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  1. Can you specify which changes you did?
  2. Use the Squad Registration relation in the Relations tab. Make sure you input the team too. Go to their profile and untick the star in the top right corner, at least I think the star is there.
  3. You have your answer so this thread is now closed.

    CA/PA changes

    CA changes the attributes, not the other way around. CA increases or decreases the attributes. There is no guide here, but head over to the official FM forums for in-depth information on CA and PA.
  5. 1) This is not possible with FMRTE. 2) You can use the Swap Club feature to do this, but this option can corrupt your save. 3) This can't be done as far as I know.
  6. I assume you mean taking control of an actual manager i.e. Jurgen Klopp himself? You mean the Swap Club feature? I don't think you can do this. I am sure you can edit the manager's preferred formations and tendencies to mimic the tactics you want them to have.
  7. Making all countries part of the EU will be difficult as most countries are not even in Europe. To combat this, you can add a second nationality in the Relations tab or you can change the primary nationality. Making all countries part of the EU could break your save. Regarding working for another database, this is unknown. If the database is available to use, give it a go. You will not break the game this way.
  8. Yep, that is exactly what Aduasen is referring to. But for staff not players.
  9. The bug tracker is now situated at the top of the homepage in the blue header bar. Click the title to see your relevant bug tracker. Thank you.
  10. The bug tracker for macOS is now at the top of the homepage. It is situated in the blue header bar. Click the title to see your relevant bug tracker. Thank you.
  11. I second this. Just like player roles, this is needed.
  12. OK. I have moved this thread to the correct location. Please update the initial post with the posting etiquette in my signature.
  13. Maybe you are exceeding the threshold hence why FM crashed? Are you playing FM 19?
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