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  1. Try to add more rep to the clubs
  2. or you can use fitness cheat 15000 and use TFF waste time tactic you will win and draw some games maybe lose 1 or 2 but you will score 1/2/3 goals per game and conceed only a few goals per season. You can change mentality if you wanna win to caution but its a enjoyable game to play.
  3. Another thing that makes me win more games is put CA the same number as PA so you put your team in full potential. And you will overachive.
  4. Im still winning for 5-0 7-0 probably my tactic is too ofensive i need to search for another tactic for realistic results even with fitness preset
  5. Do you have realistic results? Or use a more defensive style
  6. Oh im sorry didn't catch that one.
  7. Good afternoon mate! Do you forgot to send de set?
  8. Do you have realistic results with that set?
  9. Can you share that preset to see the values?
  10. If you use a standard tactic and put 12749 or 12500 i think you got the point
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