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  1. Hi guys, I think this would be a major update/win if it would be possible to have more options at the stadium editor, if that's possible. Like Sint-Truiden got building on each of their corners, it would be nice to see that option in editor too if that's possible.
  2. Hi Is it possible to include that you could change the colours in the league tables? I want to change the relegation colours (red) and relegation-playoffs-spots (also kind of red), because it's difficult to see
  3. It's more detailed than the original editor of FM
  4. 3d editor? do you have a link?
  5. A lot of people would buy fmrte if this would be available because the FM editor can't even do it, can a dev maybe respond that he has seen this idea or can someone tell a dev this?
  6. Hi Is it maybe possible to have in the future available to change the time of the games in the competitions. Like in the FM-Editor, you can change the "TV-dates", would be nice if this would be available in-game
  7. Is this maybe being looked by devs?
  8. Or click with "mass edit" and search all regens, make them 45 years old and change their PA to 1. They probably retire at the end of the season i think?
  9. Nice, is it maybe possible for this edition?
  10. Hi, Sorry that i made a topic in the wrong area, is it possible to change the club vision with the FMRTE? That would be a very nice option to have.
  11. Hi, is it possible to change the club vision with the FMRTE or possible to make this available in the next one?
  12. Hi thanks for the answer So is it possible to do change the AFC Champions League in the pre-game editor with more second nationality players?
  13. Hi, Does someone know how to edit Champions League rules? I want more players with foreign nationality in the AFC Champions League (Asia)
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