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  1. Hi. Take a look at the posting etiquette link in my signature and adjust your post accordingly.
  2. Hi. Have you tried your client area? Also, your email inbox should have the key.
  3. Hello. Did you advance in-game a day or two?
  4. Are you using the software in admin mode? Try saving each change one at a time and see if the game crashes. Maybe one of the features is not working properly.
  5. Contact support through your client area regarding licenses.
  6. I concur this too. This year is full of bugs, but despite them, it is still usable.


    It does take a while for my save to be loaded into the software, but I can cope with it. It takes up to five seconds for me, but I am fine with it. It is longer for you?
  8. You can't setup transfers within FMRTE, but you can edit transfers. Transfer list the players and eventually clubs will bid for them. You can get quicker results through raising their CA/PA and reputations.
  9. Afaik you can't edit these roles. In order for these to be editable, SI first have to code them into the game with the usual headers i.e. Overview, Relations, History, etc. Including any attributes that are linked to PR.
  10. You need to elaborate more.
  11. At the moment, only transfer fee is editable. You can suggest this in the Suggestions and Ideas forum.
  12. Ah right. You will need to contact support through your client area regarding this.
  13. What happens after clicking Next? Did you restart the software after activation?
  14. What is your FM localisation? Are you in the SI beta testing team?
  15. Have a look at the posting etiquette link in my signature.
  16. This is not possible in FMRTE. The exact CA can be found in the pre-game editor though. Have a look over at the SI forums as there is a chart that shows how many CA points each attribute takes.
  17. Hello. This is not a bug. Which activation method are you using?
  18. Yes, you adjust the CA on the bottom left corner of the player's profile page.
  19. Well...when you re-activate the software, your activation count should not be affected as you are still on the same system and the same install. Contact support through your client area and explain your situation then you can go from there.


    The FAQs can be found on the homepage.
  21. It might do, Ambition might play a part too. When you clear any unhappiness, you need to save the change and advance in-game to see the effect.
  22. As far as I am aware, this is not normal. Did you deactivate the software before the update?


    You can find your answer in the FAQs.
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