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  1. the staff import atributes not work.
  2. Sory update today, and have bugs pls fix. Waiting for update.
  3. I have already put in the translations folder and even then the continuous application with immense translation problems.
  4. The Portuguese language continues to suck. pls fix My file PT, add to the aplication. portuguese.xml
  5. Please correct the translation into Portuguese or use the one I created. Pls
  6. Keep with problems in the list of staff does not appear the director of football. Pics
  7. And it does very well to test everything before launching, I thought it was easier to add new attributes for the creation of presets, I thought that it was enough to add and that it did not affect the other attributes in the presets. I really like presets because it makes it much easier to edit.
  8. Certain I realized, I referred more to the option to create new, what I mean and more information about the contract. Ex: alternate award
  9. Still after update: Can´t see diretor of futebol in staff list. Sports Scientists shows in the staff list it Youth Coach.
  10. Can't register player in domestic competition Sports Scientists shows in the staff list it Youth Coach pls fix
  11. In the list of staff of the club does not appear the directors. Nor do some staff appear through the search
  12. Work in progress. already I had a better version but an update of fmrte crushed the file.
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