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    FMRTE 19.1.3 (Build 11) - RELEASED Download: FMRTE Auto-update or https://www.fmrte.com/download/fmrte19 Added Support for FM 19.1.3 game version
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    Would it be possible to edit league rules, maximum amount of foreigners and the like? As well as to edit which nations are treated as non-foreign/UE, right now only agreements can be added/edited.
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    FMRTE 18.1.2 (Build 10) - Released Download: FMRTE Auto-Update or http://www.fmrte.com/download/fmrte18 Changelog Added Support for FM 18.1.2 game version 'Will Leave at the end of Contract' contract clause
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    Got a little fed up with all the one post wonders who put a little hate post asking why their product hasn't been updated and then claim it's a week since the update (rather than a few days) and as a member who can figure out how to work around the steam updates (got caught once) can I just say that the speed of movement for such an excellent product is amazing. So feel free peeps to add your appreciation below. All one post wonders welcome
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    FMRTE 14.1.4 (build 12) - RELEASED Changelog (build 12): Fixed saving changes issues caused by previous build
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    Is it possible to add the missing Preferred Moves in the Preferred Moves section of player? I've noticed "Play the ball out of defence" and "Crosses early" are missing from the Preferred Moves section. My player lost his "Play the ball out of defence" trait when I used fmrte to add a different trait. Another member had mentioned the "issue" a this a while back and the thread got closed.
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    You are right guys we are working on the new version of FMRTE stay tuned as always
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    once again you staff work the ass out of yourself to put in a quick update for all the "fools" that do not put Steam offline, and all the others of us, who now can update the game, and continue to use the best ingame editor available.
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    Please be patient. The devs will respond and release as soon as possible.
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    So, who else is refreshing their screens every 5-10 minutes? ha ha
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    FMRTE 19.2.2 (Build 24) - RELEASED Download: FMRTE Auto-update or https://www.fmrte.com/download/fmrte19 Changelog Added Support for FM 19.2.2 game version
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    FMRTE 19.1.4 (Build 14) - Released Download: FMRTE Auto-update or https://www.fmrte.com/download/fmrte19 Added Support for FM Touch 19.1.4 game version
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    SI have released an update 18.3.3 we are aware of this the new version of FMRTE will be released ASAP! Meanwhile if possible avoid using steam in online mode to avoid the update so you can continue to use FMRTE
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    FMRTE 18.1.3 (Build 14) - Released Download: FMRTE Auto-Update or http://www.fmrte.com/download/fmrte18 Changelog Added 5-2-3 WB Tactic Fixed Officials not being loaded properly
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    Is it possible to make the option to change a stadium name? It's annoying when the club builds a new stadium and the game gives it an idiotic name like Clubname Stadium
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    I will take a break until... tomorrow as I still have to update the mac version, after that I will take a break for sure
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    The devs are hoping for the weekend, but please do not spout this to the whole world as it is not definitive. When the devs are ready, they will release it as soon as possible.
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    god news for many people - 5 euro is cheap for a program there is unique
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    FMRTE 19.3.2 (Build 31) - RELEASED Download: FMRTE Auto-update or https://www.fmrte.com/download/fmrte19 Changelog Added Support for FM 19.3.2 game version Support for FM Touch 19.3.1 game version
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    I am on the fence to ditch Windows and switch to Linux for good. Last 2 steps are - finishing up last 3 windows-only games in Steam. All the other backlogs are Linux compatible. second one is FMRTE.
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    @BraCa Thank you so much for this! Your work is fully appreciated!
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    no probs these codes I have used just to see what happens, it has always intrigued me how/what happens when you push the boundaries like this be aware some of the high end cheat codes can cause crashes it varies and from the recent feedback it might be pretty good now I personally do not want to use them as it makes the game pointless to me if you are winning every game and easily but not going to criticize anyone who does use them we all buy the game/app and should use it as we want and its great for those who found this out to share with the community
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    FMRTE 17.3.1 (Build 17) - Released Download: FMRTE Auto-update or http://www.fmrte.com/download/fmrte17 Changelog Added Support for 17.3.1 game version
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    Any news on touch version date/time?
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    It is done just update your FMRTE and enjoy!
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    Hi please make sure you are running FMRTE as Administrator (right click on FMRTE icon select "Run as Administrator") this is the most common issue for the behavior you are describing.
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    The information i have is that for now it will stay as it is
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    Hello, It bothers me that there was a little Update today from SI, and now FMRTE doesn't work for 15.3.1 , please fix this problem and, of course, many thanks in advance
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    No worries Nah, this was a first in a while. It it happens again, then we shall see
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    The devs said this weekend so today or tomorrow.
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    Thing is you have a simple option... DONT buy it if he is going to charge for it, SI games is a bloody joke, imagine havin to pay for what should be part of the game anyway and tbh this version of FM is really just an update to existing software so who is robbing who... I am grateful to the the guy who made FMRTE, we are lucky we live in a relative free world where you can chose to pay for it or not...
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    for all the folks who don't know how to create/edit presets, here are some ready-made ones. go on...ruin your life. btw it ain't my fault that the earlier presets got deleted. blame the one who keeps changing the forum layout every bloody hour without backing up the attachments. EPO.xml Superman.xml
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