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  1. Hi, bit of an odd request this. on the club columns list is it possible to search by the kit info? I'm trying to work out which club have no kit info in the database (ie nothing on the screen in the shot below) The game needs a kit file to overwrite with kitpack images and i'm trying to find the gaps. Not sure if this is possible or can even be added via the xmls use to pull info from from the game..
  2. Can you add a retirement date to a player?
  3. I wanted to create a preset to change the "Contract Type" to all Full Time, the contract vallue used to be '1' on the previous FMRTE, doesnt seem to work this year. Is there a new value or am i missing something?
  4. I'll give it a go, i couldnt get the C team to appear as an option ingame either on the sidebar, or the squad menu to send to. I wonder if it might need the 'season end' update load to appear... i'll make a save predate and try a few options. Cheers
  5. Sorry, i'm Rangers. I added Cambursang Rangers as a B Team in the pre-game editor. All working fine, players can move back and forth get games etc. But they are not being promoted up a division. I wondered if i can add a C Team (prob a Vanarama team from England) or change the B Team from Cambursang to another team etc? if not i'll just have to use them as an under 18 team or something, i was hoping to get them into a more competative division for the rookies to play in.
  6. Can you add/change a B-C Team once a save has started? I cant seem to get the additional squad to appear in the sidebar or will it only take effect upon a new season loading, post game start? or does the function work? I have a B team already in a lower division (not official jsut another team) but the league wont allow it to be promoted (I forgot to check the league rules) - can i add an additional c team in another country or change the b team to another using FMRTE?
  7. I'll try make a quick preset file for 'adaptability'
  8. Cheers Fox just checking. be a nice addition in the future
  9. Not sure if this is the right thread, and i cant find an answer using the search. can we increase the player familiarity as we do match prep?
  10. i didnt want to raise a bug tracker in case its just me... Is added column to club screens buggy? it never seems to add addtional ones to the screen when selected in settings menus?
  11. Is anyone having trouble updaing to build 25? the updater jsut takes me to the website front page? EDIT - Nvermind,
  12. Still no national match prep? bugger...
  13. Is the opening OP possible? Can you edit the FRMTE xml formation files to include new ones? anyone know how i tried but i'm getting an error. not was easy as overtyping as it seems...
  14. Cheers, just wondered there are drop downs for stuff i have no idea what the matching value would like changing all staffs; prefferred formation to a 442 for instance, its there but no idea what i would put under value?
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