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Will the 3D 'edit stadium' function return ?

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At the moment I am missing one feature in FMRTE that worked really well in the last version but seems not to be in the current version.


In FMRTE 18 you were able to edit the stadium stands so that the game showed a different stadium design in the 3D match screen.

At the moment I miss this feature badly in FMRTE 19.

I usually start with lower league clubs and those stadiums usually have no stands in the corners.

When you expand such a stadium now it looks ridiculously wrong when you have 50.000 seats but no seats in the corners.

I would love to have the feature back to edit the stands so that you have a symetrical stadium with stands all around.

It worked really well in FMRTE 18.

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Uhm ...
Just for the case that this has been forgotten ;)

I could live with a 'No' too although that would be not so nice.

I managed to 'edit' me to a new stadium already.

Gave the club tons of money, set the average crowd to double the amount of the stadium size.

At the moment the board builds 'me' a new stadium.

Will see how that new 48.000 ground will look like when it is finished at the end of the season :)


The new stadium looks terrible - No stands in the corners

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