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  1. Hi. Downloading the software works for me. I am on Windows. Try downloading the Windows build. See if that stop you too.
  2. They do need tweaking after this announcement. It will be done asap.
  3. Possibly. Only the devs can say for definitive. I have moved your thread to the relevant forum.
  4. Hi. That is not possible as the freezer is only for players and I think staff too.


    Follow the posting etiquette link in my signature.
  6. Hi. Check my signature for a link to the old builds.
  7. Nice idea. Fairly simple to add. Only the devs can say for sure.
  8. Which problem? Are you referring to the new update? You can check the official FM forum. New updates are posted there.
  9. Hi. I am sure that is already there unless it has been turned off in FMRTE 20. This is in FMRTE 19. I don't have FM 20 yet so I can only base my response on FMRTE 19.
  10. The devs are always aware of new updates.
  11. Moved to correct sub forum.
  12. I had an hunch that you wanted it done automatically, but I figured I would wait to see if that is what you are referring to. It is not a dream, it depends on whether it can be done and I believe it can be. Only the devs can say for definite if it can be done.
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