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    I am having the same issue. I am on macOS Mojave 10.14.6 I don't want to be forced to update to Catalina, heard nothing but bad things about it. Is there a fix coming?
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    i've also noticed this bug
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    Hi, It's not a bug, when the game is updated, a new version of FMRTE is also required. We have just updated FMRTE to support the latest FM Touch update, download it Cheers
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    We've found the problem, it will be fixed in our next release (build 26) Cheers
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    I'm working on it, unfortunately as the game was updated today, I didn't have time to find the problem..
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    @BraCa any idea when the issue is likely to be fixed? would really appreciate if it could be soon. purposely held off updating fm until the update for fmrte was ready and its screwed me. I was really looking forward to starting a new game with January transfers.
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    Hi, The ticket price will be fixed in our next release The average season ticket price will be removed, since it cannot be edited, it's calculated by the game based on the ticket price. Cheers
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    A new version with some improvements regarding this has been released
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    A new version with this issue fixed is now available.
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    When you have players/staff frezed, FMRTE is always restoring those players attributes. If you reload your game without closing FMRTE, then FMRTE might try to players attributes, but as the game changed and FMRTE isn't aware, it might corrupt the game, that's why you get some crashes. I'll see if there is anyway to improve this, but to be safe, it's better to close it while the game is reloading
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    Thanks, this will be fixed in our next release (build 17)
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    Bug reports are not regular Topics, you should have a `Bug Tracker` category on that page
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    This will be fixed in our next release Thanks
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    Thanks, this issue will be fixed in our next release
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    Sorry about the delay i was abroad and could not check. Seems to be working fine now
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