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  1. Hi there, Having issues with financial fairplay at the moment. I give myself a billion quid via fmrte and then something happens where the board transfer money to another account and the next minute i'm making a loss of 800 million even though i havent bought anyone haha. Would there be a way to add a button on fmrte which will allow you to pass financial fairplay? i.e. it'll modify the finances to what is needed to pass? I have no idea if thats possible or not! Thanks anyway
  2. Has something changed with financial fair play on FM? Every year I give myself a billion pounds and spend hundreds of millions on players. I then go back to FMRTE and put myself back to a billion. No harm and I pass financial fairplay and enjoy the champions league. Now this year done the same trick and.....i've been banned from european competition! Has FM changed rules or something? The champions of the EPL don't qualify but 5th placed Man Utd did....haha argh! I have given myself a ton of sponsorship money and removed loan debts. What has changed exactly? I literally used to spend 400 million quid and then use frmte to give me the same amount back. I don't get why last year it worked and this year i'm banned and it hasnt worked at all!
  3. Most of the features are working but i also get "Feature is not available" when i use the make wonderkid and then try to save. However i've then checked and it did save the player! So it appears the message is popping up but it is working
  4. My word! i hadnt come to the forum for a few days as i didnt expect this to be so quick! Braca is a legend! Thank you!
  5. Hello all, Any idea if we can change world cup hosts or if its something that could be added in future?? As i type this Qatar have just lost the world cup in 2022 to argentina so thats something at least! Btw many thanks again Braca your tool makes FM so much better. Many thanks!
  6. hello friend i dont think it does restrict the community when the gaffer has already given us an update?
  7. what? Braca is the software developer. He's a genius ie the man whos developing the software we are literally waiting for Braca has told the mods to stop idiots asking the same generic question which is already answered in the first topic on this post? What is wrong with you?
  8. im thinking friday my friends. give braca some room we should do a post where we all explain our games and who we have picked and what we have done with the editor !
  9. To the mods- great job so far tidying everything up. Just an observation it seems a lot of people who keep asking about fmrte have English as a second language so that may be why its happening. I may be wrong but thats just what im thinking! So i dont think theyre at fault technically
  10. Braca has some great Beta testers so it usually only lasts 2-3 days testing? So would i pay extra to test for 2 or 3 days? Yeah probably? but im also quite happy waiting for bracas fine testers to work it as theyre exceptional. If we waited about 4 weeks as they tested it then id say definitely yes. but as i said its usually very quick. So whats the point?
  11. id love to know what people use FMRTE for? Personally i love: 1) giving myself a billion quid. Its not as easy as it sounds as you have all the money in the world but still the top players dont want to go to you unless youre a top club... 2) Being able to give a player the wages he wants without bouncing back and forth and then being rejected as you cant offer enough 3) giving random lower league clubs a billion pounds to see what they do with it. Watching random lower league clubs starting to build up is quite remarkable to see. I gave tranmere a billion pounds and they did their stadium up and slowly but surely over about 15 years got to the champions league! 4) randomly swapping players about - i put lionel messi into the llandudno teams squad. i raised llandudnos reputation and the welsh league. lionel remained happy at just winning the welsh league each year and getting into the quarters of the champions league.
  12. Ha im off work greyfox and i am doing that. Trying to tell myself i should have it before the weekend at least so as to not build up my hopes too much!
  13. haha yes im the same as you. I wouldnt have as many hours either without the genius of Braca!
  14. Sounds interesting! Please do. Ha yes lots of people refreshing on here for news haha
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