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Custom Start Date for FM24 and FM23[start 10 years ahead]Read the opening post clearly.

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make sure you place the file in your editor data folder


start a new save
now select the data base 23.0 and in the drop down menu select the edited file/s you want to load



after selecting the edited files you want to load press confirm then advanced set up


Now select add/remove leagues


you must select  the top right option to get the custom date to work- its under Africa and called FMRTE Custom Start Date press confirm


now on the active leagues page

select culturedleftfoot league to view-only




Now select the game start date bottom right hand of page

select the FMRTE Custom Start Date option and the date you want  from the 3 date options and press start game


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  • culturedleftfoot changed the title to Custom Start Date for FM23[start 10 years ahead]
  • 1 month later...

Please note the change to the opening post-

How to download-


Like and subscribe to my post/s to get the content and for further files to be added in future,any questions ask on this thread not by PM


 post on this thread stating your interest and also tag me-@culturedleftfoot


the PM system is getting overloaded with hundreds of messages a day, so do not PM asking for the content.


If you are a new member your posts will need to be approved be patient and I will add you to the download content when I have the time.

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Just now, richardp said:

hello @culturedleftfootah thanks i may have asked for the wrong one, could i have the weekly one if ok?

they are clearly shown what they are in the download thread mate


you also still havent read the PM[ Re-How to access downloads] and you are still in the PM [Download link]


genuine question here what do I need to change here to make it clear



and this in a separate post


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On 2/17/2023 at 7:12 AM, richardp said:

@culturedleftfooti dont play this game particularly often and am not an expert when I read things often as im dyslexic and adhd so often isread things. I get that you get a lot of requests and I genuinly thought I was requesting the weekly one so apologies for that, though the lay out of the message for me isnt always that easy for me.

no problems that is why my question was a genuine one, if it can be made clearer I will change it😉

my wife is a specialist in those issues so I fully understand and that is why I try to be really clear with instructions etc

if you get any issues with reading/understanding something just PM me


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