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player/club ''show in editor'' doesn't work

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Hi i think i have the same issue as threadstarter, so instead of creating a new post i'll share here.


i load FM20, i load up FMRTE. all is good.

i select a player i wanna browse, say my leftback here melvin bard. i open him up in fm20 and land at his attributes page. i open fmrte too and click "Shows in the editor the same person...." option (my favourite feature). i can see him. all is good.



heres where the issue comes:

once i make any movement in fm20 (e.g. view his training, view his report, interact with him, or view my squad, view other players, basically do anything and come back to melvin bard's profile), this favourite feature of mine no longer works. it ALWAYS brings me back to my manager profile tab (sometimes my assistant manager's, sometimes a random coach of mine). this only resets after i advance the time (hit spacebar).




pretty sure this isnt working as intended, i have been using this for couple of FMRTE editions now and it didnt work like this til covid19 (HMM)...

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