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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, Been a really long time since I've been on here. I had an old FM 2013 save that I wanted to mess around with, so I started creating custom presets. Now there are quite a lot of them that I have no idea how the syntax for it is supposed to be. Is there a list somewhere of what each executable action in the preset manager does or even how you're supposed to set it up? Cheers NJW Edit:This is the error message that comes up "Error Message:Index was outside the bounds of the array." when I don't have the action set properly.
  2. Presets are an awesome feature built-in FMRTE, that allows you to easily define a set of actions to be applied against Players, Clubs, Staff members, etc. You can create your own Presets or edit those that come with the editor, to do so, you need to use our Preset Manager () Preset Manager Creating new presets, editing existent ones, can be done in our Preset Manager. For FMRTE 22, Presets have been revamped, to make them easier to use. Now Presets Categories plays an important role, as they define where those presets will be visible, for example in Players / Staff / Gamer / Club Teams pages. Presets can also be reordered (within a Category) by pressing the Up/Down arrow buttons. Actions A single Preset can execute multiple actions, like for example: Change Player Condition to 10000 Remove Player injury ... When adding an Action, the Target type and the Action type must be selected (as well other properties that vary based on those selections). Those are the available action types: Change Property Value To change an attribute from one value to another. Example: Change Player Condition to 10000 You can define an absolute value, or increment/decrement the current value, to do so, just type "+" or "-" before the value. Eample: +1000 Execute Custom Action If you want to execute custom actions, such as: Register player for UEFA Squad Registration .... Add Injury As the name suggests, this one, allows you to add an injury to a player(s) Presets Categories FMRTE comes with a set of pre-built Categories (Players, Gamer, Staff) that can be used to create custom presets. But it's also possible to create new Categories. All presets under those built-in categories, will be visible in pages such as: Information, Clubs players / staff lists. For example, when viewing a Player Information Page, all presets under the Player category will be visible (even custom presets), making them easily accessible and to use.
  3. Blackpower86


    Hello, That would help him understand how the presets works. For example when I create an Presets object Club, where I have run it? thanks.
  4. Hi everyone i was thinking on making some tutorial videos on how to create custom presets since there were some changes on this feature lately, and also some tutorials on how to use the new Hot Key feature that links Presets with Shortcut keys making possible to execute some complex actions without the need to minimize your game window \ switch between FMRTE and FM so often. But first i would like to know how many of you actually use this features and what's your feedback regarding these, doubts and suggestions. Thanks everyone in advance
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