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Real Fixtures and Results for 35 Major Nations Released click here for details ×

FM22 Real Fixtures & Results 30 May (27 championships)


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Austria Bundesliga 2. Liga        
Belgium Eerste klasse A Eerste klasse B National Division 1      
Bulgarien Parva Liga          
Croatia 1. HNL          
Czech Republic 1. fotbalová liga          
Denmark Superligaen 1. Division 2. Division 3. Division    
England Premier League Championship League One League Two National League National League North/South
France Ligue 1 Ligue 2 National

National 2 (not playable)

(Canet Roussillon Football Club Points Deductions)

Germany Bundesliga 2.Bundesliga 3. Liga      
Greece Super League          
Hungary NB I          
Israel Ligat ha'Al          
Italy Serie A Serie B Serie C      
Netherlands Eredivisie          
Northern Ireland Premier League          
Poland Ekstraklasa I Liga        
Portugal Primeira Liga Segunda Liga        
Romania Liga 1          
Russia Premier Liga 1. Division        
Serbia Super Liga          
Scotland Premiership Championship League One League Two    
Slovakia Super Liga          
Slovenia PrvaLiga          
Spain Primera División Segunda División Primera RFEF Segunda División RFEF    
Switzerland Super League Challenge League        
Turkey SüperLig 1. Lig 2. Lig Beyaz/Kırmızı      
Ukraine (13 December 2021) Premyer Liga          
Wales Premier League          
  • The files to have the 5sub are not compatible, I couldn't do it on my side either, sorry. Normally the substitution rules for the championships will be taken into account in the database of the new FM by SI
  • The editor can only intervene on the results of the calendar of matches, it does not take into account all that is considered a cup game (champions league, europa league, national cup, second phase of championship and playoff) and it is impossible to add player stats
  • With this file, the changes for the 2022/2023 championships are unfortunately not taken into account. Like the transition to 18 clubs for Ligue 1 in France or relegation in Turkey
  • I had feedback that we couldn't recruit players during the summer transfer window 2022... Don't forget to uncheck "Disable  First Window Transfer Activity" in the game setup, otherwise it's sure that you cannot transfer players
  • The championships disputed over a single year doesn't work because the database has the championships for 2021 and not those of 2022 (with the accessions / relegations)
  • Unfortunately the 2nd division of the Netherlands has been removed because it causes a bug which prevents the launch of the 2022/2023 season of the Dutch championships.
  • For the clubs “Türkgücü München” and “Calcio Catania” I made sure that their whole match was played in such a way that it did not affect the real rankings and imposed point sanctions on them so that it be last in their championship.
  • For "Extremadura UD", I followed the logic applied by the league manager, namely keeping the results of the matches played and the remaining matches will be forfeited by a 2-0 defeat, so I made sure that everything their match is played in such a way that the classification sticks to reality. 
  • For the Ukrainian championship, I put a folder with the necessary files to be able to continue the championship where it stopped.


To begin the 30 May take the Custom Start date (from sortitousti.net), i put a screen to show how to get the custom date


If you want to start your party earlier, it is also possible by choosing the custom start date of your choice which is in the "Old Custom Start Date" folder. You can start from Monday, September 6, 2021 until Monday, May 30, 2022.


Real Fixture 30-05.rar

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On 9/13/2022 at 4:22 AM, culturedleftfoot said:

@Nokey I will do a weekly custom start date if you intend to continue with the real fixtures/results for 22/23



sorry I just saw your message.

I hope to be able to redo a real fixtures/results for 22/23 but with less championship (with work, children, training for the handball team, I have less time than before)

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