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[FM23]Legends as future Regens.edt add future regens to DB[Read the opening post clearly]

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Just imagine some future regens coming through into the DB- these are just examples



Bernard Voorhoof 
Eric Gerets
Vincenzo Scifo
Jan Ceulemans
Paul Van Himst



Mario  Kempes 

Diego Maradona

Gabriel  Batistuta
Omar  Sívori




Arthur Antunes Coimbra Zico  
Brasileiro Sampaio  Sócrates
Jair Ventura Jairzinho
Marcos Evangelista de Morais Cafu
Carlos  Alberto
Edson Arantes do Nascimento Pelé
Roberto  Rivelino
Waldyr Pereira Didi
Manuel Francisco dos Santos Garrincha
Josè  Altafini
Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima
Romario de Souza Faria



Kevin  Keegan
Robert Charlton
Bryan  Robson
Stanley  Matthews
Steve  Bloomer
Duncan  Edwards 
Gordon  Banks
Bobby Moore
Jimmy Greaves



Ian  Rush  
Kevin Radcliffe
Alan  Durban
Mike England
Alan  Curtis
John   Charles
Billy  Meredith
Neville  Southall



Jimmy  Johnstone  
Fergus  Suter
Jim  Baxter
Billy  McNeill
Jimmy  Love
Denis  Law
Charlie  Nicholas
Willie  Miller
David Mackay
Kenny liam  Dalglish
Gordon McQueen
Martin McLean Buchan

Alan Hansen


I have the regens at the club they started at as a youth player[ if they still exist] and the favourite  club based on where they played most games


There are 113 ex legends of the game added plus I have added Ethan Mbappé as a test as he is missing in the default DB - he does join PSG U18 in 2023 using this file

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The options that can be added to the regen are below and to give an idea how to set up a future regen/ player- 




How to set up a new regen


"DETAILED_FUTURE_REGEN" "First Name" "Common Name" "Last Name" "Birth date(dd/mm/yyyy)" "Nation (first nationality)" "Favourite Team" "Ethnicity" "Skin Tone" "Hair Colour" "Height (in cm)" "Weight (in kg)" "Preferred Foot" "Preferred Position" "Favourite Number" "Birth City""CA""PA""Club ID"


so as an example of how Zbigniew Boniek would look like as a future regen[Note the common name is not used and is this field ""  between the  first name and last name]-


"DETAILED_FUTURE_REGEN" "Zbigniew" "" "Boniek" "03/03/2006" "787" "1468" "0" "2" "2" "181" "76" "2" "ATTACKING_MIDFIELDER_CENTRAL" "11" "Bydgoszcz" "105" "170" "1468"


And this is Zico added-note the common name is added -


"DETAILED_FUTURE_REGEN" "Arthur Antunes" "Zico" "Coimbra" "03/03/2002" "1651" "322" "1" "6" "2" "172" "70" "2" "ATTACKING_MIDFIELDER_CENTRAL" "10" "Rio de Janeiro" "135" "-10" "322"


It will look like this in the edt file


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Here are the values that can be used for Ethnicity, Skin Tone, Hair Colour, Preferred Foot and Position:



Unknown/random = -1

Northern europe = 0

Mediterrean/hispanic = 1

North african/middle eastern = 2,

African/caribbean = 3,

Asian = 4,

South east asian = 5,

Pacific islander = 6,

Native american = 7,

Native australian = 8,

Mixed race white/black = 9

East asian = 10

Skin tone:

a value of 1-20, with 1 being the lightest and 20 being the darkest

Hair colour:

Unknown/random = 0,

Blond = 1,

Light brown = 2,

Dark brown = 3,

Red = 4,

Black = 5,

Grey = 6,

Bald = 7

Preferred foot:

Right only = 0,

Left only = 1,

Right preferred = 2,

Left preferred = 3,

Both = 4



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7 hours ago, Efo94 said:



Hi! My regen ends up in other teams than Vålerenga and isnt born in Oslo. Do you know where it went wrong?


Thank you.




looks fine apart from you used CAPS for Oslo cant see that being a big deal...... but obviously it is lol!

as his place of birth changes in game as it isnt recognizing OSLO, and then the game might be starting him at the bigger clubs in that nationūüėČ


so thanks for updating the thread I will add this to instructions now


so your regens appeared but at wrong side - try changing to Oslo



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1 hour ago, Efo94 said:

Can I ask you why you dont want people to share this? Feels like it could be gamechanger for a lot of people. Feel free to delete this comment if its the wrong place to ask.

I am sharing it I have created it and posted it for you and others to use, and I have actually posted it on other sites that I am involved with closely

but due to the fact, and I fully understand and respect their position some site Admins do not want threads with links to here to download the file from[ they want direct downloads only on their sites] so I havent the time to do all I do here and maintain threads on several other sites, so I have taken those threads down.


Also what I have stated is I do not want it posted on other sites that is my prerogative it is my file and mainly due to this....


I have shared many files over the years[some complex structures that have taken hours to construct] and then had some users download them and then pass it on as being their work on other sites. This file has taken many hours to construct as there is no guide or input from SI there has been a lot of trial and error to find what does and doesnt work.


As I have outlined this is a project I am sharing with the FMRTE community something I have been involved with and passionate about for many years, so its a bonus for users here.


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