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Do not PM staff your questions use the forums to ask and post in the relevant thread or create your own


When you have an issue or just seeking some advice, and want input from staff/users on the forum please give enough information when initially posting so you can receive the help/feedback that is appropriate and to make sure your thread is posted in the correct forum-Forums have a brief description at the top, most are obviously self explanatory.

Please post in English I know it is not everyone's natural language so you translate if you need to.


  @pepe legend @Miky Mills

The information should include the version of the game/editor you are using(ideally in the title) and it is required for you to clarify in the post the EXACT version eg Football Manager 2019 - 19.3.3 (1202861) and if you are a Beta tester for SI[AS YOU WILL BE USING A VERSION WE DO NOT HAVE] also if using Windows/Mac and any other platforms xbox/steam etc.


Sometimes there are clashes when using multiple Mods and usually it is no fault of the person who made the file/s -the issue is a random bug with the game which SI cannot explain.


But if you are using other people's files check what changes have been made[eg I downloaded a wonderkid file once but it contained club/stadium/ca-pa/competition changes that clashed with my files]

here you see its just competition changes


Please use the search function here too first as there are many occasions where users are creating threads with no need when the same issue/question has been already raised and answered. If you create unnecessary threads they will be closed deleted at the discretion of staff.

Use screenshots to assist with your question/issue. I use Gyazo- it is free easy and quick to use, and when posting an image just copy and paste it directly into your post,  post the image not the link to download it, do not expect others to have to download something to assist you,  when it should be displayed here, its easy to do so please follow this.


If you have a few points don't post as one big paragraph break it up so it's easy to read.


You can now post images directly to a thread there is no need to use links or to expect others to download an image just to see it to assist you  , just right click copy image and paste it directly in your post.


If you are having issues with a file not working you need to list all other files you are using too[screenshot of editor data folder would be better and quicker]

(when using third party content be careful as some do not tell you all the changes in their files and they can cause conflicts if you are running another file with similar changes, best option open any third party file in the editor and physically check what changes have been made

eg I have used files that are supposedly just for 'missing wonderkids' on opening the file the creator had also made changes to teams and other club/european changes that would have caused conflicts with my other files later in game)

 NB sometimes you get duplicate players in game because of this as 'missing' players may have been added to various files and so the game will just give the player concerned a different random unique ID.

After you have received some feedback especially if it is advice can you report back on the thread if that worked for you not just out of courtesy but for future reference for us/other users.

When a thread is closed if users have further comments to add to the thread just PM a mod/staff member and we can reopen it at any time if it is required.


Requests and posting etiquette.

Please note staff here are involved in various projects that take up our time along with moderating the forums etc so you may have to wait for an answer, this is not our job. The idea is all users need to get involved in helping each other, this will only work with users getting involved.

Can there be a bit of etiquette too on the forums when users are making a request etc it is not much to ask to use a bit of manners- a please/thank you goes a long way. Like a post where someone has taken time to help/responded to you.


 Remember the person you are asking a question or making a request to is helping you so its not much to ask to be polite most users are really good but some are being rude/entitled/demanding and this needs to stop.When you get help the least you can do is thank that person and vote like/thank their reply


Once you have posted DO NOT post duplicate/similar posts/threads/PM on the same issue/question or post in threads not related to your issue, as they will be considered spamming the forums.


Also anyone who is seen hassling/pressurizing  another user to do something for them or making someone feel guilty because they wont take on other projects and or being rude because it isnt done instantly, will have their posts removed and or receive a warning at the discretion of staff .


So to be clear-There are to be no undue demands on individuals who have already put a lot of time and effort into creating files/updates to share with the community this particularly includes by PM too, ask questions on the forums.






Where do I place files/mods I have downloaded-read this for full details PC+Mac users click on quote below👇



PC usersAs always Download a file and paste them into -Documents \Sports Interactive \Football Manager 2023 \editor data folder if there isnt an editor data folder create one[using lower case do not use caps ]

If the file is compressed eg a zip/ rar file you may need to use software to uncompress the file eg winrar


Mac Users


This is from SI


Whether you have created the files yourself or downloaded them they need to be placed in the following locations for them to be loaded into the game.


Mac-Due to a change on Mac OSX with Catalina regarding permissions, Sports Interactive made a substantial change to how Mac FM documents are stored.

Previously the files would automatically be generated in the Documents folder here:
Users/YOUR Mac USERNAME/Documents/Sports Interactive


Now the files will instead appear in the following location:

Mac - Users/YOUR Mac USERNAME/Library/Application Support/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2023 > editor data


By default this folder is hidden, so to access you need to do as follows:

Open Finder
Click ‘Go’ from the menu bar
Press and hold down the ‘Option’ (Alt) key
This will bring up the ‘Library’, click to enter then go to ‘Application Support’ -> ‘Sports Interactive’ -> ‘Football Manager 2023’


If you get issues after following these instructions you need to ask for help on the official SI website here


Starting a new game

Open the game and start a new career


Select Database

There is a drop down menu all the files in your edited data folder now display[if files do not show here you have placed them in the wrong folder]

after selecting  the data base you want[ currently there are 3 options The Default DB-23.0/The 23.3.0 Update/ or the 23.4.0 Update]


now  select the edited file/s you want to load to start a new save game with, tick the ones you want to use[ NB you can only use one custom start date file, and IMO you should only have one version of the custom start date file in your editor data folder] 





@hazem rashad @maffgar

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Issues with editor not working correctly


If you are getting issues with the editor eg some users have missing tabs /search options etc


Make sure firstly this filter is not set to active fields only, as that will mean not all fields will be displayed





Then Try uninstalling the editor and then re- install


If issues persist  try clearing cache here- AppData -local……C:\Users\YOURUSERNAMEHERE\AppData\Local\Sports Interactive

copy the file -editor 2021(or whatever version you are using) and save to your desktop etc so if you wish you have a back up of the original folder



it contains these files it basically means you would have to set up your preferences again you wont lose any edited files you have in the editor data folder


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Tips to help resolve crashes in game


Sometimes I have found issues with the game game crashing trying to move it forward especially after leaving a game is down to the skin so try using the default one if the issues goes contact the creator of the skin so they are aware of the bug.


Also try doing this clearing the cache and verify the game


Clearing the cahe-

Same as the editor tip above but in the relevant game folder instead


Navigate to C:\Users\Your Username\AppData\Local\Sports Interactive\Football Manager xxxx
- Delete the ‘Cache’ folder


NB you will lose your game set up preferences when you do this


When launching the game for the first time after completing this, you may notice the game takes a little extra time to load up (especially if you’re using custom files). This is where the game is re-caching the files in game and will only take place the first time you click on screens. From that point on, the game will be cached and should run at optimal speed.


Verify game

 Find the game version FM xxxx  right click 

click on properties


select local files and click verify integrity of game files


This will replace any missing/damaged files but be aware it will possibly over write real name fixes too




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