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  1. read the FAQs I have explained there how to remove Brexit 😉 https://www.fmrte.com/forums/forum/130-frequently-asked-questions/
  2. I am not a Dev mate I tagged Braca into the thread
  3. closing thread hope you get a resolution in the bug thread soon
  4. The Devs should have that best bet is to directly contact them via your client area and raising a support ticket. Below is link to the old versions but nothing there for current one(FM20) Cant see why we cant leave links up to older builds of current version in the download section I will tag @BraCa see what can be done regarding that. cheers
  5. any reply by devs will be in the bug report so closing this😉 cheers
  6. You have already reported the issue in bug forum any reply from Devs will be there Cheers
  7. I will show Manu Utd as they have set grounds for their reserves etc
  8. The only way to change the stadium in the app is via the main information page and that is something I havent used in theory it is can be done to the U19 etc so for users info -
  9. not a problem if new to the product have a read of the FAQs etc when free may be some tips in there you are not aware of 😉
  10. read this mate as you will get a reply quicker via client area
  11. changed days in country to 609 saved and moved game forward a few days then checked In game it doesnt change even with game continued - Also eligibility bug changed Wales to have 2 years to gain nationality
  12. in particular these 2 options so we can edit them to be more realistic eg -Bosz playing style is mostly attacking(sometimes too gung ho😁) standard it aint😉 and he tends to want to play with the ball on the ground not go vertical
  13. You have posted a suggestion about the product not the forums so I will move it to correct one
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