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  1. Restarting doesnt help, so I have logged a bug report
  2. Wages are set to weekly in settings, but when looking at the players profile under contract, the value is correct but the frequency is showing as monthly
  3. Small issue- In settings, I set my wages to Pound Sterling and weekly but when checking the player wage in FMRTE, the value is correct but the period is shown as monthly. I have tried to reset the settings but cant appear to get rid of the monthly option- any suggestions?
  4. Just a quick update that the yellow ball in the SPL has been adjusted for the game and is now nice and visible, so ne editing should be needed.
  5. Thanks for the reply- I suspect that it may be hard coded
  6. No- I dont know anyone with a title😁
  7. Can someone please advise if the colour of the match ball is editable using FMRTE? I am playing in the SPL and the yellow ball is apparently licensed and cant be changed in preferences
  8. FrazT

    Minor visual issue

    Thanks again and a further update. I did as suggested and made him available for the reserves for 1 game and before the game he only had 1 RSV icon noted ( for my team) and after the game, the icon disappeared , so it is OK now
  9. FrazT

    Minor visual issue

    He has already been given a new deal and that was a few weeks ago, so that hasnt helped. The move was done by using the "move to club" option. I will try moving him around the squads. It is only a minor issue and is not affecting anything and I just wanted to be sure that there wasn't a way round it that I had missed.
  10. FrazT

    Minor visual issue

    Thanks for the replies- he is on a full time contract and part of the first team squad. He has not ever been made available for either my reserves or under 18s, so the option to remove him is not there? Clicking on the RSV icon still shows that he is available for Liverpool Reserves
  11. I recently moved a player from Liverpool youth to my team and there were no issues. The player was marked as RSV icon ,being available for Liverpool Reserves and after being moved is still showing this. It is a minor issue , but is there any way to get rid of that icon?
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