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    NOTE: It's been almost 4.5 years years since I started this thread and a lot of new combinations have been tried by me as well as other members (many thanks to them). Besides the fitness cheat many other ways of editing player stats and finances especially revenue streams have been discussed. I suggest one go through the entire thread patiently. It's gonna be worth your time. I'm not sure how many folks feel the same way but the fitness cheat is not perfect ... Well by now most of us are aware of the fitness bug (29634/32700) and the fun associated with it, but there are a few things that slightly irritate me. For instance, the cricket scorlines: 17-0, 21-0. that's impossible in the real world. Also the fact that i hv to edit my player's fitness & condition b4 every match which is a bit time consuming. There are '29634' presets for FMRTE but it modifies the entire team resulting in those cricket scorlines. Also modding only my strikers' fitness results in them being the only scorers for the team throughout the entire season besides scoring 150+ goals every season. My point is 'how to make the game as real as possible even when using the fitness cheat'. Well i tried to do something different. I basically tinkered with the '29634' preset. I reduced the values for fitness n condition to 15000 instead of 29634/32700, deleted the jadedness settings and loo....I AM F**KIN' BARCELONA NOW...hell even better!! 1)I get possession of 60-70% every match (in some away games u might get <60% but not <55%). 2)The best part is the scoreline. I'm managing Liverpool currently and there was this away game at Chelsea, and what a classic it was. Fulltime stats: won 2-0, possession- 68%. Now i find this as real as possible (i doubt whether Liverpool can ever do that). On an average i hv been scoring 4-6 goals per match while having the lion's share of the possession, though in some odd game u might end up scoring 9-10 goals depending upon your opponents and tactics. 3)It's less time consuming. Just open your teamsheet in FMRTE load the modified preset b4 every match and you are ready to go. (You don't need to save and refresh, even when freeze trainer settings are off) 4)This preset is very sensitive to your tactics. If u are using tactics like - very rigid and contain/defense u might not score at all even though u are having 70% of the possession. I'm currently using the GoalsGalore tactic available on www.fm-base.co.uk I hope some if not many of you find it useful. After so many months, in fact years of tweaking i have finally found THE combination (PHEW!). Frankly, now i really enjoy watching the matches in 2D mode. And all those folks who are new to FMRTE, believe me it's much better than increasing player attributes as you don't have to freeze the entire friggin' game! Thanx for bearing with me! :blush: & please rate! PFA: The FMRTE preset and the stats from the aforementioned 'Chelsea vs Liverpool' match.
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