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  1. in the FAQs I have explained how to edit league tables you can give a team a - points setting but if you want to do it to a club directly has to be done pre game using advanced rules -
  2. you need to state the exact versions of game/fmrte you are using
  3. it is clear what to do it is fool proof mate I also put these sticky threads up to save users time and hassle so you are contacting the devs directly as they deal with ALL licensing issues, the process is clear at no time does it says PM a mod...we cannot assist. There is no need for any licensing issue to be posted on the forums at all. closing thread
  4. Licensing issues are not bugs or can be resolved on the forums the only way to resolve the issue is via your client area and submitting a support ticket. To clarify once again us moderators cannot assist with any licensing issues, follow the information below only. Do not post on the forums, this is a simple and clear processes. what on the hell is not clear about this???- @fzg19920930
  5. Ok cheers but report as a bug for devs
  6. It says what to do in the OP what is unclear about it?
  7. its something I never really use but when I have tried it to see (going back many versions) it has not worked in game to get a definitive answer from a mod report as a possible bug
  8. contact support via your client area
  9. You can't with an IGE you have to do it pre game via advanced rules It's easy to do
  10. 1. yes its a real time editor 2.you can edit the finances directly yourself with the app so doesnt matter who is in charge of finances but you can also edit the owner to have high resources/ be a sugar daddy etc etc before you purchase read the FAQ s here I have put a lot on info to help users there is also the guide thread etc
  11. yep thats why I put them there glad it helped🙂
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