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  1. Hi! It seems that the wage salary that is shown in Finance section of a club, is always shown in Weekly.
  2. There is a way. Just look for real names in FMScout website. Just editing EDT files an such...
  3. This seems to be working fine with latest version; 20.4.0 (Build 29).
  4. Adding a picture. All players should get 50k in wage and expire date set to 2025... An example. Joseph Aido is not working in this case.
  5. When using Preset with the new version:, not all players are being changed/edited. I try to edit a whole leagues players, by giving the X amount of wage and expire date. Nothing happens with some players (few). Most of players changes without a problem.
  6. Thanks for the answer! I never used that feature due to the name... Training status... Perhaps it should be changed to Based in? I am not new, but a very casual gamer haha. I tried it and, it seemed to work fine. However, there is no option for coaches, or am I blind? Related question. How come that some players show up that are free agents? I searched for players training in Spain.. It shows up a lot of players and many of them are free agents, even players from other nations.. See the picture. EDIT: I looked at this again. The Training Status regards to those players that are formed at that club och nation, not players that play in the nations leagues. So I guess the feature I am looking for is not available yet.
  7. Hi! Couldn't see if this has been requested earlier, but I would like the ability to search players/coaches by nation they play in. In FM, its "based in X Country". For instance, search all players playing in England, in all leagues, all clubs. Hope this can be done Thanks!
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