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  1. Hi guys, Do you know what i need to do if the "Show in the editor the same person/club that your are seing in game" doesn't work? Sometimes if I press on it (mostly till there's a new update) Thanks
  2. Hi, It would be really nice to edit the chances of a player with second nationalities. F.e. some clubs in my country basically have only player with second nationality. Would be nice if this could be but in the editor. Thanks
  3. Currently unable to download it, but everything is working fine at the moment, when i'll return on my pc (only got my laptop now) I'll try to help with that file.
  4. Hi BraCa, the installation by offline worked, so I think it's okay if I do it like that by now. Thanks for helping!
  5. It's currently standing for 2hrs on "Checking for updates..." without any changes.
  6. Hi, Today there was an update and after it they asked me to put my license key back but I put it again but it only stays on loading "Obtaining License From Server...". It doesn't say error or something just keeps loading for hours; It's like this for hours now. Still got 3 activations left so I don't get why it doesn't work Can someone help?
  7. But the changes don't show up in the game, you can indeed change it but it doesn't work
  8. Worse thing is that this can't be changed in the pre-game editor. They're actually don't give a crap cause they know everyone will buy it every year. Would be a blessing to have another game with this details showing up in the next couple of years.
  9. Hi guys, I think this would be a major update/win if it would be possible to have more options at the stadium editor, if that's possible. Like Sint-Truiden got building on each of their corners, it would be nice to see that option in editor too if that's possible.
  10. Hi Is it possible to include that you could change the colours in the league tables? I want to change the relegation colours (red) and relegation-playoffs-spots (also kind of red), because it's difficult to see
  11. It's more detailed than the original editor of FM
  12. A lot of people would buy fmrte if this would be available because the FM editor can't even do it, can a dev maybe respond that he has seen this idea or can someone tell a dev this?
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