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  1. Rather than waiting for a response, how about checking the terms and conditions of Steam? Or maybe the FAQs?

    Work Permits

    This is already covered in the FAQs which can be found on the homepage.
  3. I don't think this is in the software.
  4. Rather than deleting it, change it to something that you want to appear. See if that works.
  5. I am sure Second Nationality is in effect after you advance in-game. Have you tried advancing in-game a day or two?
  6. This is not a bug. Moved to correct forum. Post screenshots of both player profiles and their contracts.

    [19] - Contract bug

    Bug already reported -> https://www.fmrte.com/forums/topic/8179-19-contract-bug/
  8. You need to elaborate more on what you are asking.
  9. I second this. This has been requested for many years.


    Hi. It is self-explanatory to be blunt. You destroy the team by lowering their match sharpness/fitness, physical condition, morale, etc and increase their jadedness and other factors. I guess morale is affected too?
  11. You can download some builds for FMRTE 2010. A link to it is in my signature. Regarding FM Genie Scout, you will need to ask in their forum.
  12. According to the changelog, it does. Build 47 onwards are functional with the Microsoft version. Check the FMRTE 19 Downloads page for yourself.
  13. Exactly what I do. But the op is talking about scouts, not coaches.
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