to the fixtures in real life.

    Example 2 - Fixture Editing for a Cup stage
    For a Cup stage, editing fixtures is more limited since you can only edit the stadium and substitution rules.

    You cannot change the Home / Away team directly in the Fixture, as you can do for League / Group stages.
    T edit a Home / Away team in a Cup Stage, you must edit the Tie, in the Ties tab.


    FMRTE 23 - Build 17, brings a new Experimental Feature, that gives you a lot of more power when editing competitions.

    It is now possible to edit competitions fixtures, ties, and move teams between groups.
    In this series of guides, we will cover the following topics
    Editing Fixtures Editing Ties (soon) Groups Editing (soon)  
    Frequently aasked Questions (FAQs)
    Q: Why is this called an Experimental Feature?
    A: This feature is very complex, and it's very hard to test all possible scenarios, as such, we decided to make the feature available as Experiemental.
    This way we can gather some feedback from our users and try to fix any bugs that might exist.
    In the worst case scenario, we might end up removing the feature, if we verify that it's not stable enough.
    Q: I can't see the new `Stages / Fixtures` tab, how do I enable this feature?
    A: You need to Enable Experimental Features in FMRTE Settings, to do so, follow these steps:
    Open FMRTE Settings Check the Enable Experimental Features checkbox Press the Save button  
    Q: I've made some changes, and now my savegame is broken, how can I fix it?
    A: You can't. Before using this feature, you must make a backup of your savegame, in case something goes wrong.
    Q: I've made some changes on a competition, and now the competition is stuck, what can I do?
    A: You need to restore your savegame backup, and then report a bug in our Bug Tracker , make sure you describe step-by-step what you edited. 
    Q: What happens if I edit the fixture result for a game that was already played?
    A: We are not sure the impact of such change, it might help to change the agg in KO stages, but it was never tested.
    We are altough, sure that it won't update the 3D match details, neither any other match or player stats.
    Q: Group Stage - If a team is qualified to the next round, can I swap it with another team?
    A: FMRTE does not know if teams are qualified or not, so, it will allow you to swap team in that scenario.
    Please be aware, that once a team is qualified, team swap won't have any practical effect (besides changing the group)
    Q: Cup Stage - A team was qualified for the next round but I've changed the fixture result to make that team lose the game, but the team still qualified, what happened?
    A: Changing a fixture result when one of the teams is already qualified won't have any effect.

    Steam deck support

    Steam deck support is currently in an Experimental Stage, if you play Football Manager 2023 in your steam deck, give it a try, it's easy
    1- Run Steam Deck in Desktop Mode
    Press the Steam Button, then select Power Select Switch to Desktop Wait for your Steam Deck to switch to Desktop mode  
    2- Download FMRTE 23 for Steam Deck from here
    3- Extract the zip file and then run the file named "FmrteAvalonia


    Presets and Preset Manager

    Presets are an awesome feature built-in FMRTE, that allows you to easily define a set of actions to be applied against Players, Clubs, Staff members, etc.
    You can create your own Presets or edit those that come with the editor, to do so, you need to use our Preset Manager ()
    Preset Manager

    Creating new presets, editing existent ones, can be done in our Preset Manager.
    For FMRTE 22, Presets have been revamped, to make them easier to use. Now Presets Categories plays an important role, as they define where those presets will be visible, for example in Players / Staff / Gamer / Club Teams pages.
    Presets can also be reordered (within a Category) by pressing the Up/Down arrow buttons.

    A single Preset can execute multiple actions, like for example:
    Change Player Condition to 10000 Remove Player injury ...  
    When adding an Action, the Target type and the Action type must be selected (as well other properties that vary based on those selections).
    Those are the available action types:
    Change Property Value To change an attribute from one value to another.
    Example: Change Player Condition to 10000 You can define an absolute value, or increment/decrement the current value, to do so, just type "+" or "-" before the value.
    Eample: +1000 Execute Custom Action If you want to execute custom actions, such as: Register player for UEFA Squad Registration .... Add Injury As the name suggests, this one, allows you to add an injury to a player(s)  
    Presets Categories
    FMRTE comes with a set of pre-built Categories (Players, Gamer, Staff) that can be used to create custom presets. But it's also possible to create new Categories.
    All presets under those built-in categories, will be visible in pages such as: Information, Clubs players / staff lists.
    For example, when viewing a Player Information Page, all presets under the Player category will be visible (even custom presets), making them easily accessible and to use.

    With FMRTE 20 you can easily customize the appearance of your stadium!
    You can decide if all of your stands are to be used, the capacity, if they are covered, etc.
    Note: Changes made to the 3D appearance will be visible from the next game
    Customizing each stand

    These are the options that are editable per stand:
    Capacity - The capacity of the stand Has roof - If set the stand will be covered Has seats - If set the stand will have seats Has tunnel - If set it will add the locking rooms access tunnel  
    Some examples

    `Montilivi` stadium before being edited with FMRTE.
    Example 1 - Remove behind goal stands

    With FMRTE set behind goal stands capacity to `0`.
    This will remove them from the 3D.

    This is how the stadium looks like after changing the behind goal stands capacity to `0`
    Example 2 - Add stands to two corners


    With FMRTE set the capacity of the top corners to any value greater than `0`.
    This is how the stadium looks like after applying the last changes

    How to add 3D kits into game

    The process is simple, FMKE takes care of most of the process.
    Step 1
    Open your kit in FMKE
    Step 2
    After you finished editing it, press save (so you can continue your work later)
    Step 3
    Select the `Export to game` option in menu (File -> Export)
    Step 4
    FMKE will export your kit to the game folder
    Step 5
    Run Football Manager 2020 / 2021 Go to Preferences -> Interface Press Reset -> Clear Cache Press Reload Skin Press Confirm  
    You should see a popup with the following message: ‘Loading image data for the new skin’. 
    Your new kit is now ready to be used

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