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  1. It's been a long time since I've posted anything new and this thread has been tagged as a guide/tutorial. Well the stuff that I gonna put up now, I'm not entirely sure if I should create a new thread or continue on this one...seems like I'll continue on this thread itself. It's meant for rookie FMRTE users. Experienced users already have figured out most of this stuff. It's mostly financial tricks and a couple of stuff for player performance. So here it goes: 1. How to become a super rich club. Well you could simply edit wages & trf salary but that's not exactly getting rich coz your season profit will be ultimately zero at the end of the season. I'm talking about massive revenue streams like Bayern Munich, Man Utd, Real Madrid & Barcelona which organically makes your club the richest over 2/3 seasons. Till now most of the suggestions have centered around- - changing sugar daddy type to foreground (kid stuff!), - increasing stadium capacity (drastically increases match day expenses, i've tried massive ones with 400~500k capacity not worth it), - developing & selling players (heck I don't have that much time), - editing sponsorships (it's ok, you get money once a season, try editing some of sponsorships to govt. grant as it's tax free or club membership which keeps growing annually if you perform well. New sponsorships can be added by changing kit sponsorship to other/general income. At the end of the month you'll be offered a new kit sponsorship, then you can edit either of the two. Max value of individual sponsorships is ~$2 billion) My preferred methods are: A. individual TV deal (works like a charm. edit using aforementioned method. Pumps money every week. I generally set it to $200 million per annum, limit is ~$2 billion/annum) B. this one is the best SIMPLY THE BEST! Go to team info screen, 3 figures are given for max, min & avg attendance, simply edit the avg attendance figures (min attendance just to make sure, keep max attendance just above actual stadium capacity) to millions gazillions whatever you like. This trick makes your merchandise sales just shoot through the roof. Money rolls into your bank a/c every sunday. Want more money? i) Go to Supporter Profile- change loyalty, passion and affluence to 127/ max 255. ii) go to staff select all board members (chairman is the most important) and change their attributes like business, resources, ambition and loyalty to max 127 (this step discards the need for sugar daddy, your board members now have money and entrepreneurship in their DNA. once while managing Inter my board members negotiated a $750 million/annum stadium sponsorship deal. also they give you huge trf and wage budgets. they are also more open to facility upgrades and other stuff) iii) select the city where your team is based and increase population to 20 million+ and attractiveness to 127/ max 255. this also gives a huge boost to merchandise sales although comparatively lower than the aforementioned avg attendance method. might also give a boost to other teams based in the same city. 2. Enuff abt greed. Now abt the playas. Well developing my club's own home grown players has always given me huge satisfaction. However sometimes players with huge PA ~ 170+ take a long time to develop or don't quite reach their full potential even when they are 30 yrs of age. The solution is quite simple. Before every trf window scout the world for players of age 17 yrs or below with huge PA ~160+ buy them, place them in the youth team and then edit their - technique, determination, work rate, consistency to max 25; - injury proneness to single digits; & - adaptability, temperament, professionalism (most important), pressure to 99/ max 127. ambition (player will ask for huge wages) & loyalty ( increasing it above 20 causes contract negotiation problems unless you accept the player's original contract demands) can also be edited to 99/ max 127). by the time the player turns 21 his CA is ~90% of PA. you hv got readymade players for your 1st team by the time your existing players retire. i've found it very useful to replace my iconic players at the same performance levels. 3. finally the fitness/condition tweak. max values for fitness, match exercise are 32767, jadedness is -32767 and morale is 125. i generally use the FM Possession Break tactic (available on an fm-base.com forum thread) and cheat engine to freeze fitness & jadedness values to max. cheat engine also has a speed hack which enables me to run FM at 5X speeds. saves a lot of time. in this tactic change the fitness,condition,jadedness & morale values for DM, DL, DR, DC to max and for the rest change only fitness, jadedness & morale. i get min 75% possession in every match apart from goals and true tiki-taka gameplay (works best for FM 12 which till date is the best version for me) 4. @Elderaine (if i have spelled correctly) on has suggested that setting position ability (green dots) to 120 takes a player to the next level. I request my readers to verify this value. a position cheat had existed earlier maybe till FM 2009 but in the later versions it caused the game to crash. Possible values to try are 25/99/120/125/127/255 & 29634/32767 (i doubt the last two values would work). Kindly report you findings.
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