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  1. Howdy all. Hope yiu're all doing well! Anyway to edit the co-efficients so rig how many qualification places a country gets for europe? I'm fairly certain there is not but just checking!
  2. Happy new year all! Hope you all had a good time. FM21 and FMRTE 21 saved me quite a lot of boring nights. Saw FM21 got updated and then i checked FMRTE had within an hour or so so excellent work again Braca. The only annoying bug is with FM itself....my Llandudno FC team are dominating europe and i keep getting insulting transfer offers from big teams! Thankfully i've managed to use FMRTE to build Llandudnos reputation to avoid the players getting too peeved off! Hope everyone's games are going good!
  3. Superb work Braca! everything is working perfectly!
  4. Aye. I keep an eye on it a few games before the end of the season too and just make very small points deductions and then "destroy the team" on fmrte as well to get a team losing and then relegated which i want down haha. much safer!
  5. Reported a bug about the favourites drop down being corrupted in the bug forum. Says "Langr" and "affolati" rather than the club i'm manging or my own profile. Tried to translate what it means but no luck haha. Langr and affolati appear to be two very poor players which makes the mystery even more interesting! Anyway ive reported it and included the screen shot Everything else appears fine for me so i can just search for my team and access it that way! Thanks again Braca for the turn around to the new patch!
  6. Howdy all, Since the latest update my favourites are no longer there for quick access to my team (Llandudno fc in the welsh premier) or my national side i'm managing (Wales). It comes up with Langr and then affolati? Shows up as czech but doesnt give me the meaning! They appear as very poor 22 year old players and a 54 year old player! Thanks for all your work again
  7. As culturedleftfoot says editing the league table can be risky after the season is over....from my experience once a team has been relegated, or qualifies for playoffs or gets promoted it becomes "hard coded" so even if you change the league position and modify the number of points if a team has an "R" next to them in the league table they're still getting relegated no matter what you do! I've had incidents where i've literally shut down english football by modifying a league table after teams were hard coded as relegated. for example instead of 3 teams going down 4 went down and it b
  8. Any reason why i'd be playing european games at my new stadium i edited to be my home stadium but for some reason dont play my league home games there? Its certainly worked well to allow my european home games there but i just didnt know there was a different edit for league home games? I'm pretty sure this isnt a bug report but probably something i'm not aware of why its happened ha
  9. The "Exception has been thrown by the target of the invocation" on fmrte was indeed my PC being messed up. Seen a few posts about it on google. Definitely not an fmrte bug....glad to report i'm now back up and running with fmrte and fm after a full windows 10 install which only took about 45 mins to do. Had to restart a new game but just relieved to get back up and running!
  10. I cannot load up FMRTE and i get an error message "Exception has been thrown by the target of the invocation". The error is from my end as i have issues with my net framework. Is there any work around? ive tried sfc and dmis scans through command prompt but no joy! it doesnt get much advice then i google the error message!
  11. Hi all. When i try to launch FMRTE i get "exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation". I've had some issues with my computer and done some scans etc. Everything is now working as it should but fmrte (which was working then everything else wasnt....) is now giving me this error message. i know its not fmrtes fault as i've tried installing fmrte 20 again to check and thats now also giving me the same error message. Any ideas whats causing it?
  12. Hi all Having issues with my PC so its probably that but i can't seem to launch FMRTE even then i run it as an administrator. I'm getting "exception has been thrown by target of an invocation". Tried uninstalling and removing it etc.
  13. Quick post on here! You're always on the ball!
  14. Making a player wonderkid needs a position and duty? Never seen this before. Its fine and it works ive just never seen it before and i wonder what the main difference is to last year then you just clicked the button? i assume its making a player more of a "wonderkid" to their specific position rather than just being in general a wonderkid ?
  15. Hi all. fmrte is working perfectly for me with what I use it for. I am looking into maybe using my own presets this year. I've googled a few "superman" presets. From what i've seen is player condition and match fitness being the two main atributes. I've set player condition to 1250 as anything higher apparently can cause issues? i can't seem to find match fitness to set it mind. has it been renamed? The thread i'm reading is from a few years back! Any other advice on presets ? Cheers!
  16. Everything works moving forward. i'm 2 months in. current things not working as i found last year didnt. "view current screen in fmrte" i believe that is expected though based on previous experience.
  17. Done some basic things like give a team a billion pounds, made another club professional, increased a clubs stadiums capacity and made a club owner 105 in order to try and force him to sell up.... All working beautifully. Havent moved into swap player territory yet etc
  18. Ohh i've remember i'll need to get that again. is it on sortitoutsi?
  19. hahahahhathat tickled me that! Just need the tracksuit pants and the green jumper
  20. What does everyone think of FM21 so far? Did anyone notice an issue with uploading your picture to generate your managers face? I'm a white guy just in advance....i uploaded my picture and did all the things correctly and was generated as a black guy. i tried to change the skin colour manually but it didnt change anything. changed to a "random" face and it was a white manager and then uploaded my picture again and i'm a black guy again! i decided to just use it anyway as I actually look pretty snazzy. Other than that the game is running nice and fast. Gone unemployed to see what jobs I get
  21. As always braca legendary work. Great to hear you're working on this years edition. how the years fly by!
  22. Makes sense to me! Going to be a curious FM first season overall
  23. Graphics? As in players pictures? I never use them! But i certainly use sortitoutsi! those are legends!
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