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  1. culturedleftfoot

    preset manager

    if users have further comments to add to this thread just PM a mod and we can reopen it but please note a bug report has been submitted so dev feedback will be there cheers
  2. culturedleftfoot

    preset manager

    Closing thread the answer has been given and exact same question is 1 thread below cheers
  3. culturedleftfoot

    IsInjured Preset

    Bug report submitted will close thread Pm a mod if you want to reopen Any updates from the developers will be in the bug report
  4. culturedleftfoot

    preset manager

    Moving to correct forum Read the post one below its the same topic in future use search function
  5. culturedleftfoot

    [19] - IsInjured Not Working Properly

    can confirm the preset for adding an injury doesnt work correctly the same issue is there when you try to create a preset for being banned (I don't think there is options for the length of days is available so it doesnt work)
  6. culturedleftfoot

    IsInjured Preset

    He probably didnt report as a bug mate it happens a lot users are asked to do it and they just dont bother just make a report cut and paste from these threads to make it easier for you, thanks for your post detailed and clear cheers
  7. culturedleftfoot

    IsInjured Preset

    it seems to be bugged as per my reply above I would add to the bug report if the initial user did create one, if not create one in the bugs forum in the meantime you can add individual player injuries which is a great new feature
  8. culturedleftfoot

    Closing Tabs

    yes agree +1
  9. culturedleftfoot

    How many people can use a license?

    @burzumist as I suggested earlier and just to clarify the license is for one person only you are not allowed to share with anyone if anyone has any doubt fully read the link to end-user license https://www.fmrte.com/eula/
  10. culturedleftfoot

    Can't freeze fitness

    Closing thread the answer has been given and user has added to bug thread but not updated here as to what browser he was using etc if users have further comments to add to this thread just PM a mod and we can reopen it cheers
  11. culturedleftfoot

    Can't freeze fitness

    there is also a thread in bugs forum stating freeze settings are not working so you can add to that its on page 2 of bugs forum
  12. culturedleftfoot

    Can't freeze fitness

    have you tried a different browser and cleared cache of current browser you are using? Which browser is it ? we need to know so any issues can be addressed accordingly cheers
  13. culturedleftfoot

    Can't freeze fitness

    try to restart browser /clear cache or use a different browser to view the site no issue for me on chrome as per earlier screenshot loading as it should
  14. culturedleftfoot

    How many people can use a license?

    the license is valid for this version ie FMRTE 19 if you use another version (older or when a new version comes out ie FMRTE 20 etc) you will need a new license for each other version you use max use is 3 times but to get an activation back when you exceed the max you just have to deactivate it from one of the devices eg I just did another home build desktop and I deactivated FMRTE on my old device and when I installed on new one it counts as only 1 use on my license you can find details in your client area to keep track of them
  15. culturedleftfoot

    Can't freeze fitness

    you answer the question correctly

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