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      Introduction & requirements

      (a) Welcome to all new and existing forum and FMRTE users.  This forum is the sole official source for your FMRTE needs be it downloads, posts, solutions, tips and tricks, etc.  Below you will find sub-forums for both the software and the game with various topics already posted providing solutions, tips and tricks for all.

      (b) Please make sure you have downloaded the software from this forum only as any other source claiming to be official and legit can be infected with viruses, malware and spyware which the developers are not responsible for.

      Base rules

      (a) Please take time to read and abide by the forum rules.  A link to the forum rules is provided here ->

      (NEW) The forum rules has been updated with a new entry under the Software header labelled (f).  This is to do with participating in beta testing for SI. (NEW)

      (b) There are to be no posts that ask where is FMRTE?, how long until FMRTE is released or the like otherwise you will be given a posting ban.  The developers themselves will know FM has been updated so it will be a responsibility upon them to make FMRTE compatible with FM.

      FM & FMRTE announcements & updates

      FM 17 will no longer be updated by SI as FM 18 is now in development.  To avoid issues with software compatibility, it is strongly advised to play FM after the final patch and in offline mode so you can experience the best FM save possible without the dreaded FM update headache.

      (Minor update) SI just released v17.3.2 and in quick succession, FMRTE now supports that game version.  Head over to the Downloads page to download the latest FMRTE version.  The changelog can be found the following link ->

  2. Football Manager Real Time Editor forum

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      Please post only FMRTE-related comments, questions and feedback in this subforum.  Any issues with licenses are dealt by BraCa only as this aspect of the software contains personal information.

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  3. Football Manager forum

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      Please post only Football Manager-related comments, questions and feedback in this subforum.

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  4. Feedback, suggestions & ideas

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      This forum is to be used as feedback and suggestions for the website and forum.

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