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  1. culturedleftfoot

    I want to edit staff birthplace.

    no problem
  2. culturedleftfoot

    I want to edit staff birthplace.

    I cant answer on their behalf all I can say is they have implemented some of the requests from last year, not all are possible you ask as you have done this is the correct place👍 no need to do more
  3. culturedleftfoot

    FM19.3.0 update due out soon

    It is coming up to the time of year when SI will release their major update/patch and the game version will be -19.3.0. So take action now to stop your game updating until you want it to..i.e. after FMRTE is patched😉 The current version of FMRTE will be incompatible until the devs get a patch out for those who did not follow the tips as outlined on the site in the forum rules so I will outline again below. Steam (top left) > Go Offline > Restart in Offline Mode Besides the above method to stop FM from updating, there is another method that you can do. Backup the following folder (x = yearly release i.e. 2016, 2017, etc) to another location, however make sure you have enough disk space as this file can be large. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager x To revert back to the previous version, just copy and paste this folder back into the location that you copied it from, overwriting the current folder. This method has worked in previous FM versions, however this may change in the future as either Steam or SI can change the way the game is installed to prevent this method from happening.  All users who participate in the SI beta testing option after the full game release will not be able to use FMRTE on their saves as the public/Dev team here do not have access to these builds. This option is used to test fixes for SI for future releases and may never be released to the public. Support is not given for these builds. The Dev team WILL BE aware and working on an update and information will be posted here in due course. In the meantime keep any posts about it in this thread and within the rules NB The time taken answering posts asking things like when is the patch coming out etc delays the actual release of the update. There are to be NO NEW THREADS/POSTS asking where is FMRTE? how long until FMRTE is released? or similar posts, otherwise you will be given a posting ban. keep all posts about the release in here
  4. culturedleftfoot

    Changing a players name

    bug report has been submitted so closing thread
  5. culturedleftfoot

    New Features and tips to share

    a FAQ forum is being constructed and will be up and running as soon as we can get everything sorted out
  6. culturedleftfoot

    Bad cup draw - possible to change?

    closing thread answer given if you have further input PM a mod to reopen cheers
  7. culturedleftfoot

    I want to edit staff birthplace.

    only the devs can answer this
  8. culturedleftfoot

    Dark Theme Fmrte 19

    closing thread matter resolved
  9. culturedleftfoot

    [18] - Staff Advised Limits

    this has been an issue in previous versions too iirc and not all bugs can be fixed easily frustrating for all concerned😉
  10. culturedleftfoot

    Dark Theme Fmrte 19

    You weren't saving? we have all been there mate 😊
  11. culturedleftfoot

    Dark Theme Fmrte 19

    Have to wait until OP confirms this But it is the most likely explanation 😉
  12. culturedleftfoot

    Dark Theme Fmrte 19

    Could be what version ? I have tried the current version, works fine Did you save the change?
  13. culturedleftfoot


    You need to update to the latest version of the game and fmrte?
  14. culturedleftfoot

    Move Player

    closing thread matter resolved
  15. culturedleftfoot

    Move Player

    ok thanks for the update in future please post as required, the linked thread is really clear what to do cheers

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