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  1. For crying out loud why do people keep crying out for presets. Put in the effort man, get creative! DIY peeps. I would like to see too how other folks experiment and know what their findings are. Anyways here are the ones I'm using in FM 2019 (works with all patches) you lazy buggers... BlackBriar.json NZT-48.json
  2. Nileshji I have observed the same lately from FM 2019 onwards. Cap professionalism at 127. See basically there are 3 sets of values in FM- 127, 255 or 32767. Feel free to play around. The max position value of 29 cheat is back. But I'm yet to notice any discernible boost from it.
  3. I like that you try to develop your own players. FMRTE has a very good in-game search engine. I don't see the point of buying FM Scout or any other editor. It used to be quite fun in FM 2012. These random wonderkids used to generate after 3-4 years in game from all over the world. And no one knew their potential. I sneaked so many youngsters from the big teams right under their AI noses. Aah it was satisfying. I once had a 10 yr savegame. All my players were grown with 190+ PA. Those days man! I read an article on FM-Base (when it was still good, now they have shot themselves in the foot with the revamp) as in what determines player development rate and how long is he gonna stay late into his career. Professionalism is the most important attribute as it affects everything on-filed and off it too. For on-field performance determination and work rate are paramount. Consistency has weightage too.
  4. new suggested preset values for FM 2013 onwards. tried and tested for fm 2016 & 2017. match condition: 10099 jadedness: -29634 match sharpness/ fitness: 32767 Or match condition: 10099 jadedness: -25498 match sharpness/ fitness: 29634 in FM 10 - 12 keep condition at 10999 while rest as above.
  5. besides the aforementioned, there's also the position cheat. edit your player's best position value to max 29 and look at him dominate Europe and the world. once while managing Newcastle I ended up having 4 French players in my 1st team each with their best position value at 29 with their determination, consistency, professionalism, temperament and pressure maxed out. well needless to say, come end of season France won the World Cup.
  6. increase their professionalism. possible values are 29, 99 & 129. also increase pressure and temperament to said values as per your wish. max out determination at 25. keep ambition at max 14, then they won't pester you for 1st team football when they're developing. when you do plan on putting him in 1st team for good. keep it at max 29, better between 17-19; otherwise they have unrealistic contract demands.
  7. I guess you can create your own presets by now. Use the above as a template.
  8. Just a couple of FMRTE 2016 presets: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B4y0qND95ixxbHQ2a3VhTkZwSjg?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4y0qND95ixxbHQ2a3VhTkZwSjg
  9. There's a reason why I only stick to modifying only a couple a player attributes (mostly those related to mental, hidden & personality attributes) and it's due to this old but brilliant post which has to be shared. The summary section is a hidden gem. http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/football-manager-2012-tactics-training/52157-player-attributes-explained.html
  10. Hey @jdaquila I recently started playing FM 2016 and have created some presets for FMRTE 2016. If you want I can mail them to you. My attachment limit has been exceeded and I'm unable to delete the old ones. Let me know.
  11. Hey thanks for testing it out. I haven't tested it out on FM16. But I've tested it on FM10 & 12 and it definitely works. I'm not implying that the player CA of 110-130 with 29 best position rating will hit screamers from the halfway line like they used to in FM 08 & 09 but they do definitely play at a level similar to one with CA of 150-170. Even if it doesn't work it definitely increases the player's market price. Suppose you take over at a new team in Nov with a low transfer budget and are stuck with players who don't fit in with your philosophy. Some players on +100k are so stubborn that they won't budge even if you offer them for free to other clubs. That's where this comes in handy. The moment you set position rating to 29; go check the player report and your ass man or scout will report that he's the world's best in that position with a five star rating. I did this to Stewart Downing and he was rated higher than Angel De Maria for AML. Needless to say I pocketed a cool 7 million profit; that too in the winter transfer window.
  12. I would if I could figure out how to upload attachments. The only option is see is 'insert existing attachment'.
  13. @jdaquila If you want for FM 2012 i can upload a couple of them. If you want for newer versions you should search the forum.
  14. I had a 20 year save with Bayern once. Boy what a career it was. Superb players, slick passing football; ahhh and those european nights. Shame i lost that save. Glad to see that your board managed to bag a 750 million stadium deal. Happened to me once with Inter. That was a happy save too. Thanks for the info and I will try it in some lower league save next time. Funny thing I last tried this in FM 2008 with FM Modifier and haven't tried that since. Last month I just learnt how to run FM 2008 in a windowed mode on 1366x768 resolution and needless to say I've been transported back to my college days again. Unless SI is using something gorgeous like the Frostbite engine for 3D matches I'm sticking to the older FMs. I still don't get why SI doesn't team up with PES for those 3D matches. I understand that beneath the hood they're completely different engines but still feel that it would be a win-win for both.
  15. I would like to give forum members an update on the position cheat. Value of 29 for best position does work. I have verified it for FM '10 & '12 versions. I have players with PA of 120-130 range who are playing better than those with 160-170 PA values. In addition if you max out determination & consistency (25 each) and professionalism (99 or 127) they are as good as any world class player in their respective position while being used in conjunction with the fitness/condition cheat. I realised in the process that you can increase the value for secondary/untrained positions only if they aren't undergoing position training for that particular position. Else it reverts back to the original value. I would suggest using values of Match Exercise/Condition- 12749, Fitness- 12751, Morale- 125 and Jadedness- '-32767' for the a pretty realistic experience without all the injury problems. I would also suggest using a re-heal preset after playing a match on matchday itself with the values of 10001 for Fitness and Condition and '-32767' for Jadedness. This helps in avoiding excessive freak injuries during training in the normal week. Very useful when you have a squad of 25 players with 11 imported superstars and 14 home grown players. Injuries and suspensions don't wreak havoc with your playing style anymore. Though some tweaking in tactics might be needed against stronger opponents in the league or the late stages of continental competitions. Besides it tremendously increases the market value of your players with average PA. I was managing Newcastle and had a whale of a time selling such players to Man Utd though after selling them I would revert all the changes. The biggest benefit of this cheat is that it helps in getting rid of those highly paid undesirables for a handsome fee when you take over at a new club whom no other club would take off your hands in a normal scenario.
  16. @Smertin1972 glad that my post was of help and we share the same thoughts. Regarding merchandising tweaking only average attendance is enough. Revert it back to its original figure before the last game of the season and then when the new season starts on 1st July you're free to increase it again to whatever you desire. There's this bug where when the new season starts it automatically increases min and max attendances to the new figure thereby further multiplying your merchandising income. The problem with excess income unless you're spending a ton on player transfers and wages is the Euro 2 billion ceiling for total balance. If you cross this limit the club automatically invests this amount in what seems to me like some debt instruments which automatically pay out interest but the downside is that your club is no longer the richest club in Europe. My suggestion is to keep income through such means to around Euros 200-300 million so that it incrementally outpaces Madrid and Barcelona in 3 to 5 years depending upon the size of your club and it's fanbase. Regarding your question about Jadedness yes it will revert back to it's original levels. In fact Match Exercise/Conditioning, Fitness and Morale all revert to their normal values after a matchday. Using FMRTE's freeze option also doesn't help. You would need to use Cheat Engine for that but I would suggest sticking to presets before every match on a matchday unless you're really comfortable with using Cheat Engine.
  17. Hey guys! It's been quite a while. Hope everybody's doing fine. I've seen a couple of posts asking if these presets are still working for FM's latest iterations. Guys rest assured if you use FMRTE these presets are always gonna work. However from FM 2013 onwards fitness has ceased to have that much an impact i.e. match exercise/condition is now more important than fitness. However always keep tweaking the two of them for finding the best possible combinations suitable to your tactics. Basically there are no set rules. Also pumping condition to max 32767 sometimes results in crash dumps in the newer versions. Better take it down a notch and I'm quite sure you wouldn't want cricket score lines with such a high value for condition. I also suggest keeping jadedness to '-32767' (freeze it on cheat engine if possible) always for all players as it helps in minimising injuries. Frankly I haven't played FM 2013-16 with that much dedication, it's too time consuming nowadays. I couldn't care less about the 3D match engine and all the other gloss; dots on a green pitch, that's just enough for me. Btw I have only retained FM 2012 & CM 03/04 now and load them only when time permits. Guess that's life. Anyways the latest tweak that I've been using is- all players jadedness to '-32767' and both the full backs DR/DL to max. values. Currently managing SV Wehen. Took me 3 yrs to promote them from German 3rd division to Bungesliga. It's been quite an interesting save actually and satisfying one too with all the peaks & troughs of lower league team. A big shout out to @The Jet for single handedly keeping this thread going and answering a lot of user queries. Thanks a lot man!
  18. This is in addition to my previous post : 1) training facilities for 1st team & youth team, corporate facilities (own stadium not rented), youth academy can also be upgraded to state of the art by changing their value to 127/ max 255 on the team info page. then they need not be upgraded for decades to come. also on the same page there is morale which can be set to 125 ( you're welcome to experiment), chairman status (don't know the exact value for this) & youth recruitment which stays at max 20 (pls check against other values) 2) in my previous post in point no. 3 if you are using FMTN Possession Break Tactic of the 3 DM's it's the DMC whose condition has to be maxed out. if i get time i"ll post screenshots of my results with this tactic. Cheers guys!
  19. It's been a long time since I've posted anything new and this thread has been tagged as a guide/tutorial. Well the stuff that I gonna put up now, I'm not entirely sure if I should create a new thread or continue on this one...seems like I'll continue on this thread itself. It's meant for rookie FMRTE users. Experienced users already have figured out most of this stuff. It's mostly financial tricks and a couple of stuff for player performance. So here it goes: 1. How to become a super rich club. Well you could simply edit wages & trf salary but that's not exactly getting rich coz your season profit will be ultimately zero at the end of the season. I'm talking about massive revenue streams like Bayern Munich, Man Utd, Real Madrid & Barcelona which organically makes your club the richest over 2/3 seasons. Till now most of the suggestions have centered around- - changing sugar daddy type to foreground (kid stuff!), - increasing stadium capacity (drastically increases match day expenses, i've tried massive ones with 400~500k capacity not worth it), - developing & selling players (heck I don't have that much time), - editing sponsorships (it's ok, you get money once a season, try editing some of sponsorships to govt. grant as it's tax free or club membership which keeps growing annually if you perform well. New sponsorships can be added by changing kit sponsorship to other/general income. At the end of the month you'll be offered a new kit sponsorship, then you can edit either of the two. Max value of individual sponsorships is ~$2 billion) My preferred methods are: A. individual TV deal (works like a charm. edit using aforementioned method. Pumps money every week. I generally set it to $200 million per annum, limit is ~$2 billion/annum) B. this one is the best SIMPLY THE BEST! Go to team info screen, 3 figures are given for max, min & avg attendance, simply edit the avg attendance figures (min attendance just to make sure, keep max attendance just above actual stadium capacity) to millions gazillions whatever you like. This trick makes your merchandise sales just shoot through the roof. Money rolls into your bank a/c every sunday. Want more money? i) Go to Supporter Profile- change loyalty, passion and affluence to 127/ max 255. ii) go to staff select all board members (chairman is the most important) and change their attributes like business, resources, ambition and loyalty to max 127 (this step discards the need for sugar daddy, your board members now have money and entrepreneurship in their DNA. once while managing Inter my board members negotiated a $750 million/annum stadium sponsorship deal. also they give you huge trf and wage budgets. they are also more open to facility upgrades and other stuff) iii) select the city where your team is based and increase population to 20 million+ and attractiveness to 127/ max 255. this also gives a huge boost to merchandise sales although comparatively lower than the aforementioned avg attendance method. might also give a boost to other teams based in the same city. 2. Enuff abt greed. Now abt the playas. Well developing my club's own home grown players has always given me huge satisfaction. However sometimes players with huge PA ~ 170+ take a long time to develop or don't quite reach their full potential even when they are 30 yrs of age. The solution is quite simple. Before every trf window scout the world for players of age 17 yrs or below with huge PA ~160+ buy them, place them in the youth team and then edit their - technique, determination, work rate, consistency to max 25; - injury proneness to single digits; & - adaptability, temperament, professionalism (most important), pressure to 99/ max 127. ambition (player will ask for huge wages) & loyalty ( increasing it above 20 causes contract negotiation problems unless you accept the player's original contract demands) can also be edited to 99/ max 127). by the time the player turns 21 his CA is ~90% of PA. you hv got readymade players for your 1st team by the time your existing players retire. i've found it very useful to replace my iconic players at the same performance levels. 3. finally the fitness/condition tweak. max values for fitness, match exercise are 32767, jadedness is -32767 and morale is 125. i generally use the FM Possession Break tactic (available on an fm-base.com forum thread) and cheat engine to freeze fitness & jadedness values to max. cheat engine also has a speed hack which enables me to run FM at 5X speeds. saves a lot of time. in this tactic change the fitness,condition,jadedness & morale values for DM, DL, DR, DC to max and for the rest change only fitness, jadedness & morale. i get min 75% possession in every match apart from goals and true tiki-taka gameplay (works best for FM 12 which till date is the best version for me) 4. @Elderaine (if i have spelled correctly) on has suggested that setting position ability (green dots) to 120 takes a player to the next level. I request my readers to verify this value. a position cheat had existed earlier maybe till FM 2009 but in the later versions it caused the game to crash. Possible values to try are 25/99/120/125/127/255 & 29634/32767 (i doubt the last two values would work). Kindly report you findings.
  20. @gladia2393 - i had attached a couple of presets in post # 68 of this thread. you have to save these presets in the presets folder which is located in the installation folder of FMRTE. if you are using the installer for FMRTE then the tentative location for the presets folder would be like this in your system: C:\BraCa Soft\FMRTE v5\Presets (depending upon which version of FMRTE you are using). 1) just copy the presets and save them in your folder. 2) in the FMRTE screen click on the 'Teams' tab and on the right hand side under the header 'Options' there should be a 'Custom Presets' button. 3) click on that button, then click on the desired preset and then save and refresh. this applies the values to the entire team. you can view any player of your team to check if the changes have been applied. i hope you have figured it out now by now. i don't know how to make video tutorials else i would have uploaded one straightway.
  21. LoL...calm down mate. here's a video which should answer all your queries.
  22. hmmm....thanx anyways. good to see that BraCa's business is booming.
  23. same here. i've been scouring google for v1 for the past 12 hours. no luck at all. being the Forum moderator could you put in a request with BraCa? or is he gonna charge money for that too? either-ways really good job putting up this post for the legacy versions!! btw FM Modifier for 2008 has plenty of links. Update: @GREYFOX: one more thing, do you have any links to posts about the player position rating cheat for FM 2009 or 2008? the one where you changed the position rating of players from 20 to a much higher value enabling midfielders to score long range goals from the center of the field. though the game used to crash often i wanted to give it a go again. I can't seem to find any. i'm quite sure i had seen this topic earlier on FMRTE forums.
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