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  1. 😆 I know what you mean. 1) Are the subs near 100%? 2) Have you tried restarting the game? 3) Are you using any add-ons? 4) Have you used SI's in-game editor?
  2. And what does the software state regarding this? Post a screen.
  3. Press the Control key and click the players you want, then right-click the selected players and click Edit if it is there. Or you can just double-click each player and they are added as a tab.
  4. If I think you mean what I think you mean, you press 'Select All' from the Team page. That will bring up the tabs.
  5. Maybe increasing his Professionalism and Ambition will work? Try Temperament too. You can recommend a staff role in his Interaction page, providing the option is there.
  6. Nope, sorry. This is not possible in FMRTE. I am confident the pre-game editor can do this.
  7. How did you change the u23s stadium?
  8. Moved to correct forum. There is no stadium editor here. Ask this in the official FM forums. You might have a better response or better luck there.
  9. https://www.fmrte.com/forums/topic/7826-all-licensepurchasing-issues-read-and-follow-client-areasupport-tickets/
  10. Moved to correct forum.
  11. Show some patience. The moderators are not always available. They do have lives outside the forums. Regarding your question, there is not much the moderators can do regarding the client area. The section is maintained by the developers/owners. Only they respond to tickets. You need to exercise some patience and someone will response as soon as possible.
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