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  1. Same problem for me after the last update It happens only with the own team not with other teams you view Version: FM Version:
  2. Define 'rest of Europe' Yes, in Germany and most of the European countries the transfer window usually goes from the 1st of July till the end of August But in some countries (Bosnia, Latvia, Montenegro, Ireland, Iceland, Luxemburg etc.) it goes to the end of July and in others until mid/end of September (Portugal). In Norway it opens at the end of August If you want to have a complete UEFA transfer window you have to edit all countries
  3. OK sorry guys. I found it. Never used the tab 'View Future Transfers' before 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️
  4. I've just made a small error while signing a new player. Due to the circumstances the transfer date is arranged at the 1st of January 2026 (the player was too young during the transfer talks) Well... I made him older now so that he will become 18 in May 2025. But how do I change the transfer date from 1.1.2026 to 01.7.2025 ?
  5. Is it implemented in the game itself? To be honest I did not recognize it yet. If the game does not suport it FMRTE can't either.
  6. On the other side 18 is quite a lot. What do you need ? One 20 coach specialised for every aspect (that's 10) plus a few general coaches With a squad of 25 in the 1st team you have everything on 'light' then
  7. Exactly this is the way I solved that topic for all my players (since years now) They don't moan about playing times. They don't moan if you reject transfer offers. They don't moan about too low wages. Just don't forget to renew their contracts every year (manually via FMRTE ;) ) Oh and (looking at the screenshots) his ambition, workrate and professionalism are too low to ever reach his potential.
  8. Aduasen

    second nation

    Why not just give them English nationality ? That way they do not even need a work permit
  9. And having a player with All 20s is pretty bad too. There are some stats where the 1 is the best value Injury proneness for example or controversy. A 20 in Dirtyness is rather bad too
  10. Aduasen

    second nation

    It does not work with everybody though In real life some nations do not allow second nationalities. You can not give those people a second nationality.
  11. My old presets did not make it into JSON Files too (and they are pretty big ones because I change any youth prospects to values I think they need ) The XML still exists thou SET_YOUTH.xml
  12. And there is no staff with good attributes (those are so much more important than reputation) but low reputation and low ambition? Come on.. And if nothing helps ... well this is an editor. Hire poor staff Give them cheap contracts Edit their attributes
  13. 👍 Thank you. Topic resolved. That was quick.
  14. FMRTE hast ists own exchange rates and you can set them in the settings
  15. What bugs/issues did you encounter: What is your FM version: 19.2.3-1187971 What is your FMRTE version: 19 Which operating system are you using: Windows 10 Pro There is a sponsorship (Training Kit Sponsorship) missing in FMRTE Football Manager: FMRTE: Attachments:
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