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  1. Really strange. There is an error code so one of the devs will investigate and fix asap.
  2. The FAQs are visible for all to see, even guests. Maybe one of the devs can look into it. Post a screenshot of the error message. @BraCa @GoBLiN
  3. Oh. Let me check. Edit: I have had a look and the settings are ok. I have even logged out of the forums and checked this way too and I can see the FAQs. Try clearing your browser cookies and cache.
  4. You can do this actually. There is a thread that explains how to set the date so the player(s) stay at your club for his entire career. I can't remember what it is called. Edit: Here you go. Found it. It was in the FAQs which is on the forum homepage. https://www.fmrte.com/forums/topic/7866-faq-topics-beta-test/?tab=comments#comment-41263
  5. I believe it is the approximate value that the AI will bid up to OR the highest value the club will set the asking price to. To be honest, I do not really bother with it as it has no bearing on how I play FM. Only the developers can clarify what it actually means/is used for.
  6. All licensing questions and issues are to be reported through your client area. The moderators do not have access to this information. To answer your question, you deactivate your key within the software before you update the OS. That is if you have control on updating the OS. Having a deactivate button in the client area is a good idea, but as to how it can be implemented is down to the developers/owners. Not every one goes into their client area as we say to just deactivate within the software. You can suggest this in the appropriate forum if you wish.
  7. Match preparation is for your team's tactical familiarity. Just slide the bar left or right to increase or decrease the value.
  8. Hi. Is that number fixed? I thought you could have as many as you like?
  9. Thank you for the update and confirmation.
  10. Try holidaying to see if this is true. Backup your save beforehand.
  11. This is a weird one. FMRTE should work whether you are connected to the net or not. Maybe there is a background process causing this?
  12. Your version is supported by FMRTE. Have you tried reloading?
  13. Some of you may not know, SI will release two transfer updates this year. The reason is that the China and Russia transfer windows does not close until 28th Feb. So there is a strong chance we will have to wait until March for the second transfer update. SI could even release a third update for any missed data. As usual, read and follow under the Software header in the forum rules. Any who do not will be dealt with at a moderator's discretion.
  14. I know. I was referring to 20.2.4 which was a small update to the match engine not the main winter update that we all are waiting for.
  15. Do you have net framework installed? That is needed for it to work.
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