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  1. In my "Teams" screen I can see "RETirement" icon beside 4 of my players. In the game I can't find their retirement dates, nowhere. They are 34, so I guess it is possible to retire, but I can't see when/ Also in FMRTE itself no date of retirement? Just the RET icon?
  2. I my league. in the real world, there are 5 subs allowed. But in the game there are only 3 from 7 subs players. Is there an option to change/edit number of allowed substitutions ?
  3. In the new update there is Swap button, but how can I "move" unsigned coach to my club?
  4. Can you edit/switch bad cup draw? I am playing against Barcelona in the first leg...
  5. Is it possible to edit/fix/change the cup draw? I pulled Barcelona in the first leg...
  6. I have my favorite striker been wanted by many teams. I changed his happiness to very happy and "not wanting been transfered"' changed asking price to 40M USD, but when some big club offers about 3M - my board takes it in their hands and agrees to sell him (over me!), he discuses and agrees to big club. What can I do with the help of FMRTE to keep him? The only thought I have is to change in future transfers HIS future transfer date to 2035 Will it work? Any other ideas?
  7. Is it possible to "add" yourself to manage any possible nation team, while still staying a manager of your club?
  8. all the faces from the facepack are gone after editing some minor data with FMRTE14 What should I do now?
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