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Found 298 results

  1. StevePVFC

    Changing a players name

    Hi. When I try and change a players name I click on the search icon and type in a few letters and search. But it’s barely giving me any options to change to. Even the name Smith won’t appear. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance. Running the most up to date version of game and FMRTE 19.2.2 and I’ve tried running at as admin.
  2. Alex Kokhnover

    Bad cup draw - possible to change?

    Can you edit/switch bad cup draw? I am playing against Barcelona in the first leg...
  3. Staffman

    Dark Theme Fmrte 19

    hey all when i go into settings and choose the dark theme option nothing is happening its just staying on the white version is this a bug?
  4. Narvask

    Move Player

    I want to move some non signed youth to my team. I pick the player, pick move to and fill club in a mine but nothing happens
  5. awais0527


    Hello, In Older Version we could create presets and put players Unique ID in it and RUN it through Favoriutes - FMRTE - Run Preset Like shown in this thread: I have been trying to create Preset for 5 Players but cant get it to run, it applies to everyone in the team. I just dont want to do it manually for 5 players before every game. Could you please look in to this?
  6. Hello, title says it all really. I can't find any mention of my under 23 or under 18 staff allocations anywhere, both in FMRTE or in game itself. I've tried different skins in game as a potential fix but I'm lost for other things to try now. Any ideas on what to try?
  7. Marcus K.

    Crash upon launch

    Hi, trying to run FMRTE 19 (latest, of course as Administrator, but the app crashes every time I launch it. The window goes blank and I get the "FMRTE19 has stopped working. Looking for a solution" message from Windows (7) with "cancel" as the only option to close the error window. I've installed the most recent version of .NET Framework, 4.7.2 and have a plethora of Visual C++ Redestributables. I've also tried to repair some of those installations: some worked, some returned another error. I suspect there's a conflict with some of those Visual C++ thingies, as FMRTE19 does launch correctly on a Virtual Machine with only .NET and two C++ versions installed. So, which versions, if any, are required for FMRTE to actually work? BTW, older FMRTE return the same error...
  8. I played yesterday, i have the first version of Football Manager 2019, havent needed to update and havent of course updated FMRTE 19, it said not to update if i dont update Football Manager 2019. Today when i start FMRTE 19 it asks me to buy a license, i allready payed for it once and havent missused it. How can FMRTE correct this?
  9. Can't use future transfer function , regular display both player already have a future transfer
  10. ancastanheira

    Choose Second National Team

    Hello, I am playing a game, where I am managing a club and a national team. There are a few players that are both Portuguese and Angolan, and they have not played for Portugal yet. Where in fmrte I can change so that when I try to call them to the Angola National Team they will accept that option instead of waiting for the Portuguese national team. Is possible? thank you
  11. Hello everybody, my name is Cristian and is my first post here. I play FM 2019 and at the time of playing the 3D match, all the managers are bald. My question is, will there be any way to change hair and skin manager with FMRITE? I tried in-game editor and didn't work. Thank you very much and sorry for my english. Regards!
  12. SANDRO30

    Cannot Download E/C 2D161/2

    Hi all, Have never had an issue with past FMRTE files. However whenever I go to download FMRTE19 its coming up Error Code 2D161/2 and that 'we could not locate the file you are trying to view'. Sorry if I have missed something or if I am in the wrong place. I have also purchased the subscription to activate as well. Thanks
  13. Silvia

    Cannot Download E/C 2D161/2

    I've already payed for the editor and when i try to download it, there is a screen appeared whic says Sorry, there is a problem We could not locate the item you are trying to view. Error code: 2D161/2
  14. Lenny PL

    Free Players

    Hi, I use the latest version of FM19 and FMRTE and when I swap free player he is in my team but he still has free agent status and I can't change contract in FMRTE or release him from FM
  15. wkdsoul

    Preset - Contract Type

    I wanted to create a preset to change the "Contract Type" to all Full Time, the contract vallue used to be '1' on the previous FMRTE, doesnt seem to work this year. Is there a new value or am i missing something?
  16. dusgns0719


    I forgot the FMRTE19 license. So I went and there was an error in the client area. "Sorry, there is a problem Error listing licenses Error code: 4FMR200/2" Please fix it.
  17. Fabio Sartori

    Referee - FMRTE doesn't work

    Hi, i'm Fabio from Piacenza, Italy. I tried to change the attributes of referees (ORSATO, ROCCHI ecc ecc) but FMRTE does't work. Is it a bug?
  18. Add player or club to favorites gives an error message. It still gets added to favorites though. Seems it doesn't have any effect. Aesthetics only. error.log
  19. PODSY12345

    Editing Kits

    Really annoying problem - is there any way to ensure the back of the shirt is the same as the front? I've played with various hooped and striped teams - QPR, Barcelona etc - and I get that godawful plain back. I've tried changing the number colour, but that doesn't work. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  20. Thomas86

    Add players' languages

    Hi! I have a question: Is it possible to mass-edit an entire team to have them all speak the same language at once or are we forced to go players by players and add a language manually? Thanks.
  21. LucStash

    Where's the Second Team?

    Hi guys! I'm having an issue with B/ Second Teams. I have a Hamburger II team, but it doesn't show in the editor (see the two images attached). Can anyone tell me why and how can I fix it? Thanks in advance! L.
  22. Kilmarnock Sam

    FM19 touch

    time for purchase FM19 touch! what do we all think about it people? i was big fan of FM18 touch!? is it worth my while, ofc i enjoy to use FMRTE for high fitness & condition every few games, to to heal injuries
  23. When playing with a Sweeper Keeper, first touch attribute is important, however in FMRTE, the attribute does not show on goalkeepers to be edited. Can this be changed? What is your FM version:FM 19.2.2 - 1184534 m.3 v1922 What is your FMRTE version: 19.2.2 Are you Beta testing for S.I.- No Are you running FMRTE as administrator- YES
  24. ben582


    Hey, Are you going to regain the possibility of adding and removing in affiliations?
  25. Hello, I am playing with Red Star FC (the french one). At the beginning of the game, they are in a special situation because their stadium (Stade Bauer) isn't approved for league games, so they are playing in a different one (Stade Pierre Brisson). However all friendlies and cup games take place in their own stadium (Bauer). After about one year in game, I got a message saying I got a deal to move to another stadium (Jean Bouin). However, I was still only playing there for cup games, all my leagues games were in Pierre Brisson. After that, I asked my direction to build a new stadium, which they did, but the same problem is still there : I play in my new stadium for cup games (domestic and european), but I still play in Pierre Brisson for all my league games. I tried both the in game editor and FMRTE but I can't find a way to solve this problem. Thank you in advance if anyone has any idea.

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