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    FMRTE for macOS This version of FMRTE was designed to work with FM 20.2.0 Changelog Build 15 Added Support for 20.2.0 game version Build 14 Added Ability to filter staff in secondary teams (U19, U23 …) Some missing club loan types Clubs transfer embargo reason An option to Swap Staff, that gives you more control about what job you want to swap Fixed Mass Edit - OffTheBall not working properly Players Days in Country Build 13 Added Support for 20.1.4 game version Fixed Players ratings not appearing in search results An issue with changing players wage through Mass Edit Build 11 Added Support for 20.1.3 game version Build 10 Added Support for 20.1.2 game version Build 9 Added Ability to filter staff by team in Advanced Search window Ability to search players that had trained at a specific club or nation Fixed Some UI glitches in Advanced Search window Advanced Search EU National option Move to club feature Build 8 Added Support for 20.1.0 game version Build 7 Added Support for 20.0.4 game version Build 6 Added Support for Chinese, Korean an Thai languages Missing staff attributes in Mass Edit Fixed An issue when using the Swap Staff feature Build 5 Added Support for 20.0.3 game version Build 4 Added Support for 20.0.2 game version Supported Versions Football Manager 2020 - 20.2.0 () Football Manager 2020 - 20.1.4 (1318683) Football Manager 2020 - 20.1.3 (1317497) Football Manager 2020 - 20.1.2 (1316421) Football Manager 2020 - 20.1.0 (1313242) Football Manager Touch 2020 - 20.1.4 (1318685) Football Manager Touch 2020 - 20.1.3 (1317495) Football Manager Touch 2020 - 20.1.2 (1316421) Football Manager Touch 2020 - 20.1.0 (1313419)
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