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  1. Let me be clear!!! No asking where is the update? How long until the update is released? or similar. There will be repercussions.
  2. There are many factors that go into this. You can decrease his CA/PA, reputation, add Dislike Person in the nation's Relations tab, expire his contract, etc.
  3. https://www.fmrte.com/forums/topic/6695-read-before-posting/
  4. Here is a new guide for FMRTE. It has been updated to include more information and pictures. It covers the core features such as Mass Edit, Search Filters, Wonder Kid Generator, and more. If you have any feedback and/or suggestions, post them in here. There are some areas that need further explanations and clarifications. FMRTE Guide.pdf
  5. You can mention the name of the real time editor here and there, and maybe a little bit after that but any more is not allowed. Continuous discussion is not allowed either. They have their own forum for that which should be discussed there.
  6. https://www.fmrte.com/forums/forum/130-frequently-asked-questions/
  7. I don't think the tab to do what you are asking is there, but I could be wrong. I do remember it being there in previous versions, but I am not sure about FMRTE 20 or 21. Maybe have a look on the Stadium page?!
  8. Hi. Read this below. It might explain the rating for you.
  9. Ok. You don't really need to request the board to improve the youth facilities. You can simply edit the values on the home page in FMRTE for your club. You should see fields like Youth Recruitment, Training Facilities, Corporate Facilities, etc.
  10. Hi. Why is the start date after the completion date, literally? This makes no sense.
  11. Hi. You can find them in the first post of this thread. I can even access the builds outside of the forums.
  12. I guess it would only be visible once the board has agreed to the work. It should be in the stadium's profile page. I do not have FM 21 yet so I can't say for sure.
  13. Not yet. It will arrive as soon as possible.
  14. FM v21.3 is out. Do not ask anything regards it. The developers are aware of it. https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/548954-football-manager-213-main-winter-update-out-now/
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