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  1. Can anyone tell me what the solution is ?.... No hurry... i an playing Pes and Star trek online ATM....
  2. I changed some stats for a player, moved to another player, then wanted to add something for the first player, and it had reverted to what it was.. no change.. and yes.. i froze them after the change... I must be doing something wrong... even though i used FMRTE for years. It is started as admin.. so i am at a loss.. Can someone enlighten me ?.....
  3. The build in editor is not worth any money. They should give that away with the game, or not make it at all.. if they can only manage such a lousy job... it sucks monkey balls... Not many options, and you try to make em freeze... i couldnt do it. I got the money to buy them both.. so i wanted to see what the fuzz was it all about.... Well;..The ones that say they wont buy FMRTE and buy the ingame editor instead... exactly get what they deserve... That lousy piece of shite software is NO compettion at all for Braca's seriously superior editor... Noff saId. RD
  4. RFA/RelicDuDe

    FMRTE 2014

    Maybe this is already asked, but i couldnt find it in the search function, so i will ask anyway. ... Feel ree to delete this post if inapropriate. All i wanted to know, is..... Are there any plans to make FMRTE for the 2014 version of the game ?. I just downloaded the beta of it, and it wont take long now until its oficially released. I do not have to tell you that i would like that very much, but i suppose its all up to Braca... Just a friendly question. RD.
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