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  1. Hi same to you and thanks for your kind words Your issue is game related/official pre game editor so take a read of this guide I set up to get started https://sortitoutsi.net/content/57138/how-to-access-advanced-rules Any issues ask on that forum😉 I can help you there if you need it
  2. not for me load time is as normal, super fast 1 to 2 seconds
  3. the message states you do not have the saved game running yet? make sure the saved game is loaded in FM21 then start FMRTE and run as suggested if it still doesnt load I would uninstall/reinstall FMRTE just copy your license key its in your client area
  4. if you are asking can you edit continental qualification places using FMRTE that is not possible
  5. I just tried that link with no issues at all what browser are you using I am using google chrome try restarting the system if still getting issues tag Braca
  6. https://www.fmrte.com/forums/topic/6695-read-before-posting/
  7. some features that were working in previous versions arent currently available in FMRTE 21 only the Devs could state the full list but some are reported eg swap staff and they are being looked at
  8. that rule can be found in the pre game editor using advanced rules, either remove the wage cap or edit it you cant use any in game editor to edit these rules directly as a workaround I would suggest editing the players contract directly to reduce them dramatically
  9. this is the suggestion forum to request features to be added to future FMRTE versions I will move to correct forum
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