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  1. then this license is not permanent? max using limit is 3 times hmm. i decided to don't share this and i read the rules. i like this forum, thx for all answers. so glad i have you
  2. ok i understand. i'm just gonna use the program for myself. i just wanted to ask because of we are living 2 friends at the home thank you!
  3. i don't see the rules regarding licanses. i'm looking right now thank you
  4. i understand thank you. and i have one more question; when I install the windows again on my computer, I will need to re-license. If I share the 3 licenses I have now with my friends, will there be a problem for me in the future?
  5. hello bros. i bought a license of fmrte tonight. but there is a question in my head. how many people can use a license? ty
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