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Top Feature requests for future FMRTE versions[multiple choice voting options]

Top Feature requests for future FMRTE versions[you can vote for more than one feature]  

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  1. 1. Top Feature requests for future FMRTE versions

    • Create new players/person into the DB
    • Edit career plans players/staff[Added]
    • Add more playing formations for clubs(be able to import own tactic into FMRTE
    • Edit/add more contract clauses[Added]
    • Transfer staff (rather than swap)instantly or in future
    • Edit all names (player/club/stadium/competitions etc)
    • More custom preset options eg Player Domestic club/League registration [like UEFA registration][Added
    • Add a loan for a Player[Added]
    • Option to change a person's 'type' -player/non player etc
    • Modify history- players/staff/clubs/competitions
    • More stadium features[presets] new build date etc
    • Add the ''continental cup nation'' for a team[you can use this to 'Ban' clubs from UEFA comps]
    • Make AI Manager unsackable
    • Add T.V. Money
    • Swap teams into leagues/competitions
    • Other[list your request as a post in the thread][Added change subs/make all players interested/VAR Settings/Knowledge into Staff /Retiring]

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Not everything we want added/suggest can be included in FMRTE


it isnt as easy as saying something is a 'simple feature' so it should be there.


The Dev tries to add these requests but many are complex with coding issues 

(Sometimes the coding changes in a new game release making some features not usable anymore)

 and or they cause the App/game to become unstable and cause crashes 


It would be good to get regular feedback from @BraCa to see what is being looked at for future versions, and what has proved not possible at this stage. So there isnt continued requests for things that cannot be added


As you can see when I am made aware a feature can/cannot be added I update the thread 



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"More custom preset options"


Supporting this!


Especially these:

- Add or clarify if it exists how can I swap/change staff licences easily. Disclaimer: I would like to boost several staff member CAs with licence change to XXY to studying to XXZ trick with ONE click. Mass edit doesn't help in this case. 


-Another custom preset what I would like to see: One click mass RCA to CA adjustment for players. 😁


Thanks! 😊

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23 hours ago, culturedleftfoot said:



Read the thread

The op show these have been requested and the transfer fee request cant be done, vote for the loan feature so hopefully it can be added 

most of your post had to be removed as it was against the posting rules




Thanks ... have voted ... also did other and will post that later

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I have a suggestion; player development fast track.


Intended for young talented players, in development. It speeds up their development and ensures they reach their full potential (CA=PA) by their 24th birthday.


Offcourse I can set CA=PA, but I like to see the development of players over time, but hate it when they lag behind or simply don't reach their potential. This happens to me with big teams where talented players won't always get the playing time they need and the only loan options are second division teams from germany or france when in real life some talented players will still develop fast even without a lot of playing time.


I invision a check box "Development fast track" on the player screen in fmrte and some kind of overview function (like the freezer) to show wich players have the checkbox ticked. I realise FMRTE has to be running al the time to make it work (just like the freezer).


I know I could change their personality to model citizen for their development, but this is to cumbursome and doesn't always have the intended effect.


I realize this could be a coding nightmare, but hey, who doens't asks...

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My "other" vote is to suggest (if possible) and option to instantly add revenue to a club. 

At the moment, we can kind of do this in an indirect way by changing sponsorship amounts. However something that creates an instant (within a game day) revenue injection of whatever amount you put in would be very convinient and useful.

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I would like to adjust the national team selection when I'm with a club. I would like my players to play for their national team. It seems like right now I can't select which players are called up. Or is this an existing feature? 

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7 hours ago, jaza said:

I would like to adjust the national team selection when I'm with a club. I would like my players to play for their national team. It seems like right now I can't select which players are called up. Or is this an existing feature? 

so as a club manager or unemployed you can with FMRTE pick the national squads you want its one of the best features IMO

Swap national call up NB do this after the national squad has been picked - ideal if you want the actual real squads playing in the 2022 World Cup


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@BraCa any input on this please, the thread has been up for nearly 18 months now 


are there any new features being added/considered for FM23? the top requests are pretty clear I know some wont be possible but some feedback would be good


on a personal note would it be possible to copy/paste whole pages eg copy one player's relations page/paste it into anothers / copy a club's finance page paste it into another club etc 


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If I was able to vote I'd add other..


Being able to adjust the attributes of coaches just on their most important ones all in one go.


E.g Preset for GK coaches would highlight Distribution, Handling, Shot stopping, Working with youngsters, Hardness of training, Determination, Level of discipline, Motivating and adaptability to be able to max just those particular skills rather than maxing everything out or individually changing them one by one. 


These would change for other coaches, assistant managers, D.O.F etc.


Or even the ability to be able to add our own presets for managers/coaches/staff - the option is partially there already when you click a staff member and view their profile. Just doesn't have any presets available to click.

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That was quick build 10 is out with new features added-[some others being worked on]


  • Clubs training ground
  • Ability to use Training Happiness in presets
  • All Players Interested and Masking Attributes into Human Manager Options
  • Ability to improve/destroy team cohesion
  • Improve Team Cohesion into Inspire Preset
  • Destroy Team Cohesion into Destroy Preset
  • Career Plans (only some of them are visible within FMRTE)
  • Players Nationality Info (replaces the old Declared for Nation option)
  • Retiring After Spell At Current Club for Players and Staff
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