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  1. My old presets did not make it into JSON Files too (and they are pretty big ones because I change any youth prospects to values I think they need ) The XML still exists thou SET_YOUTH.xml
  2. And there is no staff with good attributes (those are so much more important than reputation) but low reputation and low ambition? Come on.. And if nothing helps ... well this is an editor. Hire poor staff Give them cheap contracts Edit their attributes
  3. 👍 Thank you. Topic resolved. That was quick.
  4. FMRTE hast ists own exchange rates and you can set them in the settings
  5. What bugs/issues did you encounter: What is your FM version: 19.2.3-1187971 What is your FMRTE version: 19 Which operating system are you using: Windows 10 Pro There is a sponsorship (Training Kit Sponsorship) missing in FMRTE Football Manager: FMRTE: Attachments:
  6. I do also have a problem when trying to enter some staff. It seems that it has something to do with certain countries. Whenever a staff member or scout has a nationality (or second nationality) or knowlege in South Somalia for example that person becomes inaccessable and you are unable to edit their values.
  7. There aren't many in the game. When you are further into the game (I am in 2028 at the moment) and look into the database there are only about 30-40 players (worldwide) with a PA of above 165 and an age of below 17 in the game anymore. So the real problem - since years - of FM is that there are way too few potential new world class players in the game over time. Most of the few 180+ PA players don't make it anyway because of their bad soft skills (work rate, ambition, determination, consistency, professionalism ... ) It seems that these soft skills are pretty random so that players with very high PA and good stats that allow them to develop into world class players are extremly rare. Yes, you can cap the quality of regens. At least the probability of them. Every country has values for 'youth rating' and 'generated players'
  8. This was a feature that existed in the FMRTE version for FM 2018 and is missing in this years version. And it worked really fine last year. I am in the year 2026 now in my savegame and finally got a message of my board that they plan a NEW stadium (they expanded the old one already in 2022) Hopefully I will have stands all around when it will be finished in a few years (they said this is a work in progress and it will need some time to find a place for it and raise the funds .... doh) The problem with stadium expansions: Only the existing stands will be expanded If you are a relatively small club you usually do not have stands in the corners at the beginning which leads to rediculously wrong looking stadiums when such a ground gets expanded According to SI it has something to do with (real world) legal problems when players get allowed to actually 'build' stadiums and design their stadiums in a way that they look to close to existing real ones of other clubs.
  9. How do I add a new tactic within FMRTE ? I tend to use asynchronic tactics and it would be nice to see them in FMRTE oops, sorry.... Answered by roelf_schepers already. Thanx
  10. And you will have to look back a few years. When I remember it right it was several years ago when there was a very long thread in one of the SI forums about how CA/PA in combination with skill points work. It is pretty complicated stuff though since a single skill point counts differently into CA depending on the main position of the player. Example A point in finishing counts more into CA if a player is a striker than if he is a defender and the other way round if it is a point in tackling/marking Rewarding stuff though since you can really enjoy fiddling around with skill points when you got into this. You won't find any official word about that though cause this is the way to acutally beat the game (forever)
  11. You don't have to set unrealistic values. Professionalism / Work Rate / Determination / Ambition with a value of 18-20 is enough I always work with ultra professional squads (from the 14 year old youngster to the 27 year old 'soon to be sold' first team member)
  12. What 'next build' that will be?
  13. Uhm ... Just for the case that this has been forgotten I could live with a 'No' too although that would be not so nice. I managed to 'edit' me to a new stadium already. Gave the club tons of money, set the average crowd to double the amount of the stadium size. At the moment the board builds 'me' a new stadium. Will see how that new 48.000 ground will look like when it is finished at the end of the season Update: The new stadium looks terrible - No stands in the corners
  14. @GeedieZ The preset Manager exists so that you can build your very own presets. Why not just experiment with it a bit?
  15. No please ! Although it is a change from older versions of FMRTE I personally really like the new behaviour better the way it is now. In the old releases those contract options automatically worked for all players. That simply made this option pretty useless for me. Now you can select one, a few or even all players to renew the contracts. Which is a good change, methinks.
  16. Probably you have the same problem I had when this search funktion appeared for the first time e few years ago. Did you try to click on the small magnifying glass (hey, I like the German word "Lupe" für this better ) button ? That should open the seach windows to select a club. Should be the same as if you look for players or do a mass edit for example.
  17. You can change player clauses. What is not possible .... and never was ... To add a player clause when they don't have any
  18. It seems not to be in FMRTE at the moment. I am missing it too. I really liked my home crowd with a temperament of 1
  19. That is new in FMRTE and in my opinion this is the better way to do it. In earlier versions of FMRTE up to 18 the renew contract buttons automatically renewd the contract of all players. I always thought that this was a bad idea to do it. Now (with FMRTE 19) you can renew the contract of a single player (when you chose one) or several players (all those you highlighted before) I like the way it works now better.
  20. At the moment I am missing one feature in FMRTE that worked really well in the last version but seems not to be in the current version. In FMRTE 18 you were able to edit the stadium stands so that the game showed a different stadium design in the 3D match screen. At the moment I miss this feature badly in FMRTE 19. I usually start with lower league clubs and those stadiums usually have no stands in the corners. When you expand such a stadium now it looks ridiculously wrong when you have 50.000 seats but no seats in the corners. I would love to have the feature back to edit the stands so that you have a symetrical stadium with stands all around. It worked really well in FMRTE 18.
  21. I usually use a preset of 12,500 that works really well for me even in FM19 Even with bad stamina the players condition values drop below 100 at the very end of the matches so that it seems kinda 'normal' for the game engine methinks
  22. What do you mean with exploit? FMRTE itself is the best exploit you can get for this game since you can edit everything on the fly. I usually elimitate my hate clubs from German football by setting the players on extreme wages, all the staff to 10 CA and strip their money
  23. FMRTE has a problem with reloading the tabs at the moment. So after editing something best way would be to releoad the tab by CRTL-R at the moment. And, like Aethan wrote ... When you switch to another tab you have to save the edited values in the current tab by clicking on the disk icon - but that has always been that way
  24. I doubt that is a bug anyway. Have you ever played games like "Life is Feudal" where your progression goes forward in values like 0.00000125 It could be similar in FM since every training session gives a progression for every player. How much depends on coach quality and many many player stats including the hidden ones. I bet the 'true' values have many many decimals. Nobody wants to edit a "10.3976584"
  25. Thank you ! Especially for the workaround. Helps me a lot.
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