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  1. just an update: i finally got FMRTE 21 working when i tunred off a Windows 10 feature called Smartscreen thanks
  2. hello since thismorning i have a problem with FMRTE 21 Build 20 as soon as i click any button EX:"Load Game" "settings" if freezes and then it says not responding im using windows 10 is there a fix for this?? please find attached an fmrte error log and netframework log & Diaxdg files error.log NetFramework.txt DxDiag.txt
  3. hey all i see when you want to have a player as a Wonderkid it says "To use wonderkid generator you must select a position role and duty" where can i find the position role and duty ???
  4. yeah got it working , cheers
  5. hey all when i go into settings and choose the dark theme option nothing is happening its just staying on the white version is this a bug?
  6. hey all how do i remove the Positions.positionsDescValue from the squad view screen and just have there normal playing positions ,as it is giving me a decimal value (ex: 604) instead of GK picture attached
  7. hey all where has the option gone to become unsackable in FMRTE 19 i cant find it?
  8. hey guys what happened the second Nationality option in FMRTE ? worked very well for brazilian players that need a work permit but got it straight away with a second european nationailty
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