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  1. Please follow @gwynvyd's trailing post. When you're on the matchday squad selection page in game, load the preset in FMRTE and click on save in FMRTE itself. Then in the game while on the matchday squad selection page, click on any player to open his profile page and then click on proceed (top right corner) so that the prompt which says that you're proceeding to the match appears. Cancel it or press Esc which then lands you back at the matchday squad selection page. If everything's in red or orange or whatever strange colour now with strange values you're good to go. That means th
  2. Yup that's totally fine. Just play around with the figures. You will hit the sweet spot someday or the other.
  3. Totally agree. For me FM 2008, 2012 and 2016 are still the bomb. I have tried the professionalism trick with FM 2019 (all patches) but I'm not sure about how FM 2020 reacts to it.
  4. For crying out loud why do people keep crying out for presets. Put in the effort man, get creative! DIY peeps. I would like to see too how other folks experiment and know what their findings are. Anyways here are the ones I'm using in FM 2019 (works with all patches) you lazy buggers... BlackBriar.json NZT-48.json
  5. Nileshji I have observed the same lately from FM 2019 onwards. Cap professionalism at 127. See basically there are 3 sets of values in FM- 127, 255 or 32767. Feel free to play around. The max position value of 29 cheat is back. But I'm yet to notice any discernible boost from it.
  6. I like that you try to develop your own players. FMRTE has a very good in-game search engine. I don't see the point of buying FM Scout or any other editor. It used to be quite fun in FM 2012. These random wonderkids used to generate after 3-4 years in game from all over the world. And no one knew their potential. I sneaked so many youngsters from the big teams right under their AI noses. Aah it was satisfying. I once had a 10 yr savegame. All my players were grown with 190+ PA. Those days man! I read an article on FM-Base (when it was still good, now they have shot themselves
  7. new suggested preset values for FM 2013 onwards. tried and tested for fm 2016 & 2017. match condition: 10099 jadedness: -29634 match sharpness/ fitness: 32767 Or match condition: 10099 jadedness: -25498 match sharpness/ fitness: 29634 in FM 10 - 12 keep condition at 10999 while rest as above.
  8. besides the aforementioned, there's also the position cheat. edit your player's best position value to max 29 and look at him dominate Europe and the world. once while managing Newcastle I ended up having 4 French players in my 1st team each with their best position value at 29 with their determination, consistency, professionalism, temperament and pressure maxed out. well needless to say, come end of season France won the World Cup.
  9. increase their professionalism. possible values are 29, 99 & 129. also increase pressure and temperament to said values as per your wish. max out determination at 25. keep ambition at max 14, then they won't pester you for 1st team football when they're developing. when you do plan on putting him in 1st team for good. keep it at max 29, better between 17-19; otherwise they have unrealistic contract demands.
  10. I guess you can create your own presets by now. Use the above as a template.
  11. Just a couple of FMRTE 2016 presets: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B4y0qND95ixxbHQ2a3VhTkZwSjg?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4y0qND95ixxbHQ2a3VhTkZwSjg
  12. There's a reason why I only stick to modifying only a couple a player attributes (mostly those related to mental, hidden & personality attributes) and it's due to this old but brilliant post which has to be shared. The summary section is a hidden gem. http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/football-manager-2012-tactics-training/52157-player-attributes-explained.html
  13. Hey @jdaquila I recently started playing FM 2016 and have created some presets for FMRTE 2016. If you want I can mail them to you. My attachment limit has been exceeded and I'm unable to delete the old ones. Let me know.
  14. Hey thanks for testing it out. I haven't tested it out on FM16. But I've tested it on FM10 & 12 and it definitely works. I'm not implying that the player CA of 110-130 with 29 best position rating will hit screamers from the halfway line like they used to in FM 08 & 09 but they do definitely play at a level similar to one with CA of 150-170. Even if it doesn't work it definitely increases the player's market price. Suppose you take over at a new team in Nov with a low transfer budget and are stuck with players who don't fit in with your philosophy. Some players on +100k are so stu
  15. I would if I could figure out how to upload attachments. The only option is see is 'insert existing attachment'.
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