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  1. FM Version: FM 19.3.0 FMRTE Version: FMRTE19 3.0.28 (run as admin) Beta tester: NO Windows 7 SP1 I can't seem to switch stadium for any club. I click on the magnifying lens to search, I put a new stadium in the search bar, click on it, click on OK... And the stadium name doesn't change. Is it because I don't have a license yet? Or should it work anyway and I'd just be unable to save it?
  2. Hi, trying to run FMRTE 19 (latest, of course as Administrator, but the app crashes every time I launch it. The window goes blank and I get the "FMRTE19 has stopped working. Looking for a solution" message from Windows (7) with "cancel" as the only option to close the error window. I've installed the most recent version of .NET Framework, 4.7.2 and have a plethora of Visual C++ Redestributables. I've also tried to repair some of those installations: some worked, some returned another error. I suspect there's a conflict with some of those Visual C++ thing
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