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  1. Uhm, are you actually reading my posts? Again, I am using the Very Poor preset on Rui Faria, reducing all of his stats to 1 and also removing his coaching licence. I wait for one day, then he should be a nobody and should want to join a low rep club. Still, he keeps refusing to join since either he says "the club doesn't meet his ambitions" or he "doesn't want to move from his country".
  2. I am trying to do that, however I'm not so stupid to expect a world class staff member to join a low rep club. I am using the Very Poor preset on him (exporting his stats beforehand) and he still doesn't want to join. I'm trying to hire Rui Faria as a free transfer. How do I check his tendencies?
  3. I've tried using the poor preset, lowering their reputation, removing their manager licence but nope, they all say they are not keen on joining my club as it doesn't satisfy their needs/ambitions. My club is Nottingham Forest, but how can you (staff member) say that if you're absolutely s***? You literally have all 1s, how can you expect another club to hire you LOL. It's quite frustrating so I'm asking here for any tips. Thanks!
  4. Hey man, sorry to bother you again. When you say "increase his hidden attributes (personality) to max" do you also mean the "hidden" ones like consistency, dirtiness, versatility etc. that are not in the personality section? Thanks
  5. Thanks! Will surely try these out
  6. Is there a way to speed up the growth of a player? I usually just loan my players with high PA but low CA, but it takes so long to make them strong enough to start them in the main XI.
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