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  1. I've had this issue a while ago and solved it by finishing the new stadium within FMRTE. But ... It took until the beginning of a new season until matches where played in the new ground although it was ready and press conferences where held in the new facilities already. Funny enough the time table at the 'board' tab still shows that we will move to the new stadium in two years
  2. I still get an error with player clauses. Everton just bought a youngster (14 years old) from me and that sale has several player clauses. When I look at Everton now and open the player clauses tab I get an error error.log
  3. Do you talk about an expansion or about a completely new stadium? In my current save my club is in the process of building me a new one (although it will take 4 seasons until it is finished 🙈)
  4. If I remember correctly it was SI themselves who disabled the possibilty to edit the stadium appearance with FM19 It has something to do with legal issues when you use the appearance of certain stadiums (there do exist copyrights on those) for other clubs than the original one. And yes it is a pain in the butt, especially when you are a small club who needs to expand the stadium when going up the leagues and end up with a ugly thing that holds 30.000 people in two stands that have 3 ranks.
  5. OK. Will do when I have some time since this might become a pretty long one then when I try to explain complex stuff in a non native language
  6. Grey players do simply not exist in the database. So there ist no chance to 'move' them somewhere
  7. I solved this knowledge thing in the last years in a way that I hire staff from many many countries around the world. It is NOT only the scouts. Every staff member (at least managers and coaches) has a 100% knowledge of his or her home country. And that counts into scouting knowledge. So when you hire a coach from Brazil (with second nationality Argentina) you get those two countries to your club knowlede Another one from Chile (with second nationality Uruguay) etc.... You get the point
  8. The big problem is that FM and FMRTE seem to use completly different methods for currency calculations Even when you set both programs to the same exchange rate you get results that roughly differ by 5% When I set a yearly salary at 100.000 € in FMRTE it shows as 95.482 € in FM20 Perhaps it is a matter of how the value is calculated down to weekly (do both programs use 52 weeks or does one of them count down to days?) salary and back up to yearly. Something is badly wrong here though since 100.00 should be 100.000 I solved this for the moment in a way that I keep 1,161 within FM20 and use 1,11something in FMRTE That way both values are very close to each other But .... that is only a bad workaround
  9. Didn't want to install that thing but... Thnx
  10. Does anybody know the currency exchange rate that is used within FM 20 ? There is a pretty big difference between FM and FMRTE when you play in €
  11. It vanished with FM19 So I suppose that this feature got deleted from the game when SI hired a new company for the 3D match engine That was with FM19
  12. Should do with selecting one player and then right click him and use the Preset When you click the buttons on the right side of the FMRTE windows they work for the whole team
  13. To fiddle with the FFP rules might be difficult since as far as I know they are set by the UEFA for all clubs. And since this year not working within the budget might get you sacked anyway since it usually is a required (failing those goals gets you sacked) goal within the club vision. But .... you can fiddle with the transfers to get you new money (sell players for more than you usually would get and buy players for a cheaper fee than you would spend) by using the future transfer tab and editing transfers.
  14. Depends... If the result of your editing show the consequences of your silly stuff years later you can very well destroy a data base when you do things that are not visable at the very moment. Example that I managed to do a few years ago: How about destroying your most hated clubs ? Yeah ... you can do that in several ways Really easy one: Give all players long term contracts and set their CA/PA down to values in the range of about 100 and do that to several high reputation clubs Result... years later ... a database in the mid 2020s where only 25 players with a PA of above 165 exist in the complete database since the regens of those (former) star players are not good enough
  15. And this has been that way since many years ! You can mess up game data with ANY Editor btw when you don't know what you are doing
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