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Top Feature requests for future FMRTE versions[multiple choice voting options]

Top Feature requests for future FMRTE versions[you can vote for more than one feature]  

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  1. 1. Top Feature requests for future FMRTE versions

    • Create new players/person into the DB
    • Edit career plans players/staff[Added]
    • Add more playing formations for clubs(be able to import own tactic into FMRTE
    • Edit/add more contract clauses[Added]
    • Transfer staff (rather than swap)instantly or in future
    • Edit all names (player/club/stadium/competitions etc)
    • More custom preset options eg Player Domestic club/League registration [like UEFA registration][Added
    • Add a loan for a Player[Added]
    • Option to change a person's 'type' -player/non player etc
    • Modify history- players/staff/clubs/competitions
    • More stadium features[presets] new build date etc
    • Add the ''continental cup nation'' for a team[you can use this to 'Ban' clubs from UEFA comps]
    • Make AI Manager unsackable
    • Add T.V. Money
    • Swap teams into leagues/competitions
    • Other[list your request as a post in the thread][Added change subs/make all players interested/VAR Settings/Knowledge into Staff /Retiring]

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Just a brief recap the top 5 requests when I ran this previously


1. To be able to transfer players directly(rather that having to edit another player's future transfer- see below)

2. Create new person into the DB 

3. Edit/add more contract clauses

4.Edit career plans for players/staff

5. To be able to transfer staff as per the players option[not just swap]


It will be down to the dev team to report back if any /all of the requests are possible or will be part of any future FMRTE product release




NB you can vote for more than just one feature-but once you have submitted your vote you cannot change or add to it


if your reading this VOTE 😉





 point [1] above- transfer a player with the fee exchanged between clubs currently is not proving to be possible for the Devs


I have removed the change the number of subs request from the poll due it not being possible to add to FMRTE

edit its not been added👆




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22 hours ago, Mirkova said:

My "Other" option wish, if possible, is to add relationships to a person (Chairman, Director, Staff, Players, etc.) who initially have none generated.

the + button is there but doesnt seem to work it may be a bug and worth reporting in the bug forum or its a disabled feature 

but a good suggestion👍

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5 hours ago, mantratzis said:

Other, to take control as a real manager if is this possible (like Klopp or Rodgers etc), and about the possible signings if the user can edit on.


you mean play as klopp with all his history/achievements? if so that is not possible you would have to create a profile using his details but you will lose the history obviously


the second point I dont know what you mean. I think you mean the possible targets the club are trying to sign?

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Thanks for the quick reply. My thought was about the non player history, that is what I care about. So there is no chance for that.

About the second point I mean if I can edit on possible transfers by removing or adding players or staff. If this possible it would be so exciting based on real life rumours.

Thanks in advance.

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There is a very interesting function in the internal editor (DLC), which filters out players interested in going to your club, that function would be very helpful in the FMRTE. Is there the possibility of adding it to FMRTE 22?
Waiting for the new version.

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I'd like to be able to update Individual attributes via an Up/Down arrow. Rather than updating selected ones or All of them at once.


Would also be nice if we could have attributes all as different colours e.g 1-5 = black. 6-10 = Yellow. 11-15 = Green 16-20 = Red.  At this moment I do find that as attributes get higher its indistinguishable from yellow/light green/green. 

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