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  1. If I understand you correctly, you want to sign players who are part of other clubs but their contracts are about to expire? The way that you make players more willing to accept your offer than offers from other clubs is to make the player hate the other club in relation tab. If you are suggesting to intake youths that come around every year. I suppose that they work the same way and if they do not have a relation tab, try to have a conversation with them (praise or anything) to make the relation tab appear. Cheers
  2. I am on latest FMRTE 21.2.0 (Build 20). Adding search for other than only players, coaches and clubs would be great. Searching for a specific official, city, etc is possible but we cannot search the way as we search for players and coaches. Asking because I want to see all officials from same country. Cheers Merry Xmas and happy new year
  3. Maybe should be included in the advanced features as it is not stable?
  4. I haven't tried the league editing in the end of season. Try to change that, to "demote" teams. I have never tried this, because I don't know how safe it is and what happens over time. Do try if you have time and report back Cheers
  5. I guess, Aaron is talking about this section; Generated players. Cheers
  6. I used this function by Freeze manager option. In settings only setting Condition, Match sharpness and injury to false, would make my players always fit. However, this feature is not really working on FMRTE 21. I reckon the Devs are working with Freeze manager to function correctly. Cheers
  7. I can only guess what you mean here. I am looking for the similar option. In previous FMRTE (I believe 18-19) you could first sort by CA, and then Positions, then you would find all your e.g. GK, with the one GK with highest CA first. Same for other positions. This options would be great to take back Cheers mate
  8. I can save, but saving with CTRL+S doesn't work.
  9. Too bad that the developer are haven't given any information on things as these. These question have been asked many times and for a long period of time!
  10. Any news on this? Really want this feature to be added!
  11. Good luck mate! Hope it gets solved!
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