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ALL License issues read and follow

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Recently the forums have  once again been flooded with users posting licensing issues


Either they have not read the forum rules or they are totally ignoring them


The rules are again posted below there is no excuse.


Licensing issues are not bugs or can be resolved on the forums the only way to resolve the issue is via your client area and submitting a support ticket.


To clarify once again us moderators cannot assist with any licensing issues, follow the information below only. Do not post on the forums, this is a simple and clear processes.



(a) When you have purchased a license, exercise patience and the developers will issue your license as soon as possible.

(b) When you have exceeded your activations limit, submit a support ticket within your client area.  The respondent will decide whether your reason(s) for requesting a reset is/are valid.

(c) Reactivating the RTE on the same computer will not count towards your activations limit, however reactivating on separate systems will cause this number to decrease.

(d) If you are being asked for a free license anywhere in the forum, report them as soon as possible.  When submitting the report, include as much information as possible.

(e) All issues relating to licenses are to be reported through your client area and nowhere else in the forums.

(d) Your purchased licenses can be found in both your client area and in your email inbox.

(e)All licenses are for your personal use only, anyone found abusing this will be banned and your license revoked.

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your client area can be found next to the Downloads tab this is when accessing the site via Windows using Google Chrome


If using Android sign in to your account

select Forums

you will see this symbol(to the top right of the screen) -


click on it you then get a drop down menu including Client Area

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