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  1. GoBLiN

    [19] - pc format

    Can you elaborate on your issue? What error message are you receiving? What version of FMRTE are you running? What version of FM are you running? Can you upload the error.log file located on your FMRTE installation folder? Thanks
  2. GoBLiN

    FMRTE 19 for Windows

    FM was updated (19.1.5) as usual try to avoid this update until the new version of FMRTE is released 😉
  3. GoBLiN

    FMRTE 19 for Windows

    thats good news 😪
  4. GoBLiN

    [19] - Homegrown in Belgium

    This seems in fact an issue with the game there are several reports, on the SI forum in the League Specific Issues, multiple reports of players that should be recognized as HomeGrown by default in the game such Nany Dimata, Stephane Omeonga etc that are not! You can follow the discussion in here: https://community.sigames.com/topic/448258-belgium-official-league-specific-issues/ There are some reports that although the HGN icon is not visible they are still able to register players, can anyone confirm this? We are still trying to find a fix for this maybe we can come up with something but for now this is were we are
  5. GoBLiN

    [19] - Move to Club error

    The dialog texts will be fixed on the next version Build 10
  6. GoBLiN

    [19] - Column reload does not work

    We are working on this feature, not forgotten
  7. GoBLiN

    [19] - player hair style/skin color

    Exactly we have come to this conclusion to, at the moment we are waiting for it to be solved in game so that then we can see if actually exists a problem with FMRTE itself
  8. GoBLiN

    FMRTE 19 for Windows

    Due to FMRTE nature and the way its core "engine" work it is normal for Anti-Virus flag it as malware, as long as your download was made from our website it is most likely a false positive. An alternative is to simple download and install the new version.
  9. GoBLiN

    FMRTE 19 for Windows

    New version (19.1.2) of FMRTE (Build 9) is now available trough Auto-update Go to Settings Menu Click on "Check for Updates" Button Or run de update.exe on your FMRTE installation folder.
  10. GoBLiN

    FMRTE 19 for Windows

    You are right guys we are working on the new version of FMRTE stay tuned as always
  11. GoBLiN

    [19] - Homegrown in Belgium

    Thank you guys for the feedback we will look into this
  12. GoBLiN

    FMRTE 19 for Windows

    You need to run FMRTE as Administrator right click on the FMRTE icon and select "Run as Administrator" this should fix your problem
  13. GoBLiN

    [19] - Number of coaches modification

    This issue was addressed on Build 4, we have made a few tests here we leave the results: FMRTE before edit: Staff before edit: FMRTE after the edit: Staff after the edit: Can you give us an example were this is not working so we can try to replicate and fix the issue?
  14. GoBLiN

    [19] - Homegrown in Belgium

    Hi were are you guys validating the Home Grown Status? I made a simple test with Ivan Santini from Anderlecht:
  15. GoBLiN

    [19] - Freeze stats not working

    When you restart FMRTE and load the game on the Freezer Manager what do you see? Does the players you froze are on the list? Can you send us the Error.log file located on your FMRTE installation folder, also can you tell us the content of your "Frozen Players" folder?

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