1. Introduction, forum rules, announcements & updates

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      > Hello and welcome to all new and existing forum and/or FMRTE users.  This forum is the main and official source for your FMRTE needs be it downloads, posts, solutions, tips and tricks, etc.  Below you will find the subforums for both the software and the game with various topics already posted providing solutions and tips and tricks for all.

      > Please make sure you have downloaded the software from this forum only as any other source claiming to be official and legit can be infected with viruses, malware and spyware which the developer is and will not be responsible for.  Also please make sure you have downloaded the correct version and build for your system to experience the best and fullest usage possible.

      > Before you use the software, please can you perform the following to make sure your experience with the software is hassle-free: I) Allow the software to run through your anti-virus if and where possible and II) Start the software in administrator mode for both systems if and where possible.

    2. Forum rules   (0 visits to this link)

      > Before you start reading and posting, please take time to read and abide by the forum rules so the entire forum can be a pleasant and friendly place for everyone.  A link to the forum rules is provided here ->

      > If there are any posts that ask where is FMRTE?, how long until FMRTE is released or the like then you will be given a months' posting ban.  Persistent posters will be given more harsher punishments.  The developers themselves will know FM has been updated so it will be a responsibility upon them to make FMRTE compatible with FM.

      > Before you post your issue(s), please use the bug template provided in rule 12 from the forum rules.  When you are filling in the template, please include as much information as you are being asked for so we have a clear picture on what the issue is and how to fix it.  If after some collaboration back and forth, it is determined that you are experiencing a bug, your report will be moved the relevant bug tracker forum and one of the developers will look at and fix the bug and release a new version of the software as soon as possible.

  2. FMRTE discussion

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      This forum is for the discussion of the software and all related to it.  Any issues with licenses are dealt by BraCa only as this side of the software has personal information pertaining to it.  With this in mind, only BraCa can look at and fix issues so please be patient for BraCa and he will be able to fix your issue(s) as soon as possible.

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  3. FM discussion

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      This forum is for the purpose of discussing FM and all of its features.  If you require more subjects, please inform one of the moderators and we will look into it.

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  4. Forum & website feedback, suggestions & ideas

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      This forum is to be used as feedback and suggestions for the website and forum.  All feedback and suggestions will be looked at and assessed.  We are really keen to make the forums and website better for the everyone so we relish any feedback, even if it is criticism.  When you are providing feedback or suggestions, please can you state clearly as to whether your comments are for the website or forums.

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