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  1. SI do not allow discussions of FMRTE on their forums- warnings/bans and threads have been removed that have in the past as said by PM if you have features you would like added to the app use the feature request thread personally I see no harm in saying something like- ''please can a future transfer option be added if possible as per the official IGE where transfer fees take place to any player we want , rather than having to edit a current other player's transfer as we have to do now'' cheers
  2. will check later I dont think it can do what you want perhaps put a suggestion in for future features
  3. General rules (a) There is to be no talk whatsoever of piracy of any kind in the forum. (b) If you are unsure on any content listed on the forum, contact either greyfox or culturedleftfoot. (c) Do not disrespect, name-call, belittle or post any profanity anyone here on the forums. (d) Do not talk about other real time editors anywhere in the forums. may I suggest PMing each other😉
  4. seeing posts popping up once again on licensing matters read and follow this
  5. Great thanks Will close this as any reply from the Devs will be in bug thread
  6. This was an issue in previous versions Please submit a bug report Copy and paste your op to save time Cheers
  7. yes its a great feature hope it suites your needs here😉
  8. you could try setting up a preset (which I explain in FAQs) for low CA/PA and then use this on as many regens as you want at a time how to use presets on several players at once is also explained in the FAQs
  9. user been on forums today, no update or bug report submitted so closing thread
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