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  1. quickest and easiest way just add another human manager in game take over the England job then retire him straight away then just edit Southgate so FA wont re- appoint[never seen a nation re- appoint a manager after I have done this anyway]
  2. go to settings- use freezer settings to set up what is 'frozen' and what isnt then savein app
  3. now search for a club or a league/clubs based in a nation etc etc from the result select the club/s you want to edit [it is explained in FAQ how to mass edit several players same concept for teams] right click on mouse and the option to use a preset that is club/team related is displayed select the one you want then save
  4. those are pre loaded custom presets, you are looking in the wrong part it is there as your first image showed
  5. I just had a test and it doesnt seem to increase the price of match day ticket in game I have reported this a bug in previous versions I also dont see the option to edit the price of season tickets in FMRTE 21
  6. Hi no other way as I see to swap you need someone to swap with so as a workaround try adding another human manager in game to the club with no staff and then swap with the manager you want there
  7. you have posted in the 3D Kit forum so I will move to correct forum read this and post accordingly
  8. so its showing now in the app ?
  9. @David Rooney where did you put the preset which folder[its easily done to put it into the wrong version as if like me you have many versions of FMRTE on your C drive] show a screenshot and did you re start FMRTE as the app sometimes needs to reload for the downloaded preset to show in the options
  10. yep it works fine you can transfer all/most presets over to from different versions of FMRTE there are some options I do not fully understand[as there are few preset options that do not work] so I have a play around to see what can be done and its interesting to see what is possible now😉
  11. The above preset I loaded[3 posts above] to share works fine still in full fat version of the Game FMRTE presets- shouldnt matter what game version you use I dont use FMT to check https://gyazo.com/f58bfd50ea1190d7fbb15f92cac19faa
  12. 1. Gyazo not a requirement dont know how you think that 2.You still havent said if you are running app as suggested ..If you are report as a bug and copy posts from here to save time
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