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FMRTE 23 for macOS


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FMRTE 23 for macOS

FMRTE for macOS

This version of FMRTE was designed to work with FM 23.1.0

Note: FM 2023 has some protections that prevent tools like FMRTE from accessing the game. You can know more about this here

Apple Silicon users - IMPORTANT

With the 23.2.0 game update, SI added native support for Apple Silicon. FMRTE was designed to work with the INTEL version of the game.

If you have a macbook with Apple Silicon (M1/M2), you must force the game to run with rosetta (as it did before this game update, and other FM versions do as well).

Take a look at this link to see how you can do it (that link is not for FM 2023, but the process is identical)


Build 13


  • Support for FM 23.2.0 game version (Intel macOS Only, or M1/M2 running rosetta)
  • Staff quick actions on the title bar (press the 3 dots icon)
  • Staff Release on a Free in Context menu

Build 12


  • Support for FM 23.2.0 Touch from Apple Arcade (Intel macOS Only, or M1/M2 running rosetta)
  • Ability to apply Competitions Substitution Rules to games already scheduled
  • When changing a club stadium, now we can apply the change to games that were scheduled to the previous stadium
  • Ability to move players on loan to other clubs (on Players Move to Club tab)
  • Ability to add contract clauses / bonus / unhappiness motives
  • 25 new Staff Tendencies (such as Influenced by supporters)
  • National team contracts
  • Kits and Colors competition, alternative kit number and kit for specific season


  • Nations Youth Rating
  • Nations Development
  • Nations Importance
  • Nations Economy
  • Nations Does Not Allow Dual Nationality
  • Stadium work items
  • An error with Move to club on loan, when the target club had no loaned player

Build 11


  • Competitions VAR Settings
  • Competitions Substitution Rules
  • Loan Contract clauses
  • Knowledge into Staff import/export
  • Ability to move players on loan
  • Players quick actions on the player title bar (press the 3 dots icon)
  • Move players to your club in Context menu


  • French translation
  • Turkish translation
  • Players contracts UI

Build 10


  • Clubs training ground
  • Ability to use Training Happiness in presets
  • All Players Interested and Masking Attributes into Human Manager Options
  • Ability to improve/destroy team cohesion
  • Improve Team Cohesion into Inspire Preset
  • Destroy Team Cohesion into Destroy Preset
  • Career Plans (only some of them are visible within FMRTE)
  • Players Nationality Info (replaces the old Declared for Nation option)
  • Retiring After Spell At Current Club for Players and Staff


  • Clubs Morale
  • Clubs Supporters Profile
  • Register for UEFA button/preset
  • Become Unsackable Human Manager Option

Build 9


  • Support for FM 23.1.1 Touch from Apple Arcade
  • Missing Club Vision types
  • Club Vision Board/Supporters category
  • Training Happiness relation type
  • New formed at club relation types
  • World Cup competition registration type (relations)
  • New other nation caps relation type
  • New other nation youth caps relation type
  • New invited to represent nation relation type
  • Norwegian kroner currency


  • Some UI issues
  • Advanced Search/Mass Edit clear button not working properly

Build 8


  • Support for FM 23.1.0 game version


  • Some translation issues
  • Some UI issues

Build 6


  • Missing staff preferred formations

Build 5


  • Support for FM 23.0.5 BETA game version


  • Some UI issues

Build 4


  • Crash when opening FMRTE 23

Build 3


  • Ability to edit the number of advised staff


  • Players bans not working

Build 2


  • Support for FM 23.0.4 BETA game version

Known Issues - Features not working yet

  • Add/remove Nations treated as EU / non foreign

Supported Versions Steam/Epic Store

  • Football Manager 2023 - 23.2.0 (1771058)
  • Football Manager 2023 - 23.1.0 (1755809)

Supported Versions Apple Arcade (Intel macOS Only, or M1/M2 running rosetta)

  • Football Manager 2023 Touch - 23.2.0 (1771058)
  • Football Manager 2023 Touch - 23.1.1 (1759675)

Supported BETA Versions

  • Football Manager 2023 - 23.0.5 (1755058)
  • Football Manager 2023 - 23.0.4 (1752091)

Special Thanks

  • tdg6661 for his original work on how to get some unlockables such as: All Players Interested, Masking Attributes


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There are now 3 bug reports about the Mac version not opening https://www.fmrte.com/bug-tracker/fmrte/macos/ 


no need for anymore, users with the same issue using the same version of the App can post on those threads, not here or create new threads

about it- you need to give exact details of the Mac operation system you are using and as much info to assist the Dev find a resolution




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4 minutes ago, Jamal Lettuce said:

I have a 2017 macbook pro. It doesnt use a M1 chip and fmrte23 is not working for me. where fmrte22 worked perfectly fine.

Hi Jamal

If you have issues with Mac not working for you please report as a bug 

and give exact details of the Mac operation system you are using and as much info to assist the Dev find a resolution

for you



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