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  1. Thank you GoBLiN ! I did not find that feature on my own yet. In my case it is exactly what I was searching for Although I just recognize missing roles like the 'Pressing Forward' Oh and another issue (that makes it rather useless .... which is really sad because that feature looks great) : The attributes are not the same as FM shows them: Upper part is FM20 Lower part is FMRTE Position Shadow Striker
  2. It is not only EU Many countries have restrictions not only regarding EU players. There are also restrictions regarding UEFA players and home grown players for example. Will you make all countries UEFA countries? What will happen to the European Championship or to the World Championship (only a certain number of European countries are allowed in the WC) then ? It is not as easy as you think FM tries to show the real football world as correct as possible which also shows in the different rules about the leagues (relegation, promotion are completely different in the different leagues) In all FM is not just a fantasy football management game. It is as close to real world as possible.
  3. Try the future transfer instead. The move player resulted in cloned players for me in FMRTE for FM19 also sometimes.
  4. Aduasen

    Guest Players ?

    Thanks for the answer. I solved the issue differently. This year I wont start with Hampton&Richmond in Vanarama National South I start with Curzon Ashton in Vanarama National North
  5. Doh .... we know it's Beta time and ... A new Version of FM is out.
  6. Is there a possibility to highlight the most important stats for a specific role in the 'information' tab of a player ? At the moment I Alt-Tab back and forth when I edit a players attributes to fit in the desired role since FM shows it in a very good way in the player screen
  7. Nope. After the match started there is no possibility to change the player values until it ended. The presets work just fine when you use them right before a match begins. I use a customized preset with the values 12500 instead of 10000 That value works best for me since the players go below 100% when the match goes into the last minutes then.
  8. Thanks ! That helps a lot since I need that during the season break every year.
  9. Wild guess ... This could be an issue that connects to the fact that some stats are still missing within FMRTE. Technically if you clone a dataset from FMRTE to FM and there are some values missing (Negotiation for example) the new set has a missing value (the value of that data field is undefined then) and the target database (FM) gets corrupted -> crash While still in Beta I would not try those tricky operations.
  10. I think this is not a thing that you can change with FMRTE. In the Game you decide (at the end of the season) when the pre season starts. Until then the players are on vacation
  11. I think it is a suggestion since the last version of FMRTE already. The data analysis facilities came into the game with the FM19 version I think. Probably they have just been overlooked so far.
  12. Would be great for a mass edit too. I usually change the contract start and end date (and salary) for all players at the 1st of June every year. I did not find a way to do this in an elegant way yet. Select all and edit them one by one is the way to do at the moment. Same with the contract option 'will leave at end of contract' (or any contract options) When a player does not have any contract options there is no other way but to edit the contract with the original InGame editor atm. So I am stuck since years with both editors So yes I second that. It would be a very nice addition.
  13. Does the match statistic show the correct number of spectators? Then it might be a fault in FM20 itself. It's still a Beta anyway.
  14. Aduasen

    Guest Players ?

    Does anybody has an idea how to change contracts of players with a "Guest Player" contract? In my Hampton & Richmond team I have two of those in the U18 squad. Apart from the fact that they cost an enormous amount of wages they have a contract that says "Guest Player" and I can't change that in FMRTE (20 Version)
  15. Aduasen

    Work Permits

    Why use a pre game editor ? Just edit the player you bought to second nationality English right before he joins your club and viola .... job done. No poblem with work permit anymore.
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