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  1. I would say its the end date you want? experiment see what happens I havent used it some features in preset are not active and only a dev could give you a full explanation as to what is fully working etc
  2. perhaps a bug report should be submitted so the devs can be made aware
  3. no it cant I am afraid, FMRTE can remove transfer bans though
  4. my google authenticator isnt working otherwise I would have done itπŸ˜‰
  5. thats all you need to do is right click run as administrator you can run app without doing this, but it has caused issues with some features only a dev could explain why this is the case
  6. Not possible with an ige you need to use pre game editor
  7. From Braca- @culturedleftfoot just to clarify, we won't release an update FMRTE for each BETA version that SI might release. If we/when we are planing to release an update (for ex, to fix some bugs), if there is a public BETA version available, we MIGHT add support for it
  8. here is explanation from devs re this so users on the Beta this doesnt mean every game beta update will get patched by the devs here If you have any questions you need to ask the devs as previously us Mods cannot assist cheers
  9. ok thats good to know as I am get PMs/threads started etc on this issue and need to be in the loop to provide the right info to users perhaps the FAQs/rules need tweaking to reflect your reply above cheers
  10. So fmrte is now being updated to work with the beta game version? In that case the FAQs etc need updating as we are giving out conflicting information
  11. Fmrte has been updated to the latest game patch 20.2.4 build 21 with some fixes and update too for public beta of game
  12. The devs/us will not have access to this database and you need to contact Steam/SI to enter out and back on to the general DB if you want to use FMRTE There is no support here for users who enter IN to beta testing for SI, this is clearly stated in the forum rules
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