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    Check this link for details about an experiment on youth intake. https://community.sigames.com/topic/463026-oc-experiment-investigating-the-factors-behind-a-youth-intake-and-the-countries-with-the-most-potential/

    second nation

    Me too 😃 It never occurred to me to give them British nationality as I have always been saying second nationality, second nationality.


    Just the youth rating does not impact your youth intake. There are other factors too. You can get detailed explanations over at the official FM forum. A link is in my signature. Maybe you need to advance in-game a day or two? Maybe at the end of the season? Test it out and see what happens. Back up your save first before you do any changes.
  4. As far as I am aware, you can't. You can create new affiliations that may produce different nationalities. This might be hard-coded by SI.

    second nation

    For those instances, just change the primary nationality. Or is it not as simple as that?

    second nation

    No problem.

    second nation

    Second Nationality in the Relations tab.
  8. Read the Licenses section in the forum rules.
  9. So does that mean all future newly generated fixtures will use the new stadium?
  10. Hi. As far as I know you can use FMRTE if you are not the host. I believe it is down to if the host has allowed use of an editor when creating the save. You can ask the host which is not wise or you can try the software on the save.
  11. Maybe the change will take affect during off-season?
  12. There might be if the squad is empty. Lower that number and see what happens.
  13. All licensing issues are to be reported through your client area.
  14. I believe it is possible, but I am not aware of how to do it. You can either wait for an answer here or ask over on the official FM forums.
  15. Read the posting etiquette link in my signature.
  16. Have you checked the Staff page of your club? You can also find a link to your profile in the Favourites drop down menu at the top.
  17. Ah right. Well...you can just deactivate the software online prior to installing any updates for 10. You can choose when to download and install updates for 10 so this can be a solution. Thank you for the heads up. Maybe this is the reason why it is happening in 7 too? I guess we will never know as support for 7 stops in April 2020.
  18. Interesting. Is this the same for 7 too? I assume you do not have build 39 installed? How is FMRTE registered and not registsred at the same time?
  19. Give him a second nationality, problem solved!!!
  20. No need as the build should be out today. The bug is a major one so I am sure the developers will want to fix it urgently.
  21. If you are using build 37 which I presume you are, then it has been reported as non working. The developers are aware of it and will release a fix asap. https://www.fmrte.com/forums/topic/8005-19-won039t-load-won039t-start/
  22. This bug has already been raised -> link. If possible, add an error.log as the developers are asking for it.
  23. Hello. I don't think this is possible as there is no FMRTE mobile. You are welcome to try as the software is free to download and use with limitations.
  24. I think you are supposed to press the Enter key after typing in the search bar.
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