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  • Editing Competition Stages / Fixtures

    FMRTE 23 - Build 17, brings a new Experimental Feature, that gives you a lot of more power when editing competitions.




    It is now possible to edit competitions fixtures, ties, and move teams between groups.

    In this series of guides, we will cover the following topics



    1. Editing Fixtures
    2. Editing Ties (soon)
    3. Groups Editing (soon)


    Frequently aasked Questions (FAQs)

    Q: Why is this called an Experimental Feature?

    A: This feature is very complex, and it's very hard to test all possible scenarios, as such, we decided to make the feature available as Experiemental.

    This way we can gather some feedback from our users and try to fix any bugs that might exist.

    In the worst case scenario, we might end up removing the feature, if we verify that it's not stable enough.


    Q: I can't see the new `Stages / Fixtures` tab, how do I enable this feature?

    A: You need to Enable Experimental Features in FMRTE Settings, to do so, follow these steps:

    1. Open FMRTE Settings
    2. Check the Enable Experimental Features checkbox
    3. Press the Save button


    Q: I've made some changes, and now my savegame is broken, how can I fix it?

    A: You can't. Before using this feature, you must make a backup of your savegame, in case something goes wrong.


    Q: I've made some changes on a competition, and now the competition is stuck, what can I do?

    A: You need to restore your savegame backup, and then report a bug in our Bug Tracker , make sure you describe step-by-step what you edited. 


    Q: What happens if I edit the fixture result for a game that was already played?

    A: We are not sure the impact of such change, it might help to change the agg in KO stages, but it was never tested.
    We are altough, sure that it won't update the 3D match details, neither any other match or player stats.


    Q: Group Stage - If a team is qualified to the next round, can I swap it with another team?

    A: FMRTE does not know if teams are qualified or not, so, it will allow you to swap team in that scenario.

    Please be aware, that once a team is qualified, team swap won't have any practical effect (besides changing the group)


    Q: Cup Stage - A team was qualified for the next round but I've changed the fixture result to make that team lose the game, but the team still qualified, what happened?

    A: Changing a fixture result when one of the teams is already qualified won't have any effect.

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